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good jazz books?

so im reading miles: the autobiography. its an excellent book, i really like "his" style and storytelling. are there more books like this one that are not dry bio facts? heres a passage a really liked from the book.

by sinisacvetko

Why did so many jazz greats end up in Denmark?

I'm thinking of guys like Ben Webster, Sweets Edison, Kenny Drew, Stan Getz. I'm sure there's more! What was going on in Copenhagen that made it so attractive for jazz players? I know a lot of musicians were eager to come to Europe, but why Copenhagen of all places as opposed to say Paris or Vienna?On a related note, is the Copenhagen jazz scene still worth a visit today?

by Mildred__Bonk

What is the meaning of "Ask the Ages" (Sonny Sharrock album title) -- I found it in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake

I found the phrase "ask the ages" on page 112 of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.After having seen it in both the album title and the book, I assumed it was a fixed phrase, perhaps of biblical origin. (I am a heathen, so most biblical references go right over my head.)So I googled it. And all that comes up is Sharrock's album title and a jazz band which is apparently named after Sharrock's album.Does anyone know if this is a phrase that goes farther back than that? Or did he possibly get the title from Finnegans Wake? It just seems like a fixed phrase from poetry or Shakespeare or something.

by xooxanthellae

Improvising over chords? How exactly do you do it?

I've been reading a bit about jazz, and have grown an interest in learning to play it.I'm a percussionist about to play my senior recital.Afterwards, I'm going to try and put all my focus on learning as much as I can about jazz vibes.I've read a lot about improvising over chords using modes. For example, if I'm soloing over a II chord, play dorian notes.Wouldn't that just be playing in the key of the song? Or does this mean you emphasize the dorian tonic?Would appreciate any help!

by Jahosafats

In your opinion, what jazz band has the best rapport live?

What live performances keep you on the edge of your seat?Recently, Return to Forever and Kamasi Washington's band have been making my legs spasm autonomously and my heart drop. But, I still come up blank when I try to think of my absolute favorite live performance.I want to see something that gives me that vicarious sense of deep pride, if you know what I mean. Any candidates? I'd appreciate the hell out of ya.

by glowingegg

What song is this intro from? (Xpost from TOMT)

Hey guys. I posted this earlier on the tip-of-my-tongue sub, but I realized I'm a dummy and should post it here.I used to play bass, and there's this jazz song with an intro that's just bass that I used to play all the time when I was warming up. Here's audio of me doing my best approximation of what I remember it is: After the bass line, it goes into a walking pattern and drums and piano kick in. My best guess is that this is a Dave Brubeck song, but I haven't had any luck finding anything similar. Thanks for the help!

by smoorecrux

Your opinions are Jaco Pastorious

In my opinion Jaco is somewhat overhyped. I feel like his highest claim to fame was pushing bass as a lead role instrument. Thats where it ends for meYeah hes playing intense melodies with great technique but its nothing I havent heard other great lead players do. It sounds like he studied melodic patterns for guitarists. Nothing exactly wrong with that tho, just saying his patterns and phrasing werent exactly extremely creative or noteworthy

by YesSexxx

week 140: Lewis/Church Quintet - Expeditions (2004)

Lewis/Church Quintet - Expeditions (2004) Lewis - saxophone Clare Church - saxophone Chip Stephens - piano Kenny Walker - bass Todd Reid - drums deepmp3amazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

The Classic Ellis Marsalis - Ellis Marsalis (1991)

Anybody catch a screening of Miles Ahead?

Just got home from it, definitely have some complaints specifically with the embellishment but I thought Don Cheadle did a phenomenal job. Would like to hear people's thoughts.

by Wilsonethan44

What Ray Charles songs are considered "Jazz"?

Hi r/jazzMy friend says Ray Charles is NOT Jazz, and he is a very knowledgeable person so I usually believe most of the things he says, but I know that Ray Charles has created SOME Jazz in his life, I just do not know which songs are considered Jazz. Can someone help?

by TFMain200

Dark Blue - Jim Rotondi (2016)

What is this scale?

