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Herbie Hancock - Sly (1973)

by idoescompooters

Favorite Modern Jazz Drummer? Who are your favorite drummers playing right now? Mine would be Bill Stewart, Dave King, and Brian Blade. I am jazz drumset student looking for more modern listening. Let me know!

by mobyxe

This is a super long shot... But I am trying to find a track I heard [second try] Hey. I live in Israel and this week is Jazz week in Tel-Aviv, and one of the commercials on the radio had this jazz song that sounded fairly familiar...The hook was a sax going up and down on the scale. Sounded kind of mysterious, maybe even a slight middle-eastern touch?I know some music theory and it for sure sounded like a minor scale. Sounded like Coltrane on his melodic side, maybe even Charlie Parker or Wayne Shorter. If you have the slightest clue, please share. I know the chances are slim, but I would love to find it!This is my second try, but I really want to find it!

by random_access_cache

What are some good instrumental jazz albums? I prefer instruments only when listening to Jazz and Apple Music doesn't have very many Christmas playlists for Jazz.

by Dwetzel94

Hope this isn't frowned upon, but I'm trying to find a decent-quality image of a Duke Ellington gig poster from a 1971 performance in Russia for a gift for my wife. My wife loves Russian history, culture, etc. She also really enjoys jazz. When she saw this poster at the Gem Theater in Kansas City, she fell in love with it. She managed to snap a quick photo and mentioned that she would love to have a copy on our wall at home. I assumed I would be able to find an image of it online but have failed in my search thus far. The only info I can find is at: info there is as follows:Subseries J: Russia2/18 30 "Hello Duke Ellington." n.p., Russia; 1971.Full sized. 34 x 24. Split photo of Ellington. Black border and lettering.Four photographs of Ellington and Orchestra. n.p., Russia; n.d.Full sized. 24 x 36 ½. 3c. Red and black lettering on white. Also framed on wall in South room, AC.Unfortunately, they do not have an image available.ANY help would be appreciated, whether it's pointing me to an image available online or suggestion for purchasing a reprint that I haven't thought of. I would be …

Looking for more spiritual/psychedelic Jazz featuring non-European instruments I really enjoy the records Journey in Satchidananda by Alice Coltrane and Brown Rice by Don Cherry. There's a mystical, transcendental atmosphere to the music, amplified not only by the amazing musicians, but also (I think) by the use of instruments from other cultural backgrounds - mostly Indian in these cases.
Other great albums with a similiar vibe would be Joe Henderson's The Elements and Pharoah Sander's Thembi. I'd be grateful for any suggestions of music with a similiar feel (non-European instrumentation is a plus, not a must) regardless of Jazz genre, that doesn't go full-on Free Jazz freakout.
Ps. Another parallel I noticed is that many of the musicians involved are connected either to John Coltrane/Impulse, or to Ornette Coleman...

by drylaw

A Headset for Jazz? Within the price range of $100, what are the best headphones available? I only listen to jazz and some classical and admire artists like Chet Baker to Dizzy Gillespie. Would like headphones that don't have any sound leak and are perfect for listening in classes. Thanks!

by f4ttyb0i

Angular, frenetic jazz? Hello,I'm looking for recommendations in the style of Sam Rivers, Anthony Braxton, early John McLaughlin, and such.

by tgakrol

Name of jazz song I have long loved some good jazz, it brings peace to me. This one song though I can never find the name of, I do have a YouTube video for it though: (Skip to 7:01) I have tried to Shazam it and is didn't work, if you could find the name it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

by 21darkster

SEVDALIZA - The Inside

by Covert_Tactics

Jazz standards and copyright laws There are a lot of albums out there that are packed with standards and covers. Portrait in Jazz by the Bill Evans Trio for example has 2 original tracks on the whole album. Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to write original music? I just figure that paying all those royalties would be a pain in the ass

by NFLD-Trooper

I'd appreciate some suggestions I'm new to this jazz thing and I've been listening to ddby's café de touhou and kenmochi hidefumi(jazz fusion?) as a reference. I'd appreciate some suggestions of bands/groups/whatever of a similar style or of a style I should probably listen to.

