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What's with all the fake albums on Spotify?

(I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I've only seen this kind of thing on Spotify when looking for jazz - no other genre of music I listen to gives me results like this)I listen to a lot of jazz guitar, and what will happen is that I'll search for something like Herb Ellis (like I just did now) and I'll end up with a list of dozens of albums, most of which being nothing but weird compilations with crappy generic album art, and nearly-identical track listings - or sometimes, multiple versions of original albums but with the original art replaced by generic MS Paint-style images. Here are a few examples of the results I'm getting:Herb Ellis
Barney Kessel
Johnny SmithAny idea what gives? And if there's a way to filter search results or block specific albums from appearing in the results at all? Thanks in advance!

by zxjams

Bright Size Life - Pat Metheny (1976)

Dreams So Real - Gary Burton Quintet [Music of Carla Bley] (1976)

How do they mark the tempo?

Hello!I was watching a Steve Swallow concert, and something attracted my attention. In the song "Back on action" (, there is a drum solo with band extracts. If the tempo was continuous, I would understand how the band hit the tempo of play, but, correct me if I am wrong, the drummer change the tempo a lot.So, my question is, how the band enter in the right moment everytime? Except the time the saxophonist misses the tempo (and after there is a funny scream xD).Thank you for the attention.


I could use some sultry jazz recomendations

My jazz combo recently scored a fun gig. We're going to be the house band for a burlesque show. The guy running the show is letting us put together our own set list for the most part as well. We have plenty of time to fill, and I figured this would be a great time to see if there are any songs that should be in our set list that I might not have thought of. So.../r/jazz, what are your sultry, bluesy, and otherwise sexually suggestive jazz tune selections?I should also mention that we don't have a singer, so any tunes should work with bass, drums, and a horn player.

by Astrixtc

Songs like Dippermouth Blues?

Hi guys, I'm a big jazz fan but am relatively new to it and don't know too much. Sorry if these types of post are annoying. I'm currently in love with Louis Armstrong's 'Dippermouth Blues' can you recommend any similar songs, in terms of having a fast tempo minimal singing and just all round goodness. Thanks

by musclepunched

Looking for a Brubeck 'Sunny Side of the Street' recording from France..

I had listened to an amazing recording by Brubeck and others (perhaps a Quintet or Sextet..?) that was in France I believe. It was of 'Sunny Side of the Street' and it was probably from the late 50's.I just can't find what I am looking for anywhere! It was a stellar recording! I think it may have been on Spotify..

by friarbabs

More like Blazo?

Sorry if this is the wrong sub, but maybe someone will have a better suggestion. I would have asked hiphopheads but he seems more jazz than hip hop to me.Anyone have some suggestions? I am well aware of (and a big fan of) nujabes.Thanks very much.

by burritosandblunts

Jazz Orchestra of Radio-TV Belgrade playing Jazz and Funk covers of old revolutionary and partizan songs (1980)

Very rare Yugoslav record with excellent orchestrations: Unfortunately only one overpriced copy is available on discogs, but four songs are available on YouTube: Enjoy!

by videoface

Ron Carter Question

Hi there folks, I wonder if someone can help me track down details of a trio Ron Carter played with.I remember a few years ago I watched a concert on The Performance Channel here in the UK, which later became Sky Arts. It was a Ron Carter concert at a jazz festival, but I don't know which. I remember he played in a trio, the lineup was Ron Carter on Bass, an older white gent with a beard and glasses on cello, and a younger white gent with dark hair and a beard on guitar. I think the guitarist only spoke french. From the look of the footage, i think the concert was soemtime in the 90's.Sorry about the lack of information, but this is why I'm asking here. Does anyone have ANY idea about the concert, or who he played with? I really enjoyed it when I watched it, but I don't remember any details whatsoever. Any help anyone could offer would be great.CHeers folks.

by RushBear

Help finding music like this? (Vocals, drums, piano)

Hi guys. Sorry if this is the wrong subreddit but I don't know where else to ask. I'm looking for music that has just vocals, drums, and piano and has that feel of being played at a bar late at night.Here are just two examples of what I'm looking for. As you can see by them, language doesn't matter, I'm just looking for the style!

by Icezera

Django Reinhardt - Nuages

by simplysimonpiano

What are some good modern jazz labels to follow?

Just curious if you guys like to follow labels at all, or if you know any real good ones to keep an eye on. I really like a lot of the stuff released by International Anthem and have been following them for a while, but am looking for more to keep in my news feed.

by Jazzputin

Bill Laurance - Golden Hour

by MartinPJorge

stardust- Clifford Brown

by ebolaman48

What's the first Bill Evans solo I should transcribe?

