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Big sale over at Clean Feed! Go to the website here. I just ordered 16 albums for just under $100. It's generally quality music on the experimental side (a lot of Vandermark, for example) and well-recorded. What do you guys think of this label? Any recommendations?

by CeilingRepairman6872

DuArte - Beautiful Love

by radio101

Bob James-Angela

by trevorjwd88

Kinda new to jazz, need recommendations :) Hello everyone, I am in need of some assistance.My history kinda is tightly tied to rock and metal backgrounds, but in the last couple of years I have grown to like various jazz pieces, so I embarked on some research. What I found out, is that jazz is so rich in styles and subgenres, much more complex and deep than metal for example. And like that, I have trouble finding stuff to listen.I think I find myself mostly in 50s and 60s, bebop, hard bop, avantgarde, big band and cool jazz stuff. Artists like Don Ellis, Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, Coltrane to name a few.Can you give me some recommendations what new artists should I look into? Iconic albums? Or some compilations maybe? Anything just to narrow my search for more quality stuff. :) Number of artists I find is huge and their discographies rather extensive.

by kortemy

Looking for "A night in tunisia" version by Charlie/Dizzy that I haven't been able to find since I was 12. So I may just have a shitty memory but there was this one version of A night in tunisia that blew my fucking mind. I've been looking for it since my old computer died in 2005 and have had no luck. I downloaded it off limewire and know a few things that could help narrow it down.-It's definitely Charlie Parker-Perhaps Dizzy-It's not the version with the guitar intro-It DOES have the Bass intro like this version but it's not this version's not the Massey hall version, Charlies/Dizzy's solo doesn't sound right according to my memory.So basically does anyone know about any other versions with Charlie Parker that are not Carnegie hall/Massey Hall and not the one with the guitar with Miles Davis.My memory might be shitty cause it was so long ago, the Carnegie hall one sounds closest but it still doesn't sound right to me.

by serialcompression

Confessions-BADBADNOTGOOD (2014) Excellent jazz from a Canadian trio with a fusion/hip-hop influence. Their material is definitely worth a listen.

by caribou13

Listen, I could use some help. I'm writing a story and I need a song. I'm currently writing a short film and I'm looking for the right Jazz song that would fit the mood of a montage involving an aging Jazz singer who's crowds keep getting smaller and smaller until she retires. Her husband always came to see her though.If you have any suggestions it would very much help. I've been looking for hours and I can't seem to find one that fits well enough.Thank you for any assistance!

by gemfhi

Where to start listening? I'm a tenor sax player with some very very basic background in jazz (I can solo alright and have played some charts in the past). I want to start moving forward as a jazz musician and naturally, listening can definitely help that. Obviously, the world of jazz is huge and there are thousands of different songs to listen to and I don't really know where to start. I've always loved the big band sound, but I'm open to songs with less players (not exactly sure what they're called, but 3-5ish players?)

by Zashiony

Charlie Parker - Koko

by Jurispearitus

Good Bass Jazz to start up with? So, I play bass in a metal band, and I decided to start listening to jazz because, well, I've been told that Jazz is one of the most technically advanced and complex genres of music.However, there are so many subgenres and artists in Jazz that I don't know where to start!Right now, I've listened to Jason Hellborg ("Axis" and "Art Metal") and I really enjoyed it. Would you people kindly mind recommending me some other bass-heavy jazz artist? I would greatly appreciate it.

by op__blue

Any suggestions of albums with a mood/playing similar to Soul Station by Hank Mobley? I'm pretty sure most people on this subreddit already know this album. If not, I would highly recommend it : Mobley's sense of rhythm and melody, particularly on this album, simply blows me away. I also believe that Blakey, Kelly and Chambers are delivering perfection.Any suggestion?

by PreSocratism

What makes a piece of music "Jazz" What elements are important when classing something as jazz. Is it Improvisation? Is it particular chord progressions? Is it something with a bit of swing? What do you think?

by DontBetOnTheHorse

Have any of you ever played on a cruise ship? Was it any fun? Today I expressed my discontent with my desk job and a friend asked why I'd never considered playing in a cruise ship band. Theoretically that sounds like a really fun gig. My favorite things are travel and playing music, so I figure it could be really great. Any of you have any experience?

by ManSeekingPunkJazz

Real Group Have any of you heard of them? They're from Sweden, really popular actually.