by Erixkkkkj

Any other radio DJs here? What kind of shows do y'all do? So I'm a non-player (I know a LITTLE piano but not even enough to hang on a simple tune) who co-hosts a weekly radio show with a jazz drummer. I didn't make this thread to advertise my show; I just want to know if there's anybody else here who does anything similar, and if so, what kind of format you guys do!
Our show is done through our local University (where my co-host is currently studying), and it's actually the second jazz show on that station. The first one mainly focuses on jazz from the 50s and 60s, with lots of vocal jazz, traditional pop, bossa nova, and some of the cheesy stuff, too. Our show is more of a 'big picture' show, with music from the 1920s all the way through albums released this year. I try to include at least one tune per show that I consider 'weird', meaning free jazz, fusion, funk, ECM, avant-garde, that kind of thing. The radio station does have a selection of jazz albums to choose from, but I have a larg…

What are your go to ways to sound super out Gimme the spookiest tricks you have, like only the stuff you'd play on the 11th chorus of All the Things You Are

by oisacyek

Need help figuring out improv So my school jazz band is playing this song: happen to be playing the piano. I'm more used to soloing in faster, more modern jazz stuff. With that being said, I know nothing about how to solo for this. The band director suggests I make a compilation of gospel pop style jazz licks and that I should listen to Oscar Peterson. However, I'm having troubles doing this. Any advice?

by stanthepianoman

Jazz music using only bass and drums? Hi everyone! I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to jazz, but I have a rather specific genrewide question. After a long day I came across this video on youtube: It turned out to be great easy listening. When the rhythm is slow the bass guitar with the drum (for instance at 1.26) had a very relaxing effect on me.What I wanted to ask you all is whether you know of any artists that make or at one point made music with just a bass guitar and a drum kit, no other instruments (preferably not even vocals). The slower the better in this case. Obviously searching the internet for "drum and bass" does not exactly get the results I'm after ;) .I figured that if anyone ever did anything like it, there's a good chance it was a jazz musician. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be fantastic. Thank you!

by Awsums

This may be a stupid question but If say Kind of Blue was mostly improvised how can we say it was the genius of Miles Davis? Also did he compose each part? Who gets credit for the album all of them or just him? These questions were bugging my mind.

by werrt1234

Looking for anyone who has video of Brad Mehldau's concert in Jazz a Vienne in 2010! Hello all. My first taste of jazz piano was a video on YouTube of brad Mehldau in a live solo concert. It blew me away and I cherished it. I got the video but I converted it into mp3 and deleted the mp4. The video was still on YouTube until recently. Now only two parts are up and are in bad quality. Does anyone have a DVD or a file or something for me? Thanks so much!edit: I'm looking for video of the WHOLE concert!

by soyeahandstuff

Has anyone dealt with burnout? I'm a student studying jazz piano at a small school with a strong music program, and I've been playing more in these last three months than I ever have before. I'm getting opportunities to play more and earn decent money playing while at the same time keeping my studies going. A lot of people would kill to be in my position, but I feel like I'm starting to enjoy music less. The need to always be learning new tunes and to practice harder than everyone else is taking a toll. While I have improved immensely, I am starting to feel that playing music is a chore. How do you guys keep yourselves going when you feel this desire to quit?

by claybobay

Recording studios I'm looking to do basically an EP out in LA but I'm not sure where to go to record. I have all my personnel lined up but I have no idea where to go to record. Obviously pretty much any studio I go to in LA will have the equipment and know-how to do a good job but I was wondering if anyone knew of any studios that have a reputation for doing a good job with jazz artists or whose rooms are particularly suited to small group (quartet) jazz work. Thanks for any help I can get.

by moretreesplz

Ideas for my new essay in an artistic magazine ? I am currently a writer in local art magazine, I am deeply in love with classical music and I am mainly writing abt this. However, for the next month's essay, they wanted me to find a new but an undiscovered jazz talent or talents who would be trying to strive in music industry. ( you can think of it as an alernative art magazine) So is there anyone or any band you could recommend me to look up that is worth enough to write an essay about ?