E F G Ab Bb C D EI was doing some improv and stumbled across, can anyone shed some light on it?

by solar_vega

McCoy Tyner

I've been reminiscing about Tyner's career and was pleasantly pleased to find that there are films of him spanning over 50 years. I noticed he lost considerable facility around 2004-2005, and I've seen a few articles about him suffering from an illness. Does anyone know what that illness is? I guess it's morbid curiosity, but losing such a force to death is bad enough, let alone sickness.

by billyjoesam

Jerald Daemyon Summer Madness

by outrider567

week 138: Ryan Kisor - Kisor II (2001)

this week's pick is from /u/Batmans_BumRyan Kisor - Kisor II (2001) Webber - bass Joe Farnsworth - drums Peter Zak - piano Ryan Kisor - trumpet spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

week 139: Charles Tolliver - Music Inc. (1970)

this week's pick is from /u/Rooster_TiesCharles Tolliver - Music Inc. (1970) Tolliver - trumpet Stanley Cowell - piano Cecil McBee - bass Jimmy Hopps - drums Bobby Brown - flute Wilbur Brown, Jimmy Heath, Clifford Jordan - flute, tenor saxophone Howard Johnson - baritone saxophone, tuba Lorenzo Greenwich, Virgil Jones, Danny Moore, Richard Williams - trumpet Garnett Brown, Curtis Fuller, John Gordon, Dick Griffin - trombone youtubeThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

I need a Vocal Jazz solo piece. Any Ideas?

I am by no means a jazz expert. I am a 17 year old male in my high school's vocal jazz group, and we are each to learn a piece to perform solo by early June. My teacher is hiring a professional combo who should be able to sightread no problem.I am a bass, and I have more of a deep rich voice, if that means anything. I have tried looking at Sinatra pieces, but they all seem to have a big band/horn section. I am looking for something that would sound good with a basic combo (drums bass guitar and piano) and ideally a bit upbeat.Anybody have any ideas?

by Ken_Mcnutt

SLJAF 2016 Arts Village

by saintluciatourist

Joe Henderson - Blue Bossa

by 745_Gucci_Interior

New to Jazz, where do I start?

I've read a few of the archived posts but would like more information more specific to myself.I've played piano for about 14 years, and I'm studying classical piano in university. That's great and all but I'm really into jazz/blues/funk and would love to play in a small band at a lounge or something and just be able to groove and shit to nice tunes, bust out some nice improv.I know all of my scales, 7th chords, etc. All fundamental theory I've got down pat. Just need to familiarize myself with the more jazz-specific chords (9ths, 11th, 13ths with flat 5,7, etc).I spent about 5 years playing lead charts for Christian songs in my church which are pretty simple for the most part but at least have some experience in reading pop chart style chord notation.I also improvise a lot in my free time albeit not jazz, usually fucking up classical tunes or expanding on popular piano pieces like Yiruma and Hisaishi stuff.I'm blessed with perfect pitch as well, so I can of…

Erroll Garner - Concert by the Sea (remastered)

So glad to see this classic remastered and released in its entirety (I know this article is 7 months old, but it's news to me!)Does anybody know if this exists on vinyl or was is it a CD only release? I've been searching for answers everywhere, but so far it seems like it is CD only.Cheers!

by letsboop

Learning licks by sight vs ear

Hi all,I'm 1 year into studying jazz and loving it but have a question.I sit and truly improvise often in all keys but also try to play some of my favourite solos by ear.I have learned two parts of Evan's solos, part of cannonball's solo on Autumn Leaves, and Miles solo On Green Dolphin Street. All of who which I've done by ear. It's been difficult but love every second of playing along with the recordings and figuring them out!Online there's much debate about learning solos by ear versus from a score. What is your take on this?I see tons of II-V-I lick books popping up on Amazon and wondered what some seasoned improvisers thought of them. Are they to good to be true? Would I ever truly internalise those licks?What's the best way to become good at improvising?Need help!Thanks

by matthewwilde

Thinking about Learning an Instrument, Any Advice?

I'm concluding high school very soon, and I've been interested in playing an instrument for years, but not at a professional level, just as something creative and cathartic. I'm interested in sax or trumpet, but I have asthma, which I'm assuming would impair me from playing well. I do love drums, but they're not as portable. I've tried guitar before and it hasn't resonated with me as much as sax might--brass instruments to me seem to connect more with the player on an intimate level (you're literally breathing life into it). I'm open to piano because I enjoy most music with it, not just jazz. I'm by no means hoping to be in a band, even a college band, but just something I can learn to expand my creative juice reservoirs. (I'm planning on studying film production, and to me, there seems to be a dearth of jazz scores in films, something which I would like to fix if I were to become a director). But I'm wondering, where should I start, and…

What is the key for all of me???

