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Hot pepper challenge

by zild3d

Classic Jazz Giants Jazz is one of most sophisticated genres of music born in North America. This site introduces some of the most influencial figures in jazz history.

by wdpsusr

Best jazz guitar book? For Christmas I want to give my 20 years old brother an instructional jazz guitar book. He has played the guitar for many many years, but he knows almost no music theory.Which book do you recommend, which teaches jazz from the basics, but without being too boring for an intelligent and good guitar player?

by Herkol


by LeadChops


by LeadChops

Pairs of jazz musicians who are better together, than either one is separately. I sure wish Greg Osby and Jason Moran would work together again. I like 'em both, but they were utterly fantastic together in the late 90's and early 00's.Any other particularly sympathetic pairings of musicians you can think of?And by "better together than separately" -- I don't quite mean that literally (like as a duo they're better than either one solo).Just that whenever they work together in the same group, the overall result is better than when either one works (in groups) separately from the other one.

by Rooster_Ties

GoGo Penguin - Home

by hellerve

I Met Ron Carter Last Night After a great show at Birdland I met Ron Carter. Holy shit. That is all.

by niciraci

Jazz musicians of Reddit, what do you look for when choosing a vocalist to work with? This is my first time posting, so please be kind to the Reddit virgin. =) I'm new to the jazz scene (3 years or so) and about to graduate college with a degree in music. I study classical guitar as my primary instrument, but have been singing with one of the schools student combos and the big band, and have a few side projects of my own. I've also been studying big band arranging and some jazz improv/harmony/theory with one of my professors. All of the jazz vocalists that I listen to have such a diverse sound and technique, which I love, but sometimes I find it hard to know what I'm working toward. I listen to a lot of Gretchen Parlato, Becca Stevens, Lucianna Souza, Sara Serpa, and of course Sarah Vaughn and the obscure "Elephants Gerald."
I guess I'm wondering what impressions, good or bad, have vocalists left on you that would later determine whether or not you would choose to work with them? And do you typically go to them, or do they…

The first jazz fusion record? I was listening to an interview on the radio with a guitarist. As I remember he was playing with Stan Getz before he made his own LP. He was a young guitarist in his early 20's when most of the other players were in their 40's. He said in the interview that he saw the audience was kind of old so he knew he needed to create some jazz for a younger audience. He mentioned that jazz records at the time were not as diverse as rock records by the Beatles. So his approach in his solo effort was different and for about 2 years the critics gave him a hard time but eventually more musicians started doing the same kind of jazz to reach a larger audience. And some pople considered his LP the first fusion LP. The problem is I can't remember this guitarist's name. And I am not sure he was playing guitar. Maybe he was playing vibes? Or his first gigs were with a vibe player. Anyway I like to hear this artists but I don't remember his name. Can some jazz exper…

I'm listening to Kind of Blue for the first time ever tonight. I've spent the last 6 months studying the history of Jazz. Beginning in the 1900's, I've been listening to jazz and attempting to understand what it is all about. I've worked through the decades, artist-by-artist and I am finally up to 1959. I've listened to all of Miles' records up to this point and will be listening to the Mono HDTracks. Any thoughts or suggestions?

by Hooterdear

So, you want to learn standards? Let's talk about going beyond the real book. I wanted to bring up some things about learning standards, techniques and devices that have brought my understanding and retention of standards to a higher level. Let's talk about real books right away, as it's the biggest tool that can actually hurt you the most.Real Books: Almost everyone who is interested in jazz probably knows what a real book is. For those who don't, it's a book (there are dozens of books now) that was developed for a great cause. It was a rebuttal to the poorly put together songbook sheet music books, the ones with a piano score, lyrics, chord symbols and are usually jumbled and multiple pages long. Real books sought out to condense standard tunes, and making many of them available in one resource. Sounds great right?? Well here's some issues with it:Dependence: As I said, anyone who starts learning jazz usually picks up a real book, or learns tunes from a real book chart. Doing this exclusively creates an unfavorable ind…

Need advice on WHO to listen to! Hey, /r/jazz. I'm a high school senior who loves jazz but lately I've been getting kind of bored because I've been listening to the same songs and artists over and over again. And I've been listening to a lot of trombonists lately, even though I'm a sax player - Wycliffe Gordon recurs on my playlist many times. So, I really want to find new artists that will reignite my infatuation with jazz saxophonists. My favorite sax player is Johnny Hodges - I really love his thick and creamy sound. I don't really like bebop too much - maybe it's because I get jealous because I can't move my fingers that fast.. but anyway, Charlie Parker - even Coltrane... not for me. So would you guys recommend listening to anyone that just has a beautiful sound like Johnny Hodge's? Thanks so much!