by drdurdn

Software for practicing playing & improvising over standards I'm looking for something, web based or app, that I can play some standards like autumn leaves (in midi or actual audio) and choose to mute the bass channel for example so I can practice the bass line. Also one that I can loop the chords or some comping so I can practice improvising over. Any recommendations?!

by psychic_gibbon

Identifying a Bill Evans song May I have some help in identifying which Bill Evans song is played at 13:34 in the linked video? I appreciate any help. I would love to experience the song in its entirety, moved as I was by just a brief excerpt.

by LibertineLush

I'm looking for the fastest dixieland/swing/big band artists. Can you guys help me out I feel like I could listen to this on repeat forever. Can you guys recommend me albums or artists (preferably not just songs) that get the blood flowing like this? *I know bop has some really fast tempos but I prefer the relative tonal simplicity of the earlier jazz styles

by mebenun

Best ballads? I'm trying to put together some cool chord solos on guitar. What're some of the best jazz ballads out there?

by Mayatt

More music like "Minnie the Moocher", "Sing, Sing, Sing" and "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" I am very attracted to this super-bluesy sound found in these songs. I think what I'm hearing is a lot of the flatted fifth within the pentatonic? I checked out a big band greatest hits album but it didn't do it for me. I'm looking for something more like this song from Disney's The Aristocats, particularly the freak-out at 1:37-Everybody Wants To Be A Cat Maybe what im looking for is elements of Gypsy Swing? I'm not sure.

by mebenun

PAQ MAN - Hilario Duran

by ActuelRoiDeFrance

How are you guys coming by/finding out about the best new jazz tracks/albums as they are released? I find myself consistently relying on 'the greats' to get my fix when I want to listen to jazz on my commute or while cleaning around the house etc. And it's not that those charts are getting stale per se, but the more I realize I'm able to sing along with an intricate solo from a famous recording of one of the standards, the more I'm like "Man, I really should find some new shit to listen to". I know that the genre isn't particularly blossoming [to the extent it has been at certain points in time in the past], but I'm positive there's some really great playing going on out there, somewhere. My problem is, I just don't know the best way to come by it.I used to have a car and enjoyed 'Real Jazz' (think that's what it was called, anyway?) on Sirius XM, and the occasional NPR shows--but now that I don't, radio helping me parse what's hot at the moment has become one luxury I can no longer rely upon.I k…

Bill Evans - Witchcraft

by Bolzenschneider

Ornette Coleman - Free

by KarltonSagan

How do you get a gig? Do you literally just call the restaurant or bar and ask? Or is it better to send an e-mail? I have a recording of myself playing duo with a bass player (i play guitar) that I could link to them.

by thelonious_

Can someone help me find this famous sample used in this song This is the sample. It's on the tip of my tongue and it's bugging me. I was thinking maybe Miles Davis or Luis Armstrong? Sorry if it is against the rules to post this kind of posts, I figured it won't get much far. Thanks.

by monkeyones

What list of songs should every aspiring (or otherwise) jazz musician be able to play? Building a repertoire is hard enough for any musician out there and this question is tailored in a way that raises it above the usual, "pick your favorite albums/singles and argue why"So lets build a hypothetical situation where two jazz musicians bump into each other. One of them happens to know a bass player and the other knows a drummer.For kicks and giggles this adds up to a quartet compiled up of a saxophonist, bass player, pianist/guitarist, and a drummer.As professional/experienced jazz musicians, at any given time each of these performers is likely to be able to play some odd 30 or 40 songs.Obviously for each musician the list isn't going to be exactly the same, but between those 40 some odd songs, it's basically guaranteed that each of those musicians has performed songs like like Body and Soul, Summertime, Blue Monk, etc.Without any previous planning one musician can say something along the lines of, "You guys want to play Summerti…

Headphone Euphoria: The Bad Plus - Chariots of Fire I had listened to this before in normal Pandora rotation on my PC speakers and thought it was cute, but this was the first time with headphones on and it was mind blowing. That bass line, that minute and a half of musical masturbation, that resolution at 3:45... It's rare that I stop working just to absorb a piece.

