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week 136: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - What's Going On (2006)

this week's pick is from /u/harrylee773The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - What's Going On (2006) Davis - trumpet Revert Andrews - trombone Kirk Joseph - sousaphone Roger Lewis - baritone sax Jamie McLean - guitar spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

Can you recommend any jazz related podcasts?

I don't mean podcast just playing songs - but podcasts explaining/talking about the history of jazz or certain musicians. I listened to Gordon Vernick's Jazz Insights, which I liked a lot, but I can't seem to find anything similar.Do you guys have any recommendations?Thanks in advance!

by JonOstermann

Eternal - Branford Marsalis Quartet (2004)

Looking for modern albums of standards

Hey thereLooking for some new modern albums/artists performing standards, but without a modern twist.Hopefully they should play like in the old days, but with modern recordingsThanks in advance

by redeyesdude

McCoy Tyner - Naima

by 745_Gucci_Interior

TIL Ryo Fukui has at least two more albums on top of Scenery and Mellow Dream. Can anyone help me find physicals of them?

So, I know Ryo Fukui is fairly popular on this subreddit. I'm a big fan of his music as well; I own copies of Scenery and Mellow Dream. However, I had always seen another album floating around the internet called In New York that I have never been able to track down a physical copy of. While researching today, I discovered this web site, which, translated, indicates that Fukui performs regularly at this venue and that he has two additional albums, Ryo Fukui In New York and Letter From Slowboat.
So, here's the thing. I'm not interested in downloading those albums; I like to own all of my music. Is anyone here willing to help me figure out how I can order copies of those albums to the United States? It would be greatly appreciated.

by billymcgee

Falling out of the mist that is, Chet Baker?

I grew up with Jazz, but it has apparently taken over a decade for me to appreciate it. I'm a 16 year old girl and I suppose the whole image of Baker made it very easy to fall into him. A good looking boy, playing so sensitively, what's not to hook one in?Now, I feel as though because he was the first who got me interested, I am pretty biased towards him. I don't know where else to look for cool jazz - and it seems as though everything is in favour of him, even in recordings and documentaries, it's always Chet being the best - being so natural, etc. There is so much hype around him, could it just be because (besides talent) that he's got a chiseled face?I am wondering who his best competitors are? I like Art Farmer, too. But that's the extend to my knowledge when it comes to trumpeters. Who would you say come close, or are of a similar standing technically?

by shyplant

[HELP] Jazz Feeling 1 (Japanese)

I recently bought this ( CD at a thrift store. I have been looking all over for information about it and have discovered that it is released under the label 'The Daiso' (As seen in bottom left). But I can't seem to find anything else relating to this release online, not even on Discogs.Any more info on this Album would be great (or especially some information on Volume 2 and 3).

by Jables92

The Great Basin Jazz Camp

Hello my name is Jeremiah Edminston and I play Alto and Saprano Saxophone for my high schools jazz band 1. I have been playing jazz since 6th grade and plan to develop my skills into both performance and teaching. This summer a jazz camp is being hosted in my city and it is very important to me to attend and receive even more education so that I will be prepared for my audition and possible attendance to The University of Idaho. I have started a Go Fund Me campaign and any donation to my success and musical career would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

by allysontheblonde

Mountain Shade Cover - Students at NMMU

Hello there, My name is Alain Van Ellewee and I am a 2015 Sound Tech student. I recently recorded students at my local Uni and they played a cover of Mountain Shade by Moses Taiwa Molelekwa. I was wondering if reddit would have a listen and rate the fidelty of the track, as to give me an idea if i complimented the track with my recording process.Not to sure if this is the place to ask, but would any one be interested.

by AlainVellewee

Recommendations for recordings featuring EVI?

I recently saw this wonderful Tiny Desk Concert of Sun Ra Arkestra, and Marshall Allen breaks out an EVI a couple times. I've heard this instrument before, but never seen it played, and now I'm craving more of it! Does anybody know of any specific Sun Ra albums in the massive discography that you know features this? Or any other notable players to look into? Thanks!

by JackBullet

Looking for a piece with many sus-chords

I want to practice improvising over sus-chords, but I don't know a piece that contains a decent amount of them. Can you guys help me?

by Kaleidophon

Help finding the worlds best piano solo

So I don't know if this is proper reddiquette, but I'm really hoping someone on this Sub might be able to help me track down a video of a piano solo that has seemingly disappeared from youtube. The solo in question is by Shai Maestro during a performance of "Nu Nu" by Avishai Cohen. The video in question is from a show in 2007.Here is a video from the concert that I'm looking for, this is Avishai and Mark Guiliana doing "come together".If anyone has a line on the track I'm looking for I'd be eternally grateful... like, stupidly eternally grateful, insofarasmuch as I would probably record a freestyle dedicated to whomever helps me out (read: im no rapper. but I am pretty drunk and really wanting to hear that solo... desperate times, amirite?).