by TreeBranchTwig

Latest jazz videos, following jazz news Hi ! Jazz Screen is my blog where I post everyday the latest jazz videos, from an eclectic mix of artists and styles. If you have any suggestions for artists you like, give me some ideas :)

by DonJohnJom

Help finding Avishai Cohen DVD (not quite sure if this is the right subreddit to ask, but I've lost all hope trying to find it on my own)I am looking for a live performance of Avishai Cohen trio in Leverkusen in 2007. It used to be on youtube but they have all been removed. I've been searching all over the internet to find the performance and I cant seem to be able to find it anywhere else. I cant even find a DVD of the performance to buy.
It was by far my favourite live concert and its a shame that it has been removed from youtube.If anyone can help me find a way to either buy a DVD of this or find a web cache of the live performance it would be greatly appreciated!For reference, this is the deleted playlist on youtube:

by DutchDrummer

Warm Jazz? I know this is a really vague term, but could anyone recommend any chill/warm/dusty? sounding Jazz music. I've got a musical itch that I don't know how to scratch

by hatchita

The dying Jazz club. Help me to find ways to make more young people listen to jazz at my local J-club. Hey jazz headsSo my music teacher just called me and said that he wanted me to join him in a meeting at the local jazz club. He said that the club wanted to see more young people attending their concerts. I did a quick research on their (horribly old fashioned) website and found out that they only play music from the 1930-1950s. Further more the jazz club does not have their own rooms or building but are in deep cooperation with my towns biggest live stage and they rent their rooms, bar and stage when having a show. They actually had John Scofield playing in the spring - but then again - it was not quite young people who filled up the rows. Lastly, their Facebook is less active than my sex life (which is quite static btw).My ideas: I think they should get a more wide genre perspective. None of the upcoming concerts or shows involves anything from post 1950... Nujazz, electronic jazz, fusion-, modern- and rockjazz is not represented and would maybe give a relativel…

Inspiration lost - would love some advice. I studied jazz for the last 12 years, including graduating university with a first class degree in jazz performance and composition. I lived and breathed it for over a decade, but now my personal circumstances have required me to move away from friends and bandmates, get a "real" job. I've lost all motivation to practice, and because I'm not practicing, I don't like to go out and perform at jam nights, whenever I do, I leave feeling worse about my abilities for lack of practice - a vicious circle.Any help or advice would be great. I've just come home from a rehearsal with a few guys, and feel like I've wasted the last decade.Tl;dr - there's a big hole where my jazz used to be.

by Borebi

Artie Shaw - Nightmare

by GuiltyArsonist

Anat Cohen tour For those who know Anat Cohen's work, you know she is amazing to see live. Just got an email from her announcing a november tour. I highly recommend seeing her if you a jazz lover:Hello good people,I am excited to be hitting the road in November with my Quartet featuring Jason Lindner (piano), Tal Mashiach (bass) and Daniel Freedman (drums). For tickets and more information check out the links below. I look forward to seeing you out there!11.04 - Boston, MA @ Scullers11.07 - New York, NY @ Miller Theater *with guests Gilad Hekselman (guitar) and Choro Aventuroso11.08 - New Haven, CT @ Lyman Theater11.09 - Seattle, WA @ Poncho Concert Hall11.10 - Seattle, WA @ Poncho Concert Hall *SOLD OUT!11.11 - Portland, OR @ Jimmy Mak's11.12 - San Francisco, CA @ Grace Cathedral *Sacred Space: Celebrating The Clarinet with Don Byron, David Murray, Anat Cohen & Todd Marcus (4 clarinets a-capella show)11.13 - San Francisco, CA @ SFJAZZ Center (Joe Henderson Lab)11.14 …

Reinventing Jazz Hello everyone! I am a composer, and I love to play around with genres. I am a big jazz-head myself, and I think the genre is a bit underestimated when it comes to electronic music. I thought it would be fun to play around with the core elements of Jazz and mix them with electronic music genres.I've been listening to a lot of nu-jazz, but I feel like a lot of it lacks the same spirit and creativity found in classic jazz music.So I want to ask my fellow jazz-heads. What elements would you prioritize if you were to mix jazz with another genre? Also, what do you think would fit? I am thinking breakbeat/drum and bass music, because it is fast paced and is known to be assymetric at times(especially breakbeat), what do you think?

by Yazzosykingen

Any suggestions for a standard that I can sing in a singing class? I have recently got in to jazz music and since I go to a singing class I thought I might bring some music from my new music interest. But because of my lack of knowledge in jazz music I thought I'd come here, so do you have any suggestions? Something not to complicated but still interesting. If you decide to suggest a song with a lot of performances I would love if you could link to a few different ones or just your favorite. Thanks!