by Padfootttt

Please recommend some artists that remind me of home... Hey everyone,I am currently a bit depressed and slightly anxious and I have been thinking about home lately. While, I grew up in New Jersey (in a town right outside of New York, its can see it in your backyard!), I currently live in a different country. I have been living away from home for years and I somewhat miss it.One thing that sticks to my memory, for some weird reason, is going out to dinner at one specific place on two separate occasions. Its a really nice restaurant on Eagle Rock in Montclair. In any event, I remember the music sounding very similar to Vince Guaraldi Trio. That beautiful piano, combined with the cold weather outside and the city kind of makes me tear up. Could you recommend any artists that are similar? I just want to listen to something that can partially recreate those days (in my head at least).

by suchascenicworld

I'm transcribing solos, but I'm not sure what to do with them Hi ladies and gents,I've been trying to improve by taking tunes I like and learning solos by ear. I'm currently working on Grant Green's solo on "solid" from the album of the same name, and have most of his introductory solo down, and on Hank Mobley's version of "remember", from "soul station".The thing is, I'm not very knowledgeable about music theory, and figured that learning solos would be a good preparation for learning theory. What do I do with the lines I've learned? Just play in different positions and transpose them? Apply them to other tunes? Come up with variations?I've been listening to Jazz for years, but my own playing has mainly been kind of masturbatory and undisciplined scale runs over modal vamps or simple blues. I'm trying to take my playing more seriously, but I'm not sure what to do exactly.

by innatespammer

I'm looking for good examples in jazz of composed vs. improvised works Most jazz involves a mixture of improvisation (music made up mostly on the fly) and composition (prepared music), but I was wondering if there are examples in jazz of each extreme. I teach an Intro to Jazz class and will be working on a video explaining the composed vs. improvised. If you know of any jazz pieces where it is obvious that every note was written out beforehand (extreme composed), that would help me out. Since talented musicians can pass off improvised as composed, it may be hard to find an example of extreme improvised, but if you know of any, I'd appreciate it.

by chriswrightmusic

Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain

by j3434

Hip major jazz standards I feel like when I play standards in a major key they are more for practicing and I don't find that much interest in playing them live or with a band. What are some hip jazz standards in a major key?

by The_Prez_

Spy movie jazz? Does anyone have suggestions for spy-movie sounding jazz?I.e.James Bond Theme - SkatalitesHarlem Hot Shot in A hurry - Enoch Light and the Light BrigadeSpeedboat - The TorquaysSubterrenea - The Aqua VelvetsSomething action-ey... I'm compiling a spotify playlist called 'Tunes for Sly Goons' and I would like some more jazz in there!

by ahsm23

Jeff Sipe Trio- Oleo

by TheCheatsHair

Have a nice day 유흥다이소《UDAISO03닷콤→파주오피《구월오피》계산오피》고양오피》송내오피→》 오피정보의 모든것을 한눈에 살필 수 있는 곳 "유흥다이소" 쿼터제운영(믿을수있는 업소 내상없는 업소 제휴) 무인증가입(쉽고 편하게 가입 빠르게 검색하세요) 차별화된 이벤트&무료쿠폰제도도입(누구나 받을수 있음) 누구나 지원가능한 유흥다이소만의 특별 이벤트 댓글 출책은 이제그만 누구나 손쉽게 등록하고 무료쿠폰 받자!!! Have a nice day 유흥다이소《UDAISO03닷콤→파주오피《구월오피》계산오피》고양오피》송내오피→》

by haqwthvk

New and hungry I'm not necessarily new to jazz -- I've always had a soft spot, but it's only recently that I've really had a desire to dive in and appreciate it. Man, just the history of it all, the progression as a genre -- it really interests me, and that brings me here.My problem is, with such a vast array of music, and literally no guidance, I'm having a lot of trouble finding a subgenre or artist or what have you, and I'm hoping for some help.I've really taken a liking to just mean, aggressive, striking tracks. The way everything just builds in Mingus' Moanin', until it's palpable and the band yells it out (I like yelling) just gives me chills. Similarly, Artie Shaw's Nightmare and the way it stabs you with that piercing opening, and even Count Basie's A Night in Tunisia and it's high energy, "sneaky" sound.In summary, I'm looking for some help finding aggressive, angry, loud, piercing; real heavy tracks, sim…

Album Recommendation Does anyone know of any albums similar to Sarah Vaughan's After Hours? The guitar/bass/vocals combination and a mellow sound is what I'm after. Thanks ;)

by CathouseRiot

What is this song?

by JonathanBowden

West FL jazz? Headed to Sarasota, Tampa, and Fort Myers areas soon. Any leads on live jazz or somewhere I can take my trumpet and sit in while there? Soul/Jazz player looking for way to keep the chops up while on vaca. Thanks in advance.

