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Piotr Orzechowski (Pianohooligan)

So I came upon this young Polish jazz virtuoso Piotr Orzechowski. What do you think about him? Also, I heard he has an interview about American jazz and why young jazzmen should try to avoid copying it and try to create original European jazz. However, I cant find it, so I would be grateful if you send a referrence.

by mifashki

Herbie Hancock - AVO Session 2006


Looking for two Bunny Berigan 78s for my grandfather's 90th birthday!

This might be a bit of a longshot, but I'm looking for two Bunny Berigan 78s for my grandfather's 90th birthday. These were some of his and my grandmother's (RIP) favorite songs... I'd love to take him back to those times! Does anyone know of a good resource online to find 78s? :Brunswick 7784 - Where Are You / That Foolish FeelingBrunswick 7929 - Roses in December / Let's Have Another Cigarette (this one is Bunny playing with Jan Garber Orchestra, I believe)

by TheSwedesAreComing

looking for similar tunes

I've recently came to songs like 500 Miles High and Bright Size Life. Does anybody know any other similar modern like standards?preferbly from the real book?

by flipfilip

Red Norvo - Honeysuckle Rose (1935)

by Byron3189

Name of a Musician / Album

Can you please help identify a musician and album, please?The musician, he recorded just one album and that was in the 70s/80s under label of progressive jazz or fusion jazz. Classically trained and from Isreal, I believe. He came to the United States, I think New York, to record his only album before disappearing from music and perhaps family, also. He is not well known and this may be a stab in the dark. But he was very talented so maybe there is a small chance someone on here knows him! I will recognize the name if you can provide it for me.Thank you very much.

by quickquestion1892

Paul Hardcastle

Is/was he considered a "jazz" musician?

by dekema2

Tell me 3 random albums!

Hey there!Recently I started listening to jazz and now I want you dear people to tell me 3 random albums for me to listen to.Thanks in advance :)

by dubbest

Historic Jazz in NYC?

Hey /r/Jazz, My girlfriend and I are heading to NYC for a little vacation. I'm a huge Jazz enthusiast and while we are there I'd love to see some historic sights (Minton's, Cotton Club, Village Vanguard, etc.) I was wondering if you guys knew of any good historic or otherwise interesting places in NYC to visit. Also, we are both under 21 so that may pose some issues with some venues. Any advice is appreciated!

by Punx80

Looking for some easy jazz

I'm not really a jazz guy, but I was listening for Dave Brubeck for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it. I've tried to listen to some other stuff from here for example, but for me the majority of it is just too random and chaotic and I don't really like it. So, I'm looking for some easy listening, melodic jazz similar to Dave Brubeck, something like "Time Out", "Jazz Goes to College" or "Jazz Impressions of Japan".

by igor_s

Looking for some jazz to score a short film I made.

I am looking for something heavy on brass with an almost frantic sound. It's for a (sort of) chase scene. I don't know much about jazz (though I have a great appreciation) so I figured I'd come here and ask :)

by russkid503

Archive for live jazz recordings?

I like to go to to get stream and listen to live shows, but most of the bands and artists on there are of the jam band genre. I was wondering if there was a similar resource for jazz where users upload different jazz shows for all to listen to and stream.

by The_Prez_

Any advice on Jazz/Blues piano repertoire?

Hi. I've been studying classical piano, and I would like to get some advice on jazz or blues repertoire for taking a "classical music rest" from time to time. As for my piano level, I'm currently studying Scarlatti's 430 sonata, Bach simphony 15 and Mozart k.279 sonata.

by johnbullukachukwu

Live Streaming Jazz!

Hey doods,Alright. So I've been watching the live stream of Small's Jazz Club quite a bit recently and the quality of their stream and music is great!Does anyone else know of other clubs that do this?Here's the link to Small's Jazz Stream if you haven't checked it out yet.Take it easy!

by sololayer

Need help for a certain genre of jazz

What is that really super slow kind of jazz that has a muted trumpet, and sometimes a sax, with that smooth piano playing in the background?

by Croqs

I haven't listened to tons of jazz, but Bitches Brew is easily my favourite album so far. What should I check out?