by Radioactive_Cake

Kamasi Washington - 'The Rhythm Changes' [Jazz] (2015)

by Lowa-E

/r/Jazz, let's create some mixes! Jazz is diverse; there are many different feels and moods, but there are some overlaps and similarities. Let's create some mixes of songs that satisfy a feel or mood. I'll start off with two small ones with four songs; I encourage you to add to them and add to others in the comments.The Swingin' MixI put songs that swing really hard or just really want to make sing a swing beat or snap on 2 and 4. Usually a major/upbeat moodFourEcarohSolarLady BirdThe Night MixThis one is perhaps a little more broad than the previous one, but encompasses songs that are really laid back and/or minor, suited for the night. Think nighttime driving.Sea JourneySpainSong for My FatherAutumn LeavesLet's see them!

by leafypixiestix

Albert Ayler - Bells (Live)


What do you think of my Granparents music? My Grandad drummed in a Jazzband(I think it was in the 50s or 60s). This music just recently came into my possession and I'd love to know your opinions on it. It is called Oasis.Music hereMy Grandmother also sent some lyrics to the band while they were touring and they came up with the song I'll Never Smile Again.

by Dazz316

Montreux videos Well, it looks like a large group of youtube videos featuring live recordings of some of my favorite artists at Montreux have been taken down/made unavailable seemingly for copyright purposes. Anyone else struggling with this loss?

by Zifnode

Quick question for you guys. Sorry for the lack of detail in the title, but my question would've taken up too much space.I'm a hobbyist writer, and I'm trying to think of the word for a particular part of a song. I'm talking about the slow reprieve played at the end of a particularly rambunctious song. Back in my highschool jazz band days we'd refer to it as the "stripper part," which would actually work for what I'm writing, but I want to be less out there with it. I've always thought it was called the "Kickline," but apparently that's some cheerleader thing. Thanks for dealing with my intrusion.

by DrDudeManJones

Your favourite jazz tracks/solos Could you tell me what's your favourite jazz tracks? I am curious !

by diggymike

Similar songs request Hello i'm looking for songs similar to this one. This is my favorite song from DJ Okawari and i'm looking for more similar to this one in particular. Thanks : )

by Drum-

II-V-I Major Licks

by howtomusic

Songs similar to this So something I've really been curios about is whether or not some songs exist that are similar to "blue in green by miles davis" and "almost blue by chet baker" except the main difference is that there is no trumpet. So something slow/sad/comfy just no brass.

by LuxDeluxe

Nica Group - My pillow

by OZONE_TempuS

Women in Jazz - new blog Hi there,I'm setting up a new blog, women in Jazz. I want it to act as a resource for those studying women in Jazz; during my studies it was quite difficult to find good sources of information, from biographical information to discographies. I also wanted to shine a light on those women who perhaps didn't receive the recognition they deserved.Check it out here: womeninjazz.wordpress.comDo you have any suggestions for women I could include? Thanks!

by Womeninjazz

What are some Jazz songs with "China" in them? So far I have:China BoySlow Boat to ChinaChinatown my ChinatownAlso, not quite fitting the bill of China specifically, Oriental Strut.Are there others? Preferably songs that have lyrics, rather than instrumentals.

by lindymad

I'm at a place in my playing where I'm trying to memorize as many standards as I can. What are some tunes that you think everyone should know? A few songs I already have memorized:All the things you are Autumn leaves Au privave Scrapple All of me Confirmation Anthropology Yardbird suite Giant steps On the sunny side of the street Lullaby of Birdland What is this thing called love Blue bossa A train Ipanema Cherokee There is no greater love There will never be another you Summertime Tenor madness All blues Footprints Oleo Just friendsI know more but ya that's a few.What some tunes that will be worth learning?

by iksander88

Raisinhill - The Road Song

by Parsech

Trying to find a place in NYC to play jazz with some other people... where should I go? I'm a really experienced classically trained performing pianist, but my passion is drumming, and I have been really dedicated with it for the past year. I want to expand my knowledge and get some experience with actual players rather than just recordings. Do you know where I can find some people to play with?