I have been working on all of me recently and the keys for the real book and everything are all in the key of c. But when I was listening to Louis's and Stitt's recording, they played in the key of b flat. Is there a 'original' or 'correct' key to play in for this song, and which key should I play in?

by packageoffat

Looking for advice on starting an ensemble

I love jazz in all its forms, which is disappointing because sometimes I feel like I'm outside of my element. As a high school student, now of all times is the best to form a jazz quartet or quintet, but it seems like I can't get anyone interested in the art. I don't quite understand. Can anyone give me any advice on gathering my ensemble?


I want to see Allan holdsworth live at least once before he dies.

I've been a big fan of his work for awhile and I am just now realizing... Why the fuck have I not seen him live before???I'm from Chicago, but I've rarely heard of Allan touring at all and I really want to see him before he gets too old.

by rabeek

Looking for bass solos to get inspiration from.

My jazz director has asked me to solo on a few of our pieces because of my theory knowledge, but to be completely honest I've never heard a non-walking line for a solo.What are some charts and artists I can listen to?

by dan1361

Why is jazz holding onto it's old influences and not adopting new, popular music influences?

Don't get me wrong - I love jazz. Though, it sometimes saddens me that I don't get to experience the genre as it's intended. I've never listened to 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s music that it's based on. And from what I've understood, contemporary jazz is interpreting the classic jazz artists, which makes it even harder to get the references.How come there aren't jazz artists loosely basing their music on popular music from 90's, 00's, 10's - it doesn't have to be Backstreet Boys or Justin Bieber. It could be based on Charles Bradley for example and sound amazing.Or have I just completely missed the train and music like this is created?Just something as simple as Someday my prince will come - Snow White and Miles Davis interpretation It made is so much better just knowing it's based on Snow White, for some reason

by TheodorHohenthal

How to know which records were live in studio?

I was browsing the wiki/newtojazz one album at a time (thanks for that, by the way!) when it occurred to me that I wasn't sure whether some/most/all of them were live cuts. What I mean by that is not that they were necessarily live albums, performed in one take in front of an audience, but that they at least weren't recorded in chunks, laying down the track on different reels etc..Is it generally the standard in jazz for songs to be recorded in whole takes? What about something that sounds really polished like Head Hunters by Herbie Hancock -- are those songs "created" in the sense of a Sgt. Peppers song, or "documented" full performances like Please, Please Me?

by paulsimonbypaulsimon

A 'farewell' song suggestion?

Hi all! New here. I'm posting in order to hopefully get some recommendations for a song; here's the story.Me and some friends have a jazz octet consisting of bass, drums, piano, tenor/alto/bari sax, trombone, and trumpet. We can invite a singer if necessary. We need a song to honor our legendary band director at his last concert, who is stepping down from his position in our school.At first we were considering a ballad, but we decided the audience we will be playing for won't enjoy that too much, plus the night will most likely be sad already, so we changed our minds and are now stuck looking for a more rejoicing and happy song that pays tribute to him. Sort of an epic if you will, but jazz obviously. I nor anyone from my band can find a song that just says, 'this guy was amazing;' I hope my vision is translating well, I can hear exactly what I want in my head but just cannot find a song to match it.So please, if you will, suggest any songs you know of that aren…

Roos Jonker - Still There

by Hemlas

Newly established /r/Djazz

Greetings fellow /r/Jazz - ers,While it may seem rude to self-promote a subreddit, please hear me out. In recent years some metal genres such as progressive metal (/r/progmetal) and Djent (/r/Djent) tried to adopt jazzy elements (call-response, improvisation, overall detachment of instruments etc.) into their songs and turned their back to heavy sounding music and uninspired melodies. While /r/Jazzfusion (progressive rock+ Jazz) might have similarities, /r/djazz focuses on few characteristic metal traits (dominance of eletric guitars, slight focus on drumming etc.).If I got you intrigued, here are a few songs we would consider Djazz(sorted from Jazz to progressive metal):Pocket Size Universe - "STILL LIFE" - Greatest Hits - "KO KI" - .strandberg* Maxim Micic - Nostalgia you liked…