I'm in love with the energy on that album. By comparison it took me 3-4 tries to listen to Kind of Blue in one sitting. I've listened to other stuff mostly at random from playlists (Thelonius Monk and Coltrane are favourites). I'm looking for something in the musical lineage of Bitches Brew.

by csbphoto

Looking for new music to listen to.

I've been obsessed with Chet Baker lately, and somehow stumbled upon this (unrelated artist that uses a mock of Baker's name). I've been searching the internet for music that sounds like that, that has that groove, jazzy but still with a strong beat and modern-sounding. Any recommendations that sound like that? Can't find anything myself.

by pabpas

Samba and other Latin styles?

Xpost from r/bass, thought you guys might be of help with this.I have an audition in a few weeks for district jazz band, and a part of the audition will require me to play different styles, one of which being samba. Obviously im not going to become familiar with, or even proficient, at a whole new style of music in a matter of weeks, but i would like to get an idea of the basic style/rhythm. What are some essential albums or artists for samba, bossa nova, mambo, etc, and what are some of the defining elements of each genre? Thanks!

by sket0

Where do I go from here?

I'm am going through the history of jazz. I've gotten through Bebop, and am currently listening to Early 50's Gerry Milligan and some pianists: Monk, Bud, Art Powell, Lenny Tristano. I'm not sure who I should listen to next . and what genre. Any help?

by Hooterdear

Venues that Live Stream?

Hello all, I live quite far from most venues let alone any venues that draw international jazz artists. I was wondering if anyone knows of venues that live stream performances?

by Ricecold

Wedding tunes.

Hey guys, I'm a jazz vocalist looking to perform some tunes for my brother's wedding. I'll have piano accompaniment, and I need three tunes. I've got ideas, but would really like your input, too. Much appreciated. Nothing religious, just about love throughout.

by areyoutalkingaboutme

Jazz Recommendations?

Hi all,I'm hoping someone from this sub can help me find some new tunes to listen to.I'll preface by saying this, I'm not a musician and although I appreciate the complexity of Jazz music, I do not quite understand the technicalities or intricacies of the music; I'm simply just enjoying the music and in general I find that Jazz music touches my soul more than any other genre.My favourite tracks are things with really special piano parts like John Coltrane - My favourite things (the song, and the album :P) and Dave Brubeck - Stardust (love the piano).I'm not really sure how to explain what I'm looking for but if you listen the piano parts of these tracks you'll might see what I'm looking for, can anyone recommend me any songs which have a similar 'feel'?Thanks thanks thanks!

by electric213

Very very long shot (London ticket request)

Anyone got spare tickets for Floating Points in Islington in November? I know it barely counts as jazz but hit me up if you do

by pringlepringle

Albums with only drums and/or percussions ?

I am actually listening to David Lee Jr's Evolution ( and I was wondering if you guys know any album with only drums and/or percussions. I love the subtle shifts in patterns and I feel like listening to a single instrument empowers those moments even more.Thank you for your suggestions !

by Y4g4mii

I Need Help Creating the Greatest Jazz Playlist of All Time

Planning to post this to /r/music as well. Anyways, I asked a girl to Homecoming and, well, it's a go. I want to capitalize a lot on driving the way there and came to the conclusion that I need some of the smoothest, sexiest, and most kick ass jazz licks and pieces known to man. We both are pretty decent jazz enthusiasts (she plays tbone and I'm learning bassbone although my heart will always be at jazz tuba) and I feel jazz in general is the best genre for the occasion. Give me pieces from any musician as long as you believe it is truly kick-ass. I'm finding myself to be oddly busy these coming days so I'll pick out a few of my favorites but I want to see what other people dig because it'll further my knowledge of jazz, which is always welcome.We have until October 3 to compose the most kick-ass jazz playlist Reddit has to offer. I'll keep us updated on what's being put in as to avoid flood of multiple suggestions. Godspeed to us all.The other discussion c…

Has anyone ever heard of the Dixieland Jazz band The Riverboat Five?