by ohsoverytired

Big band albums

What are some top big band albums ranging from the early big bands to modern big bands?

by jill7910

Bill Laurance - Time To Run

by MartinPJorge

Benjamin Herman - Campert (2007)

Seeing that there hasn't been a new album for the Jazz Listening Club, I'd like to make a suggestion: is a unique album by Dutch alt saxophonist Benjamin Herman, inspired by poet Remco Campert. Originally, Herman wrote a 15 minute soundtrack for a documentary about the writer, which he later extended to a full album by recording and adding extra tracks.It is definitely one of my favourite jazz albums: varied, swinging, dreamy, epic and a bit a experimental as well. And of course the beautiful final track Lamento, featuring Campert himself.

by Swidadi

What are you favorite recent jazz musicians?

Hello people. I love listening to jazz, but i only listen to the older stuff. Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Ornette Coleman etc. I don't know absolutely nothing about contemporary jazz. Pleasse tell which are your favorite new jazz artists that appeared in the last 20/30 years. Is there something worth to listen? or everything has been made and jazz reached it's peak of creativity in the 60's?

by nebyzark

Looking for more "gamey" Jazz - example in comments

Hi all!I'm someone who really loves jazz but finds I don't have enough time to just sit and explore albums. I'm a prog metal guy at the core and when I can dedicate hours to exploring music that's usually where I go.I stumbled upon the OST for Border Down last night and I'm hoping to find more albums/artists like it. From 1:19 to 1:56 in this song is a bit of the "environment" I'm going for. I guess it kind of reminds me of Chick Corea plus video games. I like Retro Remix Revue too, but that's literally just redone game tunes.Definitely appreciate any suggestions! Thanks for reading!

by DeletedTheOldOne

Do you think jazz will ever die?

Jazz is currently America's least favorite genre of music, even though we can all agree it is amazing. First off– why has it lost its appeal, besides to its hardcore, undying lovers? As a high school student, I can say that the fans of jazz within my school are lovers of a dying art form that most would consider "old people" music.Or, maybe I'm just missing the modern jazz scene. I'm not sure. I suppose all we can do is appreciate the fact that it's still alive.Second, do you think jazz will lose its following in 10-20 years?


Bassist looking for some advice

Hey r/jazz, I'm a bassist in middle school and am looking for some guidance/advice from some people more experienced than myself.I started playing the bass a little over a year ago, and, after getting comfortable with the electric, started using an upright. I'm in my school's jazz band and am doing just fine (all of the music given is written in notation, and a good chunk are more recent tunes and are played on electric) but would like to dig a little deeper.I am not able to improvise or, more importantly, construct a walking bass line, well. In fact, I don't know every major and minor scale. I had considered picking up a real book, but it was pointed out to me that it was relatively useless without a combo to play with. However, this is definitely a possibility as I'm sure a few of the jazz band students would be interested (definitely the rhythm section).I digress though. Is there anything here that I'm missing (books, etc.)? Are there any resources that you …

What do I need to practice to be able to improvise better?

I'm an aspiring trumpet major whose always been in love with jazz. I'm was in jazz bands in high school and currently am in my first year of college. I'm actually thinking about getting a minor in jazz studies, but besides that, my question is: what do I need to practice to be able to lay down better sounding solos?I have the style, I've been listening to the greats (CP, Coltrane, Diz, Miles, Ellington) for years, so I believe I have the listening aspect of jazz down, and my understanding of theory and ear training is getting better.What can I practice, as an aspiring jazz trumpeter, in order to get better? Thanks.

by ParlieCharker

contemporary alto saxophonists?

I was just wondering what contemporary alto saxophonists y'all check out. I've been really into Kenny Garrett, Dick Oatts, Godwin Louis, and Logan Richardson, and Chris Potter (on alto), but want to know who else people are digging.

by hahfullpahff

I came for jazz music

What do you guys just post pictures? I checked top of all time and there are no youtube videos. Give me some smooth jazz!

by Coin_Operated_Brent

Still looking to give away this signed Benny Goodman album to someone interested.

