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Miles Monday: Sketches of Spain (1960) (x-post from r/milesdavis)

I'm crossposting this from /r/milesdavis for more exposure.Personnel (alphabetically): Danny Bank – bass clarinet; Bill Barber – tuba; John Barrows – French horn; Albert Block – flute; James Buffington – French horn; Eddie Caine – flute; Paul Chambers – bass; Earl Chapin – French horn; Jimmy Cobb – drums; Johnny Coles – trumpet; Miles Davis – trumpet, flugelhorn; Gil Evans – arranger, conductor; Harold Feldman – clarinet, flute, oboe; Bernie Glow – trumpet; Dick Hixon – trombone; Elvin Jones – percussion; Taft Jordan – trumpet; Jack Knitzer – bassoon; Jose Mangual – percussion; Jimmy McAllister – tuba; Tony Miranda – French horn; Louis Mucci – trumpet; Romeo Penque – oboe; Janet Putnam – harp; Frank Rehak – trombone; Ernie Royal – trumpet; Joe Singer – French hornWhat did you think about this album? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Why? What would you give it out of ten?How does this album compare to other Miles Davis albums? Or other Davis albums arranged by Gil Evans?What's…

Looking for sporano

Hey guys. Im looking on the market for a decent soprano and sopranino that are combined no more than $2,000. Im not looking for top grade stuff, but also dont want something shit. I would prefer a curved soprano and if posible black lacquer. But im fine with striaght gold lacque.


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I need help recalling a jazz band.

Hello /r/jazz. I need help recalling the name of a jazz band I listened to years ago. Here are things I remember:The name has a "Jazz" and a "Band" in it if I'm correct.The album I listened to has a cartoon style cherry in the center of a white (or cream) background as cover art.The first track is an intro track that repeats "tenenenen, tenenenen, tenenenen..." and then "tenenen." and moves to the next track continuing the song. It has a trumpet.I found this band the same time I found The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble which I didn't like. I think I was searching for obscure or weird bands that time.I saw a YT video of them with 200k (or 20k) views so I don't think they're obscure.There's a track called "Helicopters" or something.No vocals.


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Are there any canadians here who have experience with applying for/being awarded a study grant from Canada Council or a provincial arts council? Any tips?

I'm wanting to apply for a BC Arts Council early career development mentorship grant to go study with Peter Bernstein in New York for a few months. I'd appreciate any sort of advice that anybody can give me, even non-canadians who have experience writing similar grant applications. Thanks!


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Whiplash - How technical accurate is the last drums solo?

Although I like jazz - a lot - and been hearing heavily since I was a kid I'm not inside the deep techs of percussion. I play sax and piano and recognize (IMO) the geniality of joe morello, blakey (amongst others) for the sounds of it, not particularly within their skill. I just watched whiplash and got curious whether this portrayal could be considered realistic. With this I mean: were there any extra-beats added to the scene? Could this technique be considered approachable IRL? How viable was it, overall?


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Thoughts and Considerations on Harmony: Approaching Minor 7 #5 chords

Hey all, just wanted to do a quick post about a harmonic tool, and specifically the minor 7#5 chord.Firstly, there's quite a few ways to see this chord written, and I'll go through each, and talk about the ways it can function:Cmi7#5:Cmi7b6Cmi7b13 (not the best way to write it)Abadd9/COutside of the "common" chords and nomenclature, you may see this chord pop up, especially in more "contemporary" charts. I like to approach it a few different ways.I started exploring this chord when I was playing this voicing, which i hear all the time nowC Ab Bb Eb GIt's a beautiful chord, and as a guitarist, it LOOKs like a typical minor 7 shape, with a b6. Well i started writing some tunes, and arranging, using the nomenclature of Cmi7(b6), but it wasn't working out too well. So i started investigating the chord, let's look at the notes againAb C EbWell dang, that's an Ab major triad! Now add the color tonesG = 7thBb = 9So what we have now is, at its core,…

New kid looking for lesser-known record recommendations.