by Br0z1lla


by j3434


by j3434

Musicians, what are some of the "Must listen" albums? I've been playing/listening to jazz for many years, but I'm looking for new material to listen to. I've listened to a lot of the main albums, but not all of them. Just to get some out of the way, here are a few of the ones I HAVE listened to:Miles - Kind of Blue, Four and More, Bitches Brew, WalkinColtrane - Giant Steps, Blue Train, A Love Supreme, Trane w/ Johnny Hartman, My Favorite ThingsBlues & Roots, Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah UmBill Evans - Portrait in Jazz, Interplay, Waltz for Debby, But BeautifulBlue Mitchell - StablematesReturn To Forever - most of their stuffDave Brubeck - Time OutSonny Rollins - Saxophone Collossus, the BridgePat Metheny - Bright Size Life, Letter from HomeI could go on and on, but just pointing these ones out to show that I have a lot of the basics out of the way. Still looking for much more though! Any help is appreciated.FYI!!!!: I'm looking for mostly straight ahead stuff with mostly standards, and not as much m…

Looking for jazz. So I've been looking for smooth jazz musicians, so can anyone recommend some?

by RagMan4291

What are some mid-tempo bluesy hard bop tunes with great drum solos? I'm looking to transcribe a jazz drum solo fitting this description. I know that Art Blakey has a lot of stuff fitting this description, but I'm not sure where to start. If you know songs by other artists that fit this description please let me know. I'm looking for not too lengthy drum solos that are in the middle of songs.

by bmulldrums

Who are some jazz musicians who wrote heavy, dissonant music? I'm coming from the metal world, trying to get into jazz the best I can. If it's a band, I'd prefer if the bassist did a bit more than walk the entire time, but that isn't a requirement.

by creede73

Making a Jazz playlist for my restaurant. I work as a server at a Japanese/Korean restaurant. It used to be an Italian restaurant and we still use the decor; booths, low lighting, warm colors etc. Jazz goes really well with the setting and I need to assemble a playlist that fits the mood. I'm planning on putting Blue in Green on there as it rains a lot in BC. Have any suggestions?

by Nebuchadnezz4r

First Miles Davis Recording Ok r/jazz, I've got a question for you. What is the first album that Miles recorded on? I ask because I'm making and tracking down a grail list of records. I've recently been trying to find original copies of the records in the RSD Prestige 10" box sets. I have one original in my possession, one on the way, and I'm working on deals for two more. But it got me curious as to what the ultimate Miles grail record would be. In my mind that's having the earliest work of his put onto wax. I'll probably never attain it, but it would at least be nice to have an idea. Maybe something on Savoy with Parker? I'm still a relatively new jazz head so I'm all for learning more. Thanks for the help!

by MWooten34

Yoko Kanno - Piano Bar

by Hunncas

Duke Ellington - "Moonglow" (1934)

by Byron3189

Can you guys recommend me some bluesy shit? I've been listening to jazz for about 4 years now and the sound I've found that I love is what seems to be the bluesier stuff: songs like Lee Morgan's Cornbread, Miles' Freddie Freeloader, and Mingus' Better Git It In Your Soul. My main shit is stuff like Zeppelin and Hendrix and I'd love if anyone can recommend me some jazz that really adheres to the blues. Any suggestions?

by mebenun

The sound of low, slow grinding as percussive sound? Listening to quieter jazz pieces from the late 50's on I can occasionally hear sounds coming from the bass or drums that resemble low-frequency grinding. I really like this technique but I'm not sure what's going on. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

by Hooterdear

LOOKING FOR JAZZ EXPERTS I have a challenge for you Jazz enthusiasts!

by bauther

Charles Mingus - Moanin'

by 745_Gucci_Interior

'Light' Jazz Hi there, I really like jazz with this kind of 'light' atmosphere - like its floating along kinda thing. I find it pretty hard to explain so i guess i'll give examples*Maiden Voyage *1000 days of spirit - Quasimode * Poinciana - Ahmad JamalIf people out there know what I'm talking about, is there a name for this kind of jazz? Are there other guys I should check out? Thanks!

by talking_tortoise

Compound Melody w/ score

by illoatpyre

Jamey Aebersold Volume 48 Hi. I have an audition saturday on guitar for a jazz big band and I just looked over what I need again and I need "Do nothing 'til you hear from me" from Jamey Aebersold Volume 48. Could someone please help me and if you own it scan in the sheet music for the C treble clef version and send me a link? Thanks!

by TorqueMaster

Big band + violin? I'm a new violinist in a jazz band at uni. I'm struggling to find a good sound; I think I'm clashing with the horns! Right now I'm playing the horns' melody, sometimes an octave up or down. But not else that really contributes to the piece. To my ears, the violin doesn't add much when playing the same lines. What should I be playing to complement the other players? We've got keys, vibes, drums, guitar, bass, and multiple trumpets/sax/trombones.More importantly, I'm worried that there might not even be a place for violin in a standard jazz band. Grappelli, Ponty, Carter, and all the other jazz violinists I've heard typically play in more limited groups. Keys, drums, bass, guitar. TL;DR: How can a violinist sound good in a big band full of horns?

by violioso