Signed Benny Goodman album you are able to throw a few bucks for shipping I'll send it to you for free. It'd look awesome framed and mounted. I found it in a goodwill bin and it probably meant a lot to the owner. Sadly all of his old jazz albums were in this bin, over 100. He must have passed away. I'd like it to go to a home where it is appreciated, i don't want to donate it back to the goodwill and don't have room to keep moving it around with me right now.Hopefully someone here will appreciate it or know someone that would as a gift.

by CaptainGobbleWobble

When You Wish Upon A Star - Bill Frisell (2016)

Ben Tucker Documentary IndieGoGo

Small team of film students, independently producing Ben Tucker documentary, without any financial support from the university. I'll answer any questions you have.

by BigDSnack

Suggestions for Jazz Informative Speech topics?

I've chosen to do an informative speech over Jazz, I'm leaning more towards a chronological approach and intertwining the speech with jazz history, from the early start of jazz to modern day jazz, maybe including some beat-maker/ producer modern day influence (such as madlib, jay dee, flylo, etc.) as well. I've listened to Jazz since childhood, but I'm not all too well-versed on the ins and outs of this topic, and I'm open to suggestions/ inputs, anything helps!

by xxyv

Kind of bloop?

I'm sure some of you remember the 8-bit rendition of Kind of Blue titled "Kind of Bloop".What those guys created was amazing. I bought a copy a few years ago but I lost my hard drive that had the album. Now it seems their website is down and I can't find anywhere else to buy another copy.Any ideas about what happened to them? I saw some articles about a lawsuit over their cover art, but most of the articles still give (dead) links to buy the album without the art.It's a shame because it was one of my favorite albums, it may be gone forever.

by FLoaf

What are your 10/10 Jazz song?

I started listening a lot to jazz recently, mostly bebop and modern, and I was wondering what are the absolute 10/10 jazz songs out there? Also share hidden gems if you know of any.

by stian9

I saw Donny McCaslin play with the USF jazz ensemble last night.

Man was he burning up the place! To anyone who has not seen or heard donny play, listen to this. and this wish I had a video of his ten minute long sax solo solo. It's rare for a musician like Donny to visit in Florida.

by karzyarmycat

Live From The Detroit Jazz Festival - Mack Avenue SuperBand (2015)

Help soloing

Sorry if this has been asked frequently, but I need help with soloing. I'm on bari sax and need help just learning how to put stuff together and taper the solo to the piece of music. Any tips?

by PShelly

Having trouble transcribing solos. Need help!

I've been playing for 3 years and I haven't been transcribing a whole lot. I've recently been trying to transcribe Second Balcony Jump by Dexter Gordon and I'm an Old Cowhand by Sonny Rollins, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting these solos down, as my hearing isn't the best. Any tips?

by packageoffat

Relaxed yet cheerful albums/tracks for driving?

Hey guys, could anyone suggest me any good tracks that are good to listen to when you're driving - either in the morning or in the evening, if you prefer one track over another for any specific reason, please do tell me.

by essdrae

week 137: Cedar Walton - Eastern Rebellion (1976)

this week's pick is from /u/PreSocratismCedar Walton - Eastern Rebellion (1976) Walton - piano George Coleman - tenor saxophone Sam Jones - bass Billy Higgins - drums spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

Hi /r/jazz! I'm creating a playlists with one song from every country in the world and I feel jazz is underrepresented on the list so far!

Hi there! I am creating a playlist with one song from every country in the world and started it way back in the summer but am struggling to finish it. I have reposted a few new links in hopes of fresh suggestions as finding songs from the remaining countries is difficult due to their size. I feel jazz has been criminally undersuggested and therefore underrepresented on the list. The list of countries I have missing from my playlist can be found below.Here is the latest post to see the rules and examplesHere is the list of countries I do not have songs from:Bhutan Botswana Burkina Faso Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Comoros DR Congo Congo Cote d'Ivoire Djibouti Dominica Equitorial Guinea Eritrea Gabon Gambia Grenada Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Kiribati Lesotho Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Malawi Marshall Islands Mauritania Micronesia Monaco Montenegro Nauru Niger Palau Papua New Guinea Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and Grenadines São Tomé and Príncipe Seneg…

Jaco (2015)

by mattjsherman

Jazz Bassists

Being a Bassist myself I'd like to know who your favourite Jazz Bassist is and why; a song/album link would be pretty nice too. Thanks in advance and have a nice evening!

by JustinCredibleHS

Jazz films!

by maya660

Where to go from Bill Evan's explorations?

I absolutely love this album. I'm still really new to the whole jazz thing, I was wondering if someone could suggest some other good Bill Evans titles (or from anyone) that might be a good jumping off point from this style of playing?

by bjjcripple

Why do we clap on 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 3?

I'm having this argument with my roommate who always claps on 1 and 3. I know you're "supposed" to clap on 2 and 4, but what exactly is the reason behind that?

by jdv2121

Miles Davis - Saeta

by j3434

Bill Evans - 34 Skidoo

by flyingdolphins