by tasteslikebeans

week 129: George Russell - Ezz-thetics (1961) this week's pick is from /u/the_emptierGeorge Russell - Ezz-thetics (1961) Russell - piano, arranger Don Ellis - trumpet Dave Baker - trombone Eric Dolphy - alto sax and bass clarinet Steve Swallow - bass Joe Hunt - drums spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

The best jazz musicians on Bandcamp? We all love the greats, but I'm looking for the freshest of the fresh. Who do you think, on Bandcamp (or even SoundCloud or Spotify, maybe) is super unknown but really should get more attention?

by Swegneto

Ted Greene - Danny Boy

by bludbath

Help me discover avant-garde jazz. hello.I start by saying that i know little about jazz. I enjoy it, but have big trouble finding artists i like - mostly because i like only particular kinds of jazz. Free form jazz and avant-garde jazz in general.It may seems easy and not worth asking for some of you, but it's not. Really. For example, out of 36 spotify playlists dedicated to jazz, not even one meets my taste.Some artists that i already know and likeFlying Lotus (You're dead!)John Surman (upon reflection)Wayne Shorter (Moto Grosso Feio)Pink FreudGary Peacock (Guamba)The Bad Plus (The Rite of Spring)Miroslav VitousHelge Lien TrioWhat would you recommend for me?You may give me names, you may give place to go on the internet, where I'll find names on my own.

by hellbike

Who is the Miles Davis / Charlie Parker of the last 30 years. By that I don't necessarily mean who is the greatest Trumpet/Sax player. (Although I would be interested in hearing the opinions).But I mean, who is a player that brings forth great quintets/quartets and plays a pivotal role in the careers of other players (such as Bird for Miles, Charles Mingus and Gillespie or such as Miles for Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea etc.).The floor is yours

by fritzvd

Jazz Solo for a Fully-Functioning Tenor Hey all, So I'm singing a Jazz solo in April for this class i'm in, but i'm having trouble picking one. This is because some of the better/well known ones have been sung in past years, and therefore would be taboo to perform this year. The following have already been sung: -Feelin' Good -'Round Midnight -Misty -At Last -Lush Life -The Nearness of You -Stormy Weather -Come Fly with Me -Fly Me to The Moon -All or Nothing At AllI'm looking for more of a show-y solo, however the complexity can be of any strength. I'm not afraid to sing something that's hard, considering that I want to study Vocal Jazz in college. Please note that i'm a Tenor with a range from F (right below bass clef), to a B (right above treble clef), so that's a solid 3+ octaves. I'm excited to see what you guys suggest!

by AceTrainerDason

Study and appreciation ideas~~ I live and play upright bass in South Korea. I'm also involved in "mentoring" a group of younger Korean players (all around college age). They have experience playing lines in big band and taking the occasional solo but they have little to no experience with smaller group stuff.I will start a weekly session with them soon. I want them to get their faces out of the music stand and start to appreciate the art form a bit more. They are all very driven... but in book-smarts/study study study kind of way. I wonder if some of them even listen to jazz outside their study obligations.So, I envisioned a either studying a chart... or a recording each week and talking about it, sharing ideas for solos or style. I also want to bring a few of them to a jam session every now and then to give them experience with that.Does anyone have any ideas for this little project of mine? I want to light fires! Let me know if you ever experienced a great ensemble class in scho…

Standards with challenging/notable bass lines? Im considering auditioning for a few colleges and I would love some recommendations on some standards. The only two that come to mind are Little Brown Jug and Red Clay

by Charles_McManson

Steve Kuhn - Trance (1974)

by A_Light_Spark

Soundtrack for a shop - help please Heeey guys! I've got a friend who works for a Lush shop and she asked me to come up with a playlist to play while she was working. It's supposed to be something cheerful and relaxing at the same time. Of course you can't be there to see how the place feels like, but I took some photos. It's small, but since it's a lush store it's very bright and warm.I just picked up a few songs I liked in a playlist in Spotify, I would be very happy if you helped me find something else to play with.The songs I really liked and thought would be cool wereTenderly by Bill EvansBut Not For Me by Chet BakerOne O'Clock Jump by Jimmy SmithStella By Starlight by Grant GreenAs you can see, though, it's pretty old-style jazz, so I would have liked to add something a bit more modern, maybe with some inconventional formats - for example, I also addedTea for Toots by Richard Galiano and Gabriele Mirabassi, since I liked the rhtym and the clarinet, although I…

