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What the hell happened to Harry Connick Jr?

My music teacher recommended me Harry Connick Jr to listen to. I looked him up, and found a video of him playing Don't Get Around Much Anymore, and I was just blown away at how good he was. Then I stumbled across THIS video and I was speechless. That was absolute garbage compared to the first video I found. It was the most watered-down, generic Sears-background-music jazz if I ever heard any. At first I thought maybe he just got much better over the years and he played Don't Get Around Much Anymore a few years AFTER his generic garbage, but I checked the copyright dates and it was actually before. Seriously, how the hell did that happen? Did he sell out? Does anyone else feel the same way?EDIT: link to Don't Get Around Much


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Aspiring Jazz musician and seeking advice

Hello, I'm an 18 yr. Guitarist who loves jazz and hopes to speak the language well someday. Jazz is personal to me. However I constantly debate about whether I should be doing nothing else but practice the same way great jazz musicians did when they were in their teens. I fear that I won't be great if I don't start now.Also, I have been studying jazz for a year now. I can only play (decently) on ballad tunes. I feel like my progress is too slow.I want to enjoy life, I want to have a life. But I've carried on the idea that a Jazz life is an austere life of practice.I know I am wrong, but my narrow mindedness can't see jazz through another perspective. Please teach me what Jazz really is and how I can go about on my dilemma.


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Egos in jazz players?

I'm a musician my self, and started off playing jazz as my main influence. Over the years I've come to accept that, especially now a days, music is music, and its useless to put a name to it. Anyway, lately I've been seeing the more hard core jazz friends of mine talk about who really can "hang" and play impressively. I think the creative aspect of improvisation is being diminished in return for a more technique and dexterity focused approach. While I still love listening to this style, I find it harder and harder to play creatively at jam sessions because of the pressure to play lines and quote cliches. Miles Davis is a great example of how to play powerful ideas without having to fall back on technique (although he is able to play whatever he wants, and he shows it when he wants to.) Does anyone else feel this way?


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Any euro jazz heads going to see Soil & Pimp Sessions in London or Amsterdam?

Soil & Pimp Sessions, out of Tokyo Japan, are playing one of their rare european tours starting next week. I'd absolutely love to fly out and see them, but some company would be nice. The easiest-to-reach venues for me are the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam or the London Jazz Café. Hit me up!


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week 118: Mike Stern - Time in Place (1988)

this week's pick is from /u/UJhySoProMike Stern - Time in Place (1988) Stern — guitar Jim Beard — keyboard Don Grolnick — organ Peter Erskine — drums Don Alias — percussion Jeff Andrews — bass Bob Berg — saxophone Michael Brecker — saxophone spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!


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help IDing Jazz fusion track I heard on the radio (link included)

I heard this track on my local jazz radio station about a week ago. I couldn't find the name of it, but the radio station's website had an archive of the show and I ripped the audio from the file. I contacted the station but they were only to provide me one piece of information and that was that the song was labeled "Lovejoy". Any chance you guys could give me a hand. I've desperately been searching for this!


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I tried, but I just couldn't like the classics. I do however like Pat Metheny Unity Group's latest album KIN. Any recommendations?

I think I like jazz as a genre, since I always find the few unonymous bits and pieces of music I have heard here and there pleasant. I have tried to listen to the artists most commonly suggested as very important in jazz (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Duke Elington, etc) but I just couldn't like it.I do however, like Pat Metheny Unity Group's latest album Kin (Album Cover). The full album isn't available on Youtube for some reason, but here is a 2 min preview. It is a complilation of several songs, so it feels a bit disjointed. Only half of the album's tracks are available on spotify sadly...I have been listening to it non-stop, and I haven't tried to move on to something new since Pat Metheny's works are so many and scattered...I should mention that I really like the drums in this album. In fact, I came across this album via the drummer, Antonio Sanchez.If you can recommend me some similar music, please do. Also, if you could point me to a good …