I have been playing piano for six years, and I started playing jazz piano last year. My favorite pianists so far are Michel Camilo and Bill Evans. All of my teachers are saying I should be transcribing some of Bill's stuff, but I just don't know where to start. Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks.

by lgpyousee

Ben Monder - 39.

by IamZhea

The best Tiger Rag

by simplysimonpiano

Great Minds Thinking Alike: Ornette, Capt. Beefheart, Free Funk, No Wave, and etc.

I was listening to some instrumental Captain Beefheart demos recently and thinking of a time when infectious sprung rhythms with angular atonal jamming on top looked like the way of the future. Trout Mask Replica was really Exhibit A.And then there was Henry Cow, and related bands Massacre and The Work. And what about Blurt?Don Van Vliet/Captain Beefheart was definitely influenced by Free Jazz, spearheaded by Ornette Coleman. But when Ornette reinvented Jazz for a second time with Dancing In Your Head and his electric Prime Time band, you could wonder if the influence might have been reciprocated. And Ornette disciples were numerous, including James Blood Ulmer and Ronald Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society.And then there was No Wave, sort of an art scene reaction against and/or reinterpretation of punk. Including James Chance and the Contortions and DNA.So - a selective and incomplete collection of people who may have shared some sort of vision or philosophy. The good old days!


Help me break away from the Real Book.

So, I'm a jazz bassist who has been playing for a year. I'm still pretty new, and I want to get out of the habit of being a real book player and really learn my tunes. However, I'm having issues hearing chord progressions in the songs, making it hard to play anything meaningful. I can kind of BS the melody, but that's hardly acceptable. I am listening to a lot of jazz (Ray Brown, Miles Davis, etc), and trying to get it down, but it's obviously not easy. I've read that ear training is a good way to help, so I'm going to start practicing being able to recognize my intervals. Any other things I can do to improve? Thanks, guys.TL;DR - How can I learn the old fashioned way (i.e. From recordings)?

by lordofflies48


by Jurispearitus

Herbie Hancock - Doom

by 745_Gucci_Interior

Contemporary jazz suggestions?

Hello folks, I recently been listening to a lot of Matthew Halsall and Mammal Hands. I like the sounds and was wondering if you guys can give me some suggestion!

by JonCaiGal

Anyone know where I can find the Freddie Hubbard video performing Sky Dive live?

There used to be a Youtube video of Freddie's live performance of his tune Sky Dive but I'm having a hard time finding it. It was an old video so I can't imagine it being taken down for copyright infringement or something. There was a killer flute solo in it too...If anyone knows where it's from or where I can find it online that would be greatyl appreciated. Thanks

by locampo96

Quartal Chords Lesson

by BluesBoy666

Best solo ever?

I know this is reaaally subjective but I've been listening to Chris Potter solo on Train (from his album follow the red line), and I think I can say is the best solo I've ever heard until now. Is there anything that good in the same style? Any album similar to follow the red line?

by morcipan

Jazz with samples and drum machines and loops?

Hey. The new technologies in music production use all kinds of amazing things that are even available on a smart phone! We hear these technologies and production techniques fully exploited in rap and hip hop creating brilliant and intense works or art. In fact most music genre from rock to country western are impacted by this. But how about Jazz? I mean is there really amazing jazz made with loops and samples and such that really is new or comparable to the jazz from the masters like Monk, Coltrane and Miles Davis.I have heard some forms of NuJazz but it is clearly a retrospective exercise in new music but it is missing some critical elements that I consider critical to higher jazz expression. But I have not heard all of what is happening these days. And I don't see many posts on the sub with drum machine.Have you heard anything amazing with loops, drum machines and such and such that does not sound like Kenny G ?

by j3434

(Discussion) What are your favorite genres that *aren't* jazz? Does your enjoyment of jazz inform those preferences?

I've spent a lot of time thinking about my own evolution as a music fan, and how certain genres or musics led me to others, or how my interest in one genre impacts or informs another. (I'm using 'genre' here loosely; it's not important to split hairs about what's what right now.) Also of the common threads that link various preferences, even if they sound wholly unrelated on the surface.Like for me, one of my favorite bands right now (and for the last few years) is Ratatat. Their music is not particularly jazz-like in the slightest; there's no improvisation to speak of, no blues influence, no horns, etc. While a lot of artists that I love are playing in some vein that's influenced by jazz, these two guys are not, at least not overtly. (If anything I'd say their language is most significantly influenced by hip-hop, rock, and classical; a lot of their harmonic sensibility reminds me of Bach.) I suppose there may be a parallel between the orchestration…

Help finding more Jazz noir

Not sure if this is the right reddit for this questions, hopefully it is sorry if not!I really enjoy jazz noir from the film noir era, and I was wondering if people could point me in the right direction for some famous albums/artists from this subgenre.Something along the lines of Duke Ellington's Harlem Nocturne would be great!

by Oreisan


Hey everybody, I'm just starting to get into to jazz and wanted to know what your recommendations are. Anything from the classic to new age, just whatever you like. Thanks!

by TheMiddleNut

Anyone play on a cheap vintage organ?