Lead Belly inspiration over the course of 50 years I was flipping through DownBeat's reviews looking for some new material and saw the second review for the Geof Bradfield Quintet's "Our Roots." Bradfield was purportedly inspired to record the album after wearing out a cassette of Clifford Jordan's 1965 album, "These Are My Roots." For that project, Jordan's band covered nine Lead Belly songs (plus one original composition); Bradfield re-covered four of these Lead Belly songs.I threw together a spotify playlist of the four shared songs plus their Lead Belly originals for comparison. Even though DownBeat says that "Aside from a few odd-metered tunes and the occasional altered chord, Bradfield purposefully avoids the “highbrow” trappings of contemporary jazz," it's still interesting to hear how much space he's able to create between his band and Jordan's (at least to untrained ears like mine).

by Understated_rye

I'm looking for some very particular sheet music... For a school assessment, im looking for Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder) in a big band-ish arrangement IN THE KEY OF B (original). This is important. Because the Hal Leonard, Jay Bocook versions both come in alternate keys and i've already learnt the entire piece in b... i know its really self-centered of me to want everyone else to play in b, but its only a short time frame and to use a program like Sibelius to modify and create my own arrangement could take a few weeks, based on my current spare time.It needs to be in the same time as well, it should have the horn break repeated 3 times with breaks in between.

by BetterGetALawyer

Miles Davis - Boplicity

by icywing54

Looking for artists, songs, etc that employ the use of crazy harmonies! I'm looking for music that uses unique harmonies. If you are trying to get an idea of what I mean, the group Dirty Loops is the only thing that I've come across that comes close to what I'm looking for. In one of their covers, (around 1:10) they straight up use dissonance as the chordal basis of their piece. I like the premise of their stuff, it's just a little too "pop-y" for my taste. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

by imonjazz

Weather Report - Third Stone from the Sun

by rootboyslim

AKA MOON The Scarlatti Book / Sonata Inspiration (2015)

Concert In The Garden - Maria Schneider Orchestra (2004)

A Classical Musician Looking to get into Jazz So I am a proficient percussionist and pianist who loves all kinds of classical music. My Youth Symphony recently played a big band jazz number (arr. of St. Louis Blues) that I played drumset on. Having never played that style of music before I had to spend a decent amount of time practicing jazz style drumming and through this my interest has been piqued for jazz music. What are some good songs to get me started? I'm already very familiar with Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" and "American in Paris", but any other classical/jazz songs would be cool. I also the idea of big bands but am willing to try anything.Thanks a lot!

by eWal_Jar

Favourite ECM releases? hey guys, Whats your favourite ECM releases?

by n044j

Favorite Christmas albums? They just removed the Ellington Nutcracker Suite from Spotify and while I'm slowly dying inside from it's absence, I feel like I'm absolutely missing out on other great albums.inb4 Charlie Brown Christmas

by DjMoneybagzz

Eric Dolphy - Serene

by Mologhony

What are some simple jazz songs with simple changes I could jam on with my brother. (xpost with /r/guitar) I am 22 and have been playing guitar for almost 10 years. My brother is 13 and has been playing piano for about a year and a half. In that time he has gotten better at piano than I ever did. Since realizing this I thought it would be fun to help him learn some improv skills by playing with me. I was wondering if you could recommend some songs that he and I could swap improvising over. Jazz is preferable as that is what he is into more than anything, and I want to improve my jazz chops as I mostly play metal. However blues tunes would be cool too. Preferably nothing with too crazy chord changes, something someone with smaller hands could do without much trouble. I know basic theory so chord names are fine, however I still don't get the whole I, IV, V notation and all that jazz. Thanks so much. If this post is against rules or something please feel free to downvote into oblivion. Also if you can find sheet music that would be awesome.

by username_not_relevan htt…