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Jazz bands with a Cello?

Hey gang!I don't listen to a lot of Jazz in my spare time, but when I do I tend to love every second. I have a thing for the classic piano-bass-drums trio - I love Bill Evans, and The Necks for example; also of course some of the classics like Miles and such.Anyway. A random question just popped into my head: Are there Jazz bands who use a cello?I quite like the cello - the concept, the sound, its specific character. It's not Jazz, but Earth's "Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light" albums (1, 2) make really great use of the cello in a non-classical context. Also the pieces involving a cello on Warren Ellis' and Nick Cave's movie soundtrack to "The Assassination of Jesse James(...)" are probably my favourites on that record.So yea, my question stands. Hope some of you have cool suggestions. Honestly, just googling 'cello jazz' would've been to cheap for me. I'd rather take personal recommendations.Cheers!Edit: Oh! Bonus question wh…

On relating jazz artists and writers

As a reader and listener of jazz, I find myself often making connections between the two art forms--music and literature. I guess my question is if certain jazz artists were authors, who would they be?For example:Miles Davis would be Ernest Hemingway or Raymond Carver. Miles' economical style that, in his most famous works (Kind of Blue), wasted no notes is comparable to the styles of Hemingway and Carver who used short, terse sentences in their stories.John Coltrane (in the years prior to his death) would be Jack Kerouac. Coltrane's sheets of sound and the whole 'let's play a shit-ton of notes' reminds me of Kerouac's improvisational style where he just rattles off whatever comes to his mind.I liken Bill Evans to John Cheever's work. Bill with his layers upon layers of complex voicings reminds me a lot of Cheever's writing style because he [Cheever] uses a lot of introspection and description to paint a whole picture of a situation. There's probabl…

Kamasi Washington live

Has anyone caught him on The Epic tour? I'm actually going next week (surprised he is coming to my area) and wanted to hear thoughts from others who have caught a show. I can not seem to find anything online. I assume its going to be amazing though. It will only be my second jazz show. So excited.


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Can anyone help ID a tune? (link in text) 20 or so seconds of the video. (In case it gets taken down in the near future the name of the special is "Louis C.K.: Live at the Comedy Store")Louis CK seems to have some great taste in Jazz music as this is one of several great songs I've heard on his specials and shows that have intrigued me. The tune at the beginning is what I'm after. The recording sounds older, yet is pretty clean compared to recordings from the era that it sounds like it is from (so possibly a new recording?)Sounds very Monk-ish, but the song is unfamiliar to me. Either way, it's got a great, swinging groove to it and I'd love to find the whole recording. Any ideas? Thanks


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Improvising Question

I think many people will agree that one can improvise better using their voice or whistling or something similarly familiar and intuitive. If I can feel where the chords are going in a song and have a rhythm section to go off of, I can come up with neat sounding licks in my head and then sing those licks somewhat easily and naturally over the changes.I play the saxophone. I was wondering if it was a possible goal to get to the point where I can 'hear' a run or a lick in my head and then be so comfortable with my instrument that I can perfectly play what I imagined in a way similar to singing or whistling. It seems like this alone would make me a much better improviser than before and give me the tools to solo by ear so long as I am somewhat familiar with the changes and aware of the key.But while this would obviously make soloing easier, is this feasible? And if so, how would I practice it? I was thinking that a good way to keep trying to get to this point would be maybe hummi…

Can you recommend songs similar to this?

I heard this song on the radio in GTA V, it's a rap song, but in the first 20 seconds there's a slow trumpet. That's the kind of sound I'm looking for.I would really appreciate any help.Similar music is also featured in an episode of Samurai Jack:


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Your favorite non-jazz guitar players? - any genre (including rock and pop). Doesn't have to be jazz-related at all -- just your favorites, especially where you've dug into their output beyond just their hits.

Off the top of my head:David Gilmour, especially including his solo output and also post-Waters Pink Floyd (A Momentary Lapse of Reasons is hit-n-miss, but I really like The Division Bell, and love The Endless River - the last of which is mostly instrumental).Pete Townshend, and for me, primarily his solo output (which I actually like better than The Who), and the huge body of Who demos Pete's recorded and released.Paul Kossoff - of the band Free (1968-73), who died young at the age of 25. Not the fastest player, but a very soulful blues-based player. Free (which included Paul Rodgers on lead vocals, who later fronted Bad Company), is terribly underrated in the US, where they're pretty much only known for their one big hit.Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd of the primarily 1970's band Television (co-lead-guitars, both played lead and rhythm) -- their interplay, while not jazz-related in the slightest (in terms of sound), pushes all my 'jazz' buttons in every way. Lloy…

Is learning Melodic dictation essential for improvisation?