My great uncle Ed Reed was a clarinet player in the Riverboat Five. The released a handful of albums in the 50's and 60's and music was how he supported himself and my great Aunt. He passed away earlier this year and my great aunt, his wife has been taking it very rough. They had no children and all her family lives on the opposite coast as her. My mother and uncles have written her faithfully for as long as I can remember and I started writing her letters after Uncle Ed passed. She loves to read about me listening to his music or me stumbling across his records. I think if even just a handful of people had heard his music and had a few kind words to say about it I could write it in a letter to her and it would make her day. Any little genuine comment about the band would go a long way so I hope to find a few people at there.

by 7fingersphil

Need some recommendations (Herb Ellis)

So I have recently gotten more into jazz and Herb Ellis is one of my favorites so far. I have listened to Georgia On My Mind, Oh Lady Be Good, and the album Hello Herbie. What are some other recommendations you guys have. Doesn't necessarily have to be Ellis, just anything similar.

by playerxx11

If I like jazz fusion like Snarky Puppy and Stay Human, what else would I like?

I already posted this over on /r/ifyoulikeblank and someone suggested I should post here, which is a great idea.I'm a newcomer when it comes to jazz, I've heard a few albums here and there but I mostly listen to hip hop. I really want to listen to some more jazz and right now I absolutely love the jazz/funk fusion of Snarky Puppy, and more recently Stay Human. Artists new or old, which sound similar? Thanks

by dvada191

i-vi-ii-v turnaround tunes that aren't Rhythm Changes?

Although this turnaround (and iii-vi-ii-v) is mainly known as the Rhythm Changes turnaround, there are quite a few jazz tunes that use it without following the rest of the Rhythm Changes form, like Have You Met Miss Jones or St. Thomas for example. Looking to compile a list with your suggestions as I couldn't find what I'm looking for with a Google search. Thanks!Edit: specifically looking for tunes using the turnaround in the A section, otherwise the list would be crazy. ;)

by lejazzvp

Vels Trio - Yellow Ochre

by tea_please

Yusef Lateef - Eastern Sounds

How about a discussion about this LP; sharing memories, stories and insights?I've been playing this for the last week or so. I was never a fan of the more minimalist styles of jazz before this, but there's something about Eastern Sounds that I keep coming back to.

by cg_roseen

Let's make a list.

I was talking with some buddies earlier and we tried to come up with a list of standards that everyone (or at least every pro) should have memorized.So what's /r/jazz's list of standards everyone should know?

by TheUnpunctualWizard

Question about drums and sets

I'm sorry if this is the wrong sub for this question but i figure i'd probably get decent results here if the post didn't get taken down for whatever reason.I've been in love with jazz for a long time and while i can play bass and guitar i'd really love to try drums out, I've never played drums before and i'm also on a bit of a budget, but i was wondering if some of the nice people here could point me in the direction of a relatively inexpensive jazz drum a note i'm Canadian, so stuff that i could buy here without having to head down south would be appreciated!

by The_Yak_Strikes_Back

Any advice from older cats about losing the joy of music?

Hey guys, I'm 17 and have been playing jazz since my freshman year of high school. I came from a rock background, but when introduced to jazz I developed really quickly at it and was able to go to some of the elite jazz camps and play in advanced groups in my city. I really wanted to go to New York to study jazz in college and really be a part of that scene, but lately all of the joy and fun of music has vanished. I suffer from mild depression and anxiety, and suspect these were players in the game made worse by the competition/negativity I fear I'll experience, as this became what I associated music with.I understand it might not make a lot of sense to cats who are deeply passionate about music, don't have these same anxieties, and who have never struggled with this. Any advice from anyone who has been in this position would be deeply appreciated.

by jazzthrowa

Just heard a song on NPR; having trouble finding it.

I'm not a huge fan of jazz, but I just heard a song I really enjoyed on NPR. I caught the announcer say something about "David Murray" "Seasons" and "The Summer Nose" but I can't find the song by googling any combination of those terms. I'm really hoping that someone here will be able to point me in the right direction to find this song.

by mynameisteenager

Hearing players before they come in

Does anyone ever hear the players' parts faintly before they come in? Kind of like a reverse echo. Here's some examples:The bassline can be heard before Weber comes in on No Motion PictureGrachan and Jackie's parts are heard before they come in around 44 seconds in on this alternate take.Coltrane is heard before he first comes in on Resolution.Does anyone know why this happens? Is it like an anomaly on the tape or something?

by T_Boned

Any jazz suggestions for the Fall season?