by squid51

R&B/neo-soul with prominent elements of jazz? (or vice versa) I've been listening to Robert Glasper nonstop recently, and I'm looking to discover more music that blurs the line between jazz and R&B the way his does. If you know of similar artists, R&B/neo-soul interpretations of jazz classics, etc.. I would love to hear your suggestions!

by elorechoy

Contrafacts of Solar I'm looking for melodies composed over the changes to Solar, the 12 bar standard commonly attributed to Miles. I'm trying to find a recording my teacher only mentioned the title of in passing today, and can't find it on google.I've found 'Off Again On Again' by Jerry Bergonzi, and that's not the one (but is very cool). I've also found references to 'Lunar' being the title used by some jazz books to demonstrate the changes.The first first two four bar phrases are like a 3 or 4 part minor blues lick, transposed up to F major for the second four bars. In the last four bars the head goes to swing crotchets for rhythm section and the turnaround has a descending run going down C harmonic minor from C.Any ideas anyone? Even if the contrafacts you know don't match my pretty vague description I'd still appreciate hearing them cus it's all good stuff to learn :).

by kysyja

Where do you guys go to buy charts? I'm making some arrangements of West Side Story for big band and am looking for a good place to sell copies.

by DoctorEternal

I need help finding a Bigband Chart for school I'm looking for a chart of Can't Take My Eyes off of You as performed by Frankie Valli, preferably as close to the original key as possible. I've been looking online in several places but can't seem to find anything. Please help

by PrinceVassago

Texts on Jazz Arranging Hi all!I'm looking for a book that talks about arrangement and voicings in the big band medium. Things that go over the styles of Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and, by extension, the type of string arrangement they would use. Specifically, the kind of voicings heard at: 18 on this song. have a solid theory grounding, can read music, just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction when it comes to arranging. Most books I come across tend to go right into the more advanced and post-40s arrangement techniques. Would love to see direct charts from Fletcher Henderson's arrangements, etc if anyone has them on hand!Would love help dipping my toes in this realm. Appreciate all the help!

by holborncircuit

week 136: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - What's Going On (2006) this week's pick is from /u/harrylee773The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - What's Going On (2006) Davis - trumpet Revert Andrews - trombone Kirk Joseph - sousaphone Roger Lewis - baritone sax Jamie McLean - guitar spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

Story I heard about Mingus a while back - is it true or was it made up? The story I heard was Mingus presented a concert with the curtain closed, and it sounded...artfully bad. After the audience applauded, he opened the curtain to reveal that the orchestra was composed of young, untrained performers, who genuinely weren't very good at their instruments.I believe he was trying to prove a point about avant-garde jazz, but I don't remember exactly what that point was.Has anybody else heard this story? Is it an urban legend? Did I just dream this up?

by MpegEVIL

Is jazz dying? Jazz has become the least popular genre of music in the U.S- as of 2014, a total of just 5.2 million albums were sold by all jazz artists- just 2% of music sales overall. Do you think jazz needs a savior? what can be done? What does the future of this genre look like?

by ccglisson

Teaching an Intro to Jazz course. Jazz isn't my strongest area in music. What do you suggest? I have been teaching an Intro to Jazz course at a community college in a small town in NE North Carolina now for about a year. I have some knowledge of jazz, of course, from my undergrad and grad studies, even have written a few jazz pieces. Despite all this, I still feel inadequate sometimes in teaching this class. What are some suggestions you more experienced jazz cats might have for me? In other words, what should every Intro to Jazz class have? Thanks.

by chriswrightmusic

Hi, I'm Ben from NPR Music. We’re holding our second ever Tiny Desk Contest to find a great unknown artist to come play a Tiny Desk Concert & Tour! Is anyone here interested in submitting? NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert series has hosted almost 500 concerts in our office. We've had acts like Christian Scott, Vijay Iyer, John Legend, Adele, and, of course, T-Pain without Auto-Tune. We hosted the first Tiny Desk Contest last year to find an undiscovered artist to join the series, and we were overwhelmed with all the amazing undiscovered talent we saw (a lot of which came from reddit!).We're doing it again, and I thought I'd see if anyone here was interested in entering. Though the contest is open to all genres, we're especially interested in hearing more from the jazz community this year. Following the concert, the winner will go on a U.S. tour with NPR Music and Lagunitas. You can enter anytime between January 12th and February 2nd, 2016.Here’s how you enter:Create a new video of you/your band playing one song you’ve written.Perform it at a desk (of any size, shape or type!)Upload it to YouTube and fill out the entry form at http:/…