I am a beginner at the saxophone and I know that you have to be familiar with scales and chords in order to improvise, but what about training your ears and learning melodic dictation? and if so, how do you apply it to solos?FYI: I just finished training my ears to hear all the intervals and now I'm trying to get a fell for melodic dictation, but i just don't see myself or anyone being able to recognize the intervals in a melody fast enough for it to be a useful skill when improvising. And improvisation is still kind of a mystery to me :(Advise would be greatly appreciated :)


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Diminished Chord Question (Piano)

Hi r/jazz!I am currently working through my own version of Someday My Prince Will Come on the piano. On bar 10, the chart specifies a C# diminished 7 chord. However, I have found an alternative voicing and am curious why it seems to work. Starting just below middle C, I play G - C#(Db) - F - A - C - A. To me, it looks like an Eb7 with an F major triad upper structure (with the melody A on top). I am just lost as to why this would work over C# diminished. Also, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on making full diminished chords sound more modern. I am having trouble figuring out good voicings to play for them. Thanks so much!


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PSA of Rahsaanathon in San Jose, CA

Hey /r/jazz!I just wanted to let my fellow bay area/SJ jazzheads know that Cafe Stritch is having it's Rahsaanathon next week. Musicians on the lineup include Claire Daly, John Kruth, Sonelius Smith, Steve Turre & James Carter. You can get tickets at and prices range from $15 to $60. Last year I was able to pick up tickets at the door so I'm probably going to try to do that again.I went last year and it was a really cool show. They had poetry, lots of music (obvi) and Rahsaan's widow even gave a speech. It was a little more creative and free flowing than the shows that I'm used to seeing, which was cool. Felt like I was in a jazz club in the 60's (or how I imagine that, at least haha)Anyways, it's just a cool show and I'm hoping some of y'all see this and can attend. I had a lot of fun last year and wanted to give them a shoutout.


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Help - songs like "Dance of the dream man - instrumental"

Hi guys! First post here for me! Today i started reading a very strange book and I thought the music from Twin Peaks was going to be perfect as reading soundtrack. Turns out it IS! The problem now is that I only have a couple of good songs that are ok, and I need others. Another great example other than "Dance of the dream man" is "Audrey's dance". I'm looking for slow jam with mostly bass and sax, drums barely hearable. No vocal.1)What is the name of this genre? 2)Song/Album/Artist suggestion? Thank you!


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Suggest some new albums for me to try, please.

I'm heavily into motown, funk, and soul, but lately I've been getting deeper into jazz. Anything too improvisational turns me off, my current favorite albums are Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue, honestly I love anything she does, Duke Ellington - Money Jungle, Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else. I also really like funk-jazz, obviously, recently picked up Bobbi Humphrey - Blacks and Blues, and Ronnie Laws - Under Pressure.Looking for anything to expand my horizons.


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Free Jazz Music @ Louis Armstrong's House with the York College Summer Jazz Program

This is a free meet-up of young gifted musicians, having gone to one of their performances last year can tell you from experience that this is something that must be seen. With jazz selections that will blow you aways as they play them with such grace. For dates and times to see SJP, click here!


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Vinyl Stores in NYC for Bill Evans

Basically the title, tried google but not a lot came up. I'm looking for certain Bill Evans albums that are not remastered, but the originals themselves. Albums I would love to find basically include-Explorations-You Must Believe in Spring-California Here I Come-Moonbeams-Intermodulation/Undercurrent-Bill Evans and Stan GetzThanks for any recommendations, I love Bill Evans and would love to find somewhere to buy vintage vinyl.


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week 122: Joe Henderson - Power to the People (1969)

this week's pick is from /u/Rooster_tiesJoe Henderson - Power to the People (1969) Henderson — saxophone Mike Lawrence — trumpet Herbie Hancock — piano, keyboard Ron Carter — bass Jack DeJohnette — drums youtubespotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!