I'm a casual jazz fan looking to upgrade my relationship with the king of genres. I know all about Ornette Coleman, Bird & Diz, Miles Davis and the other gods of Jazz. I'm looking for some groups and artists lesser talked about.I'll take any subgenre, lay 'em on me, but I particularly like 21st century stuff. Portico Quartet, Badbadnotgood, Souljazz Orchestra to name a few.


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[Question/ Discussion] Where do you all think jazz is going?

While reading and commenting on some posts here and there and a little here, I've been thinking about where jazz is headed today. I searched the sub history and found this, but it didn't really give me the discussion I was looking for.So I'm asking all of you, where do you pinpoint jazz these days? What is the criteria for a 'jazz record' these days? As some of you may have read in my comments on some of the posts linked above, I'm of the Wynton Marsalis mentality. In order to characterize something as jazz, it has to fulfill two of three descriptors: Blues, Swing, and Improvisation. Along with that, the music should have some kind of traditional or historical perseverance. That's how I've viewed the this music that I love, that's how I've classified it, and that's how a lot of peers and professors at my university feel about it. With the emergence of bands like Snarky Puppy, Hiatus Kaiyote, and records like Kamasi Washington's The Epic,…

week 124: Branford Marsalis - Songs of Mirth and Melancholy (2011)

this week's pick is from /u/harrylee773Branford Marsalis - Songs of Mirth and Melancholy (2011) Marsalis — saxophone Joey Calderazzo — piano spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!Note:Apologies for the lapse in posts to the Jazz Listening Club. I've had a very busy month between my school responsibilities and my personal life - We should be back on track now. Thanks a bunch for your contributions!


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Jazz Newbie

I played a little drums growing up (mainly rock with a little jazz) and I really loved it. Since then I hadn't really paid the genre too much mind until I recently watched Whiplash and I remembered how much I love jazz and particularly big band jazz. Can you guys recommend me a few youtube playlists, compilation albums and such that can get me more well versed in the genre?


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Looking for songs from the 70s and 80s written in odd meter (5/4, 7/8, 9/8 etc.) (x-post /r/musictheory)

Specifically, non-Latin based odd rhythms (so not songs that used 3-2 or 2-3 clave rhythms, etc. I am trying to find transitional pieces of music to explain the development of odd rhythms in jazz music. Thanks!


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Request for Jazz recommendations for a novice to the genre based on a single track I heard.

It's a genre of music I've neglected for most of my life, alas. I was listening to a playlist of video game music, when I came across this track. I'm pretty sure this is Jazz, and I'd like to know what specific type of Jazz this is, and if there is anything else out there that closely resembles this? Slow and powerfully emotional music? I actually begin to shed tears at around 2:00. More like this please?


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Jazz newbie trying to identify a certain style/feeling in Jazz

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a certain style of Jazz which I can't seem to pinpoint a name for. Right now, the only musician who I can find that plays something close is Louis Armstrong. The songs St. Louis Blues, West End Blues, Basin Street Blues, they all have a kind of feeling to them which I can't find anywhere else. West End Blues is probably the closest of them all.I'm wondering if this is a particular style, and if I can find a lot of more it. Mostly interested in instrumentals, or songs with minimal vocals. Thanks so much!


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Just something I want to say.

I have just listened to Hiromi Uehara and fallen in love. I'm a huge jazz fan just scratching the surface but tonight I listened to Hiromi for the first time and I've been blown away. I found myself astounded by her playing, immediately searching for her music and listened to "Place to be". Words cannot describe the emotion in that piece. While listening to "place to be" I was frozen completely in awe. Honestly I don't know if it's the most beautiful piece I've heard but it for damn sure tops the list. I've never fell in love with music so quickly but Hiromi is freaking amazing.Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I really wanted to say this and really, really encourage people to listen to her.


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Help me reddit!

Hello. I'm desperately trying to remember the name of a somewhat common jazz/swing song. However, the only things I remember is I saw it preformed at the Lionel Hampton Jazz festival and the artist was soloing with two trombones at once. I have it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing" locked in my head but that's definitely not the song, although the song I'm thinking of has a longish title. Any help at all would be appreciated. If it helps I was at the festival 11-12 years ago...Thanks in advance.


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Classical to jazz

Hey guys. Recently, I fell in love with Jazz - a LOT :-). I'm a 16-year-old pre-college classical pianist (Right now, I'm playing Chopin's and Brahms' ballade in g minor and other things), but does anyone know a good way to learn all the jazz progressions or maybe useful guides etc.? Cheers :-)


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New to jazz genre, please help me out!

Hi there fellow redditors,I'm new to Jazz music genre. I just heared some songs on the radio, youtube and thought that I NEED to know this genre more, cause I think I might really like it.My favourite music genre is alternative rock, and favourite band of all the times is Coldplay.I listen to just everythimg. from rock, through metal, pop, to electronic music.Never really listened to jazz, more then just some random songs on Youtube/playlists.If you could hook me up with some artists or specific albums that I may start my story with Jazz I would really appreciate that. I know that this music genre is really wide and big, that there are many of sub-genres etc. I would just love to get some help, recommandations to just start.I think maybe I would like some newer Jazz artists then old ones, but that's only a thought. I would love to get mix of instrumental and singing aswell.If anything, my nickname is proto1337, so you can just check out what I'm listenting to.Mind …

What contemporary jazzers are innovating?

My (limited) exposure to contemporary jazz is mostly to those who would be considered straight ahead, for the most part. Or, at least, could be fairly easily categorized into some existing jazz subgenre. Who is breaking new ground? Who's doing something I've never heard before?Note this isn't me saying that no one is innovating, just that I am ignorant to it because I'm unversed in contemporary jazz for the most part.


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More like Miles Davis' Blue?

I've recently started listening to jazz music. I love Miles Davis' Blue, and a lot of Chet Baker's music also.I also got a Thelonious Monk album, but it's a bit too chaotic for me, the turns are too drastic and frantic, it'll take a bit of getting used to.Could you guys recommend me some songs/artists/albums? I like both the mellow smooth stuff as well some of the more chaotic stuff (not too chaotic)


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My CD with Skarkali Trio is out!

On 1st of July 2015, I released my first album with Skarkali Trio. The album consists of nine diverse songs composed by me over the last few years.On our Bandcamp page you can buy a physical copy (highly recommended) or a digital download of the album. If you are unsure you can also stream the songs: has performed twice at Reykjavík Jazz Festival (2013 and 2014) as well as we represented Iceland at Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2013. In the summer of 2014 we toured the Faroe Islands as a part of the Summartónar concert series. More info about us on www.ingibjarni.comIngi Bjarni Skúlason (jazz pianist)


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I loved Billie Holiday, but I loved her even more when I learned her story.

I've been listening to Billie Holiday since I was a kid. I've always loved her sound and her interpretations of different kinds of music. But then I learned about the kind of life she lead and how she came to be "Billie Holiday." She took situations that would have crushed others and used it to create some of the most influential music in history. She's forever an inspiration for anyone facing adversity and inner demons.


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looking for songs in 7/8 or 5/4

the group I'm playing with (I play keys) is experimenting with writing some new music in 7/8 and 5/4. I'm trying to get my head in the right space and was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions for jazz/fusion/funk music in 7/8 or 5/4. I will put a disclaimer saying I know Take Five, lol. Thanks for your help!


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Looking for instrumental covers of songs from the last decade

Hey everyone. I was curious if anyone knows of any covers of songs that were popular within the last decade or so. I found this one of Hey Ya by Outkast and thought it was pretty cool. I watched all of PMJ's videos, but I prefer instrumental ensembles with longer solos to those with a singer and really short solos.Cheers.


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Joyful expression of sounds

Mingus' Better Git It In Your Soul is to me the perfect example of how jazz should be. The gleeful shouts in affirmation of the players is exactly what I want from this artform. Anyone got anything better for me? General discussion on our favourite recordings and what makes them perfect jazz to us? Free for all guys, let's go!


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