Jazz Listening Club - Spotify playlist

Still in the works, I'm adding all the albums from the Jazz Listening Club! to a Spotify playlist.Spotify: 1 to 80.Missing:These were not found on Spotify.[Week 67: Kenny Wheeler - Music for Large and Small Ensembles (1990)][Week 51: Moacir Santos - The Maestro (1972)][Week 38: Arturo O’Farrill and the Chico O’Farrill Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra: Final Night at Birdland (2013)][Week 33: Blossom Dearie - That’s Just the Way I Want to Be (1970)][Week 16: Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette - Still Live (1986)][Week 13: Chris Dingman - Waking Dreams (2011)]


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Trying to find some artists/name of this genre...

Please bear with me.I keep hearing songs on the radio/at parties that I really like, and I want to explore that genre. The issue is that I know of no band names or the name of the genre, so I am hoping /r/jazz can help.The type of music I'm looking for is a mix of jazz and blues, with elements of rockabilly, dixieland, and others, mostly at a slower tempo and often with a female vocalist. The bands are small, mainly with drums, upright bass, piano, guitar, trumpet, or occasionally a saxophone. The bands are newer, sounding like they're from 1995 on. The songs often have a "gritty" and raw feel to them.I know this is not much to go on, so I'm sorry. Any help, or even a point in a somewhat related direction would be absolutely amazing. Thank you!


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Free Jazz help!

I'm trying to put together a night of "free jazz" at one of the clubs in my town in Mid-August.Currently my listening consists ofSteve Lehman Steve Coleman Matt Wilson Quartet Ornette Coleman's "The Shape of Jazz To Come" Miles OkazakiI'm looking for some other free jazz that I should check out (Which Cecil Taylor should I listen to?)Also, if anyone knows any resources for some scores/charts of some free jazz I'd love to check that out so I know how to notate this music.Thanks!


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Best place to start with Louis Armstrong?

I am always hearing about how great and influential he was but his back catalogue is so vast its difficult to know where to start! I am more interested in his trumpet playing than his singing at this point so any album recommendations that showcase that side of him would be greatly appreciated!I would also like to hear your opinions on his music to help me gain more of an understanding of the man.Thanks!


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Get Lifted - John Legend (2004)

Rock fan looking to get into Jazz music?

I'm a rock fan, I mostly listen to alternative rock and 90s grunge but I've dabbled in some classic rock and metalcore (basically screamo, for the uninitiated) as well.I've definitely liked some Jazz music before, most notably some 20s Jazz playlist I found off YouTube as well as the soundtrack the Cowboy Bebop.I go through stages with my music listening and right now I've been listening to that Jazz more frequently. I'm thinking about finding some more but don't know any good artists to turn to.TLDR I like 90s grunge rock but am thinking about getting into Jazz. Any recommendations?


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Montreal Jazz Fest

Heading up for my first time. Planning on being there from Saturday evening until Wednesday morning. To anyone who's been there before or is going this year, which shows/events should I check out in particular. Also going to check out WWC semi's on Tuesday night. Thanks guys.


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What type of jazz is this and where can I find more?

Here's a couple links:I found this video of someone playing on a Rhodes Mark I. An early Bjork song also has this vibe. helps. with that same minimal, Sunday morning in the rain feel.


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ELI5: The difference between Bebop, Post-bop, Hard-bop, and everything in between.

I keep coming across these terms and all I know is that bebop was Charlie parker and Dizzie Gillespie; Post-bop was John Coltrane(?) and Miles Davis (?); and hard bop is cats like Lee Morgan, The Jazz Messengers and the like. Any expansion on this, and the basic concepts that separate the genres would be nice, as would links to anything else that already explains an adequate answer.


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Any beginner improvisors looking for help?

Hello all, I was just wondering if there's any beginner improvisors looking for some help or guidance (any instrument but especially sax players). I'm currently studying jazz at a university and looking to improve my teaching, so I'd be happy to help anyone if they are interested in leaning or improving their improvising Send me a PM with some info about your ability and I'd love to give you a hand.