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I'm a 17 year old kid just starting Jazz

I've had roughly 6 years of classical saxophone experience, and just recently I've started learning jazz. In the link you'll find recordings of my playing with generic back-tracks. If you could please check them out and give feedback that would be amazing. Thanks!


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What is a "Honky Tonk Parade"?

Trying to find out what the phrase "Honky Tonk Parade" from the song "It's Only a Paper Moon."I know the song basically means life without you is fake, and the rest of the lyrics make since, but what is a Honky Tonk Parade? I know what Honky Tonk is and of course a parade, but how would a Honky Tonk Parade be fake?


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The greatest sidemen

I was just listening to Straight, No Chaser, and Charlie Rouse was hung out to dry like nobody else I've heard before. I am too lazy to listen to it again, but you know the times when Monk tested his band. Charlie Rouse came through so hard, as did the rhythm section, whose names you don't even know.The question is: Who are the greatest sidemen? If you answer Coltrane with Miles, don't even bother typing.


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Can someone help me identify the jazz music playing as diegetic background music in Dr. Strangelove?

So I just watched Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" and at 13:52 and 16:30 there is playing some jazz music. I think it's two different song, and I am mostly interested in knowing what the second song is called, and wondered if any of you recognize it? I've already checked the soundtrack list and tried Soundhound to no avail. Thanks in advance! :)


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WTF is up with minor bebop scales?!

Alright, so after checking several sources there never seems to be one way that people identify is the minor bebop scale. For example, Jamey's handbook says that it is; 1, 2, b3, 3, 4, 5, 6, b7 (C D Eb E F G A Bb) but other sites say that it is; 1, 2, b3 4, 5, 6, b7, 7 (C D Eb F G A Bb B). I'm fine with learning and using both, which I do, but are their different names for one or the other?


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The Gary Burton Quintet w/ Eberhard Weber - Tunnel of Love

I recently picked up "Ring" by The Gary Burton Quintet and have a question about a specific song. I was immediately intrigued and captivated by "Tunnel of Love", specifically guitar/trombone style tone coming from one of the instruments. Is anyone familiar with this tune and know the instrument and effects used to create this tone? Google hasn't provided me much information.


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Could anyone give me the changes of Softly as in a Morning Sunrise?

Hello, /r/jazz, I had to learn the song until tomorrow, but I fucked up and now the musical library is closed, and my pirated Real Book doesn't match what I find elsewhere...Would anyone have a reliable resource, and could give me the list of the changes?Thanks a lot


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If Jesus could play the sax.. (as I've no doubt he probably could if he wanted to) I cannot even begin to describe how incredible this guy is on the sax when he gets going. It's like Bird had a kid with Bill Evans sense of harmony who then proceeded to study under Paul Desmond.


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Need help finding a recording of Bye Bye Blues

Hey guys,I'm looking for a version of Bye Bye Blues that was recorded by (quoting directly) "Canadian Jazz Brass" (Probably Canadian Brass?) As far as I've been told, the piece is purely instrumental (so it isn't Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians!)It's a little time sensetive - I'd need the link/file by the 12th August.Even if you can't help me out directly, it'd be great if you could direct me to any databases you know of that might contain the kind of think I'm looking for!Best,J


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What are some good jazz songs to play while driving home at night?

This might sound like a strange question, but I'm listening to The Bad Plus- Prehensile Dream (, and I've gotten a feeling of playing this on a long drive home during nighttime. It's just a very cool song in general, and all the music I've listened from these guys so far is great and even a bit inspiring. Anyways, as the title suggests, what other songs might I feel the same emotion or thought with?


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Can someone please recommend some new jazz?

I am quite new to jazz but there has been various songs and bands I like but they are very rare to come across. I'm looking for some good modern jazz bands that are very complicated but aren't just 1 hour solo sections. Snarky Puppy is a band I really like so anything like them would be good? Thanks for any suggestions.


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Soft Jazz

Hi everyone.I am very new to Jazz music and it's different nuances.I am personally really enjoying various soft Jazz melodies, where a piano is the focal point. Personal favourite is "Called On Account of Rain" - do you guys have any more suggestions, which follow a similar vein.Thanks very much. :)


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Favorite version of "Spain"? Favorite version with the re-harmonization?

Spain by Chick Corea, he's done a bunch of album versions, and then an even bigger bunch of live recorded versions. WHat is/are your favorite version(s)? Also, what versions are you aware of that use the '91 re-harmonization that he used on the "Akoustik Band"?


