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BOB Crosby and His Orchestra album cd help I want find cd original with bob and his orchastra sing or music in Internet of this playlist.tell me what name of album is this.

In my high school have radio music and in the cd place have cd with jazz music but that stuck so I dont know what his name of this album but I know the music(I play the music to software in my phone listen to the music and recognize the music so I know the name of music,who do this(bob Crosby & His Orchebestra) but the strange of this part when I play from cd I listen only for song without sing(human sing)but my software phone the songs with can help me to find this song in Internet(I dont find this music good music with sing.1.At the Jazz Band Ball2.More Than ever3.Sugar Foot Strut4.Always and Always5.College Swing6.Slihouetted in the Moonlight7.South it's Street's Wonderful World9.Little Rock Getaway10.Please Be kind11.The Old Apple's Easier Said Than Done13.D Natural Blues14.In a Minor WoodHow'dja Like to love me16.The One I Love (Will Come Along Some Dayand one more song I dont know his name.the cd stuck in cd place(cant get him ou…

week 139: Charles Tolliver - Music Inc. (1970)

this week's pick is from /u/Rooster_TiesCharles Tolliver - Music Inc. (1970) Tolliver - trumpet Stanley Cowell - piano Cecil McBee - bass Jimmy Hopps - drums Bobby Brown - flute Wilbur Brown, Jimmy Heath, Clifford Jordan - flute, tenor saxophone Howard Johnson - baritone saxophone, tuba Lorenzo Greenwich, Virgil Jones, Danny Moore, Richard Williams - trumpet Garnett Brown, Curtis Fuller, John Gordon, Dick Griffin - trombone youtubeThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

Wayne Shorter - House of Jade - animated

Here's a color visualization of House of Jade. The colors actually mean something, they're not random. Each pitch class gets a color and they correspond to the circle of fifths. Posted this in jazz theory but got no real response. Those of you who strictly associate pitch with color may find it frustrating to watch, unless these colors just happen to be the same as yours.

by Jake0i

What are some straight/funk/groovy standards?

Some examples are Cantaloupe Island, The Chicken... Thats all I can think of right now. Basically something thats a backbeat groove and not swinging or latin.

by thelonious_

In search of a Jazz Fusion band...

The band must have: --A large recorded studio and/or live discography --A strong rhythm section --Excellent improv.The band ideally should have --A strong bootlegging culture, or a good source for bootlegs. --A violin player.Does this band exist?

by incarrion

Hectic/heavy Jazz

I've been listening to a bit of jazz recently (mostly Coltrane, a little Mingus), and one song that I've really enjoyed was Mingus's Haitian Fight Song. I was curious to know if there are any other artists whose styles are similar to that song, with lots of different parts sometimes playing together or dissonantly, etc. Thanks!

by Xvyto

Trying to prove to some friends Kenny G's music is bland and easy.

Some of my friends think Kenny G is a god and that I'm just jealous of his talent, so I'm gonna record over one of his tracks to prove them how easy it is. I found some sheet music for his song, In The Moment, but does anybody have the backing track I can record over? I can't find the backing track without sax

by Premium_Slice

Am I supposed to play different scales for every chord?

Let's talk about a iim7-V7-IM7 chord progression in the key of C for this. So, the chords would be d minor, G major, and C major. For each chord, do I play their respective scale? Not just the major diatonic, but the bebop and blues scales as well. Like, while the ii chord is being played, do I play a d blues scale, and then change to a g blues scale for the G chord? I come from a rock guitar background, so when I play a solo over a chord progression, I play in the key of the whole song, not the individual chords. Like, if a song is in the key of G, then I play on the G Major scale, no if ands or buts. Am I over thinking this? All help appreciated.

by The_Deuteragonist

Thinking of getting into jazz, any recommendations?

I'm really into progressive rock (pink floyd, caravan, camel, focus...) and I'm thinking of entering the jazz universe. Any good jazz albums that can help me with that?

by Be-seeing_you

What are (1) 'standard' key and (2) changes for the first 8 bars of Like Someone in Love?

Recordings of this tune seem to be all over the place keywise, and there's a lot of different interpretations in the various realbooks and aebersolds. Can anyone who's played this tune at a session or anywhere help me out? My main confusion is with bars 3-7.Preemptive: I know that (1) I should learn it in all keys, but regardless I'd like to learn it in the 'standard' key first, and (2) I should be learning it by ear, but my lack of access to a chordal instrument right now makes that pretty arduous.

by monkeytor

Albums similar to Speak No Evil?

I'm looking for albums similar to Speak No evil by shorter. Smoother hard bop from the 60s and 70s. I really like the songs Wild Flower and Speak No evil off if the album, but the entire album is great

by Dweezill

In Movement - Jack DeJohnette, Ravi Coltrane, Matthew Garrison (2016)

Take Me to the Alley - Gregory Porter (2016)

Keith Jarrett - G.I. Gurdjieff- Sacred Hymns (1980)

Any recommendations for some bop/hard bop?

I really dig the old school bop stuff like Brown and Roach Incorporated, and other albums in that style. Any other recommendations for some more music in this style?

by Sodomized_Pirate

Looking for driving, energetic, catchy funk/fusion charts.

My ensemble (complete sax section + rhythm section + trumpet) has a fairly large festival performance coming up. In previous shows we played a variety of swing, latin, funk, fusion, etc. but the crowd size and response was substantially greater with faster, catchier charts. However, we still want to retain our jazz-rooted style. What are some charts along those lines?So far I've got: -Headhunters' Chameleon and Watermelon Man-The Chicken-Blue Bossa-Song For My Father (funk interpretation; along lines of Vic Wooten style)-12-bar blues

by TheBlueBoy

Any blogs you can recommend that'll have an easily downloadable compendium of world jazz music? Specifically African and Latin

Everything Analog Africa puts out is great. I just want to hear a bunch of sounds I've never heard, but on a familiar scale. I think names for this is like psych, afrobeat, exotica, but I'm such a jazz noob. Googling "Moroccan longue music" and "Armenian jazz" doesn't exactly help me weed out the essentials.

by violence_exe

Question for gigging jazz organists who walk bass in their left hand

Hi,I'm interested in hearing from semi-pro to pro jazz organists who play straight ahead jazz and walk bass in their left hand all the time, including while soloing in the right. That's the basic jazz organ role from what I've seen.I myself am a semi-professional jazz pianist. One thing I care a lot about in my sound is time feel and articulation. I feel like I've gotten it to where I like it reasonably well, though always room for improvement.Anyway, pretty much every jazz pianist plays behind the beat. That is, the on-beat notes come very slightly (maybe 1 sextuplet) later than the perceived beat (from the drums, maybe bass too).It seems like the way I've naturally developed this way of playing is by perceiving my own time slightly after the band. Hard to put it in words of course.The reason I think this is that, when I walk bass while soloing (with no other instruments), I sort of put the walking notes ever so slightly before what I perceive as the beat. This is…

Your recommendations for "traditional" albums?