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what is the name of this type of jazz?

it may be commone for people who regularly listen to jazz, and i would like to be one tooi used to play the piano, and recently, i've came across a vid of joey alexander, and i'd like to have more, i know he has songs made, but i want more,it's this kinda feel very open, and very jumpy jazz, mainly piano with bass, and no singersand my image of it was always that, you'd shrug up your shoulders, and play it with a big smirk of happinessi've always liked jazz, and i'd like to become a "full time" jazz listener (it makes me feel happy):__ extra, if you have any artists that specialized in this kinda music , or maybe a book that i can buy, and pick up piano on again, please do tell me sothankyou~


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Who are some artists (guitar players) that really put blues and jazz together well?

I haven't felt as motivated as I usually am to play guitar and I think it's because nothing has really inspired me lately. I love blues (SRV, BB King, Freddie King, etc) but who is an artist that takes blues music and puts it with jazz effectively?


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Can you recommend artists or albums that have this kind of feel?

I've been feeling a bit introspective lately and was looking for some music that might help me along. The music that I'm looking for sounds something like this If you could give some recommendations, I would be grateful.


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I remember the tune but not the titel

You guys are my last hope!There is this Jazz song stuck in my head for a few months and I just can't find it. I recorded my voice , humming the tune and hopefully someone here recognize the song.LinkAlso: when I hear this song , it reminds me of people playing pool, so it may have been from a pool game or so , tho I'm not sure from where I got it.


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Piano Transcriptions

Hey r/Jazz,I've been playing jazz piano for over a year now, and I've got some free time coming up. I'd really like to start doing some transcriptions. I was just wondering if y'all had any recommendations for software, the kind where I can input the stuff I'm hearing and have it play it back to me. I want to be able to slow down recordings I have without altering the pitch. I've never really used music software before so any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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Tomorrow Is My Turn - Rhiannon Giddens (2015)

Choose Your Weapon - Hiatus Kaiyote (2015)

Small-band jazz Christmas pieces?

Don't know if this is the subreddit for this question, so let me know if not. I'm new here. Anyways, me and a couple of friends have a small jazz band, and we're looking for some Christmas music. Yes I'm aware that it's the middle of June. We have bass/piano/drums/alto sax/tenor sax/trumpet/trombone. Our alto can also play barry if needed and we can get a backup alto. We play a lot of quintet/quartet music that we tanscribe and mess around with to make it fit our style, for example Work Song. Are there any Christmas pieces that have a nice swing to them, but fit for small bands? Thanks!


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Ken Burns' Jazz mini series is on sale on Amazon right now for ~$40.

Don't want to link so people don't worry about affiliate links or anything, but if you search for it (or look at today's DVD sales... which is how I found it) you'll see it. I know some people have some issues with the mini series, but I think it was overall pretty good.


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Straight-ahead jazz from after the birth of fusion

Looking for suggestions on jazzier recordings from maybe 1968 onwards, after the birth of fusion. Right now I'm listening to Mountain in the Clouds by Miroslav Vitous, a spectacular album. This arrived as fusion was really just getting going; I wouldn't consider it fusion though. It seems to me that with better studio technology and electric instruments, there was still some more straight-ahead jazz being made during this era, yet it had a fuller, bigger sound.What other recordings from this era can you recommend? Anything perhaps a bit lesser-known?Thanks!


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Looking for some intense jazz...

So last month I found Kamasi Washington's The Epic as I'm sure most of you have already, and I absolutely love it. It was the first jazz record I've gotten into mainly because of Washington's link to Kendrick Lamar. I cannot get over how good Washington is. I love the quicker more intense tracks on it, such as Miss Understanding and Final Thought. Recently, I have also watched the Whiplash movie and even ended up purchasing the soundtrack to it. The quick, intense songs on it are awesome. Do you guys have any suggestions for the most crazy and intense jazz out there?


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