I'm looking to pick up a keyboard for composing, ear training, and just dicking around. There are always free organs on craigslist that people are trying to give away. Old student model stuff. Does anyone use one of these for messing around with? What are some good ones to look for? I've played some of the freebie hammonds and they didn't sound particularly jazzy. I usually see Baldwins, Hammonds, and Lowrey. I've got the space and a van, so why not right? Would it be okay to learn some jazz or fusion on?

by discount_timetravel

Need some combo suggestions

Hey all, I got a combo going next week and am looking for suggestions. Full rhythm section, 3 horns and a vocalist. Anything is much appreciated

by FaultyToilet

Weather Report with John Scofield?

i was just on the wikipedia page for Weather Report and I never knew that Scofield briefly played with them in 1986. I was wondering if there are any recordings of them playing together?

by CarsTrucksBuses

Any suggestions for incredible melodic improvisers to listen to?

What's up y'all! I am a student of jazz (really, who's not?) and am getting bored of taking solos where it's just pattern pattern pattern. But in listening to all my favorites, like Clifford Brown, or Charlie Parker, or Nat or Cannonball Adderley, or any of the Sonny's or even Trane, I realize that the bulk of their solos are predictable scalar or chordal patterns, used to seemingly glue together emotional phrasing. The most lyrical soloists, in my listening opinion, that I can find, are Monk and Miles (Monk fast always, Miles only mostly). Do you all have any other suggestions for overtly lyrical soloists that rarely rely on pattern use to beef out their solos and fill time?.thanks

by sepiaknight

Gong - Cat in Clark's shoes

by rootboyslim

Any songs/albums similar to 'Heather' by Billy Cobham?

Sorry if these kinds of posts are unpopular here, but it didn't say anything about it in the sidebar so I hope it's okay.So, I've never really gone that far down the jazz rabbit hole, I've always been a more casual listener. Some artists I really like are John Zorn, Snarky Puppy, Bohren & der Club of Gore, and a few others. Recently I listened to Heather and I absolutely fell in love with it; I LOVE the atmosphere and the general slow, mysterious vibe it has. I listened to the rest of the album and thoroughly enjoyed it too. So are there any songs or albums you would recommend to me based on this? Specifically something similar to Heather, I just really love it.

by Litagoliter

Louis Armstrong - Muggles

by simplysimonpiano

School Tour Questions

I need your help r/jazzI'll be visiting the Jacobs School of Music tomorrow and I want to show up to the tour/info session prepared. What are some good questions to ask them in your opinion.TYSM

by Cosmostrue

Jazz Solos Using the Blues Scale

I've been working a lot with the blues scale, and I was wondering if anyone could give me a few solid examples of jazz solos that put a lot of focus on the blues scale.Preferably alto sax, but any instrument is fine!

by Saxyphone

Looking for Similar Albums...

I've been getting into trios amd smaller groups lately. Lot of Monk, especially Brilliant Corners. But what I've been spinning significantly more than the rest are Money Jungle, The Ahmad Jamal Trio Vol. 4, and Ahmad's Blues.Any suggestions on who to delve into based on these names/titles? I work at a record store with a bunch of jazz titles, and I work by myself so I can play whatever whenever. I'm willing to give anything a spin once! Thanks in advance.

by spirit2112

week 139: Charles Tolliver - Music Inc. (1970)

this week's pick is from /u/Rooster_TiesCharles Tolliver - Music Inc. (1970) Tolliver - trumpet Stanley Cowell - piano Cecil McBee - bass Jimmy Hopps - drums Bobby Brown - flute Wilbur Brown, Jimmy Heath, Clifford Jordan - flute, tenor saxophone Howard Johnson - baritone saxophone, tuba Lorenzo Greenwich, Virgil Jones, Danny Moore, Richard Williams - trumpet Garnett Brown, Curtis Fuller, John Gordon, Dick Griffin - trombone youtubeThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

Jazz Favourites

What is your favourite Jazz album/single?

by Moltro_

First time poster! Dreamy jazz for writing!

I know nothing about jazz but went to a cafe this evening and wrote in my journal while the dreamiest live jazz played. Can anyone (esp. writers) suggest some jazz for me to write to please?? I'd love to experience similar vibes in the comfort of my bed.

by rosemarywaterlow