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Between 18th and 19th on Chestnut Street - Question

So I'm listening to a combo in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City, and they played "Between 18th and 19th on Chestnut Street" its a tune about a rib restaurant in Philadelphia, does anyone know what the restaurant was or have any other background on the history of the song?


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Writing a paper on history

Hey guys! I am writing my History Of Americans Internal Assessment (basically a research paper) on the history of Bebop. However, I can't make the paper too broad or else I would run on and on and lose points for being off topic and it being cumbersome.My question is: What is some topics that I could write about in this paper?Here are a few that I already came up with:How did the American involvement in WWII contribute to the decline of big band/swing music? (mention the "speakeasy" clubs and it creating an underground culture of combo bands that would later transition into the bepop era)How have chord progressions from earlier jazz influence the Bebop era?These are still in development, but I would also love some new topics to toy around as well. Thanks!tl;dr What are some good topics to play around with to write about?


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Advice on switching from solo piano to ensemble playing?

I have been playing for a while now, but mainly practicing and playing jazz on my own. I decided to go to a couple of local jams and realized, to my horror, I can not play to my regular standard as I am getting lost with all the other instruments added. Any advice on how to overcome this?


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/r/Jazz's collaborative playlists on Spotify

I was searching around to see if this sub had any Spotify playlists to recommend. I've only recently started using Spotify after years of building my own collection. I've gotten tired of being stuck in my own collection and Spotify has been impressing me with the variety of Jazz it offers. Turns out there was a collaborative playlist put together by this sub over two years ago - which you can find here. 17 hours of great material already assembled! I don't think it is being kept up anymore, though. Any collaborative playlists currently active? I'd love to pitch in and also get to hear some new material. I also put together a small jazz/blues/americana playlist just so I'm not posting with nothing to offer.


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Standards for solo piano to play at a wedding?

got a wedding gig coming up and I'm looking to add some different stuff to my set. I'm playing around 30-45 minutes and I'm already planning on playing..someday my prince will comeautumn leavesmistyembraceable youI have other songs in my wheelhouse, but I'm getting tired of a lot of the my rep and want to freshen it up a bit with some fun but appropriate stuff. Any suggestions?


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Jazz songs to chart on Hot 100

Around the time rock starting taking over the music charts, jazz was moving away from the big bands into bop and eventually other styles. From this period on, what are some songs that hit the pop music charts? I know songs like "Girl from Ipanema" and "Take Five" charted, but what are some others? I assumed "My Favorite Things" by Coltrane was a hit, but I can't confirm that.


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Bitches Brew makes for surprisingly good study music...

Yeah I know, weird choice. Usually when people say "Miles Davis" and "study music" in one sentence, they're talking about something like Kind of Blue or Sketches of Spain or Birth of the Cool. But yesterday I was studying statistics while listening to Bitches Brew and it was surprisingly pleasant.To be clear, I'm not really a fan of the album. Too experimental and long for me. But I guess it's nice for studying. Also, the album needs to be at a lower volume because at higher volumes it gets too intense.


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Advice for an experienced player, but total beginner to jazz

I played Trombone for over 15 years. Mainly in UK brass bands. I've recently really got into Jazz and want to start playing it myself. My playing is pretty good, but my music theory sucks.Looking for suggestions on where to start for someone in my position. I don't want get totally beginner books/tutorials, but at the same time I don't know anything about scales or anything like that. Any suggestions of specific books/online courses would be greatly appreciated.


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week 121: BadBadNotGood - BBNG (2011)

this week's pick is from /u/anchoisBadBadNotGood - BBNG (2011) Tavares — keyboards Chester Hansen — bass guitar, upright bass Alexander Sowinski — drums, sampler Matt MacNeil — engineer, mixing youtubebandcampThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!


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Tips for imitating Wayne Shorters improvisational style

Hi, I am a sax player who has recently started listening to alot of Wayne Shorter. I am yet to do any in depth analysis of Waynes improvisational style however I would like to adapt my approach to try and sound more like him. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice as to what to work on in order to sound like him (ie. his approach to harmonic structures, as well as his distinct tone). In particular I am interested in his earlier 60s/70s era hard/post bop playing (not so much his fusion stuff).


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