Video of a trio swinging in a gym? I remember seeing this video on the sub of a sax/bass/drum trio playing super hard in a gym. Does anybody know the name of the trio or the video?

by StoneFacedBuddha

Question about majoring in Jazz Studies I'm deciding on my major for college, and I really want to concentrate on jazz. My favorite school has a major in jazz studies, but I'm concerned about where that will take me after I graduate. Ideally I want to play gigs and record but also teach private lessons. My second favorite school offers a major in Jazz Education. Would there be more advantages in majoring in that than jazz studies? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Also, does anyone know anything about the Montclair, NJ jazz scene or the Burlington, VT scene? Thanks again.

by wags419

Lewis Benzies - The Source

by Byron3189

Why isn't dixieland jazz more popular in the jazz community? Hello, I'm a high school student and I'm working on a school project about jazz. I've noticed that dixieland/hot/early jazz is less popular in the jazz community than some other subgenres, to the extent that it's pretty much ignored. For example, it's not featured on any big/respected list of albums/artists. (Yes, I'm aware of the fact that there weren't any albums back then.) I know it has very passionate fans, but in a bigger context of the whole community, it seems there's only few of them/they're less vocal than fans of other subgenres.Now don't get me wrong, I didn't create this thread to start a war or accuse/judge somebody. I'm merely looking for the answer to the question in the title, so if anyone's willing to help me and discuss it with me, it would be highly appreciated.Thank you for your time.

by Desse757

Album recommendations for a relatively new listener? Edit: Fixed mobile formatting.I was first exposed to jazz my senior year of high school when I joined the jazz ensemble as a guitar player. I enjoyed playing it but never listened to any jazz outside of the class. About a year later I was introduced to Snarky Puppy (I'm sure you've all heard these guys, phenomenal group) and fell in love with jazz.Since then, I've collected the following albums:The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time OutJohn Coltrane - A Love Supreme, Blue TrainMiles Davis - Kind of BlueThelonius Monk - Monk's DreamI've been completely blown away by all of these, and was wondering if any of you had recommendations for albums or artists I should be listen to next? Much appreciated!

by Kato-The-Human

Tigran Hamasyan: Vardavar

by CamphoPhenique

Any requests for transcriptions? Is anyone looking for a transcription of a solo or tune? Let me know and I will transcribe it for you! I have other transcriptions available at my website.

by beethoven_freak

Looking to improve my playing. Any advice appreciated! I Mean You I've uploaded a video of me playing a Monk tune I like. I did this pretty quickly and in one take, so please forgive the recording quality. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated!Thanks!

by Mithnen

Gene Ammons: Canadian Sunset

by Unjust_Flying_Pasta

Django Reinhardt- Topsy

by misterjazzyguitarman

How do I play a jazz standard? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I didn't know what to search to find the answer I was looking for. I'm pretty new to jazzSo let's say I've learnt the chords and melody to Autumn Leaves straight from The Real Book - how do I arrange the song for a backing track for improvisation? Should I just have the entire progression repeating or can I decide which sections to repeat?

by angryification

Mo' Organ Please: Freddie Roach with Mo' Greens Please. 1963 Blue Note.Freddie Roach - organ Conrad Lester - tenor saxophone Kenny Burrell (2-3, 6-8), Eddie Wright (1, 4-5, 9-10) - guitar Clarence Johnston - drums

by nientoosevenjuan

Art Tatum: Willow Weep for Me

by StaleMilkNothingTher

David Pope Quartet

by smileymn

The Way You Look Tonight Alright, I've been looking all over the place and I can't seem to find it... Is there a collection of original Frank Sinatra instrumentals somewhere out there? I love Sinatra and his voice, but I really want some good original instrumentals (they don't make 'em like they used to!) I appreciate any and all insight!


Esperanza Spalding - What A Friend

by Prime618

What is your least favorite song or standard to play or improvise on? We all have songs that aren't exactly our favorites, but we have to play or learn anyway at some point. Sometimes no matter how many times you practice it, it doesn't stick right. So what's your least favorite song or standard to play? This could be on maybe certain instruments or for various reasons.

by carahbob

Help with a swing playlist I'm having a party and everyone is going to be in black tie, so I though it would be super swanky to have a period of swing music which everyone can dance to and feel super classy.What are your favourite upbeat/dancey swing tracks?Thanks very much!


Ray Angry - Twice

by sleepingprawns

Do you remember Clifford?

by literallyholocast