Happy 1st of Fall everyone.I am hoping to get suggestions for Autumnal sounding jazz to ring in the season. Please recommend any particular tracks or albums that you deem best listened to in chilly weather.

by jnnydggn

What to play during a bass solo? (pianist)

I always struggle to get the right mix between playing too much (and thus overshadowing the soloist) and too little (which sometimes means keeping track of rhythm and harmony is hard for listeners and players alike). I listen to a lot of jazz and it seems to vary a lot from pianist to pianist and from tempo/style to tempo/style in terms of how often they play and what they play during a solo (eg. Comping, chord stabs, improvised lines, call and response with bassists..). Any help as to how to approaching this would be appreciated. Bonus points for what to do if there's a guitarist in the band too during the bass solo!

by widge_t

Please help. Looking for more jazz in style like this:

Hi guys! I don't really know jazz music that much, but I want to get into it, and right now I'm looking for more modern, ambient-y, emotional style. I have a few examples: - Hiromi. I recently found this track on her "Beyond Standard" album, and love it so much, along with her emotional "My Favorite Things" version. - It's just MAGIC to me!I would really appreciate some help to find something similar.

by SceneFromaMemory_123

How common is the organ in a jazz band?

Hi, I'm a freshman in my highschool's jazz band. I'm quite inexperienced despite a year in jazz, so sorry if this is a stupid question.I always loved the organ in jazz music.. it's just, so cool to me I guess? I really liked Jimmy Smith and a few others. However, I never actually see people talk about the organ in jazz. Is it kind of like..a niche instrument? I know it's on the sidebar, but I've been to a few clubs too for jazz and there's never an organ.I currently play a bass trombone for jazz, but I was interested in playing an organ. I doubt my highschool has one, but just for future reference I was wondering if jazz bands actually use the organ a lot, or if it's rather just a niche role?

by jxstice

Book on Mingus

Looking to read a biographical book on Mingus. Whenever there is an autobiography available for an artist, I will typically jump on that, however, I have heard that Mingus' autobiography leaves a lot to be desired... Any suggestions?

by Blacklistedaudio

Please help. Looking for more jazz in style like this:

Hi guys! I don't really know jazz music that much, but I want to get into it, and right now I'm looking for more modern, ambient-y, emotional style. I have a few examples: - Hiromi. I recently found this track on her "Beyond Standard" album, and love it so much, along with her emotional "My Favorite Things" version. - It's just MAGIC to me!I would really appreciate some help to find something similar.

by SceneFromaMemory_123

week 125: Booker Little - Booker Little (1960)

this week's pick is from /u/ftgyBooker Little - Booker Little (1960) Little — trumpet Tommy Flanagan — piano Wynton Kelly — piano Scott LaFaro — bass Roy Haynes — drums spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

how would a jazz guitarist approach a metal song?

I would love to see a jazz guitar dude like andreas oberg improv to a power metal song or something. I've seen metal guys try jazz and it always sounds like ass. I never see it go the other way though.anyone know of any videos like that or willing to make one?

by gorhrut

Hey /r/Jazz, Want to Make a List?

... a list of great music, I mean!I had an idea strike me a week ago or so, and I haven't been able to shake it since then - it's a rather simple concept:I don't know much about music. And I'd like to know more. Preferably a lot more. So I'm setting out to do that in the best way that I know possible - to get a compendium of sorts together through the power of reddit.I don't know if this is the ideal way to go about it - but it's the best way I could dream up. So, in the comment section below I'll be leaving 14 different comments.1 comment for each ~10 year period between 1910-2015 ('10-'20, '21-'30, '31-'40, '41-'50, '51-'60, '61-'70, '71-'80, '81-'90, '91-'00, '01-'10, and '11-'15) under which I'll ask for people to comment on the best singles and albums released during that time periodAnother comment will follow under which people can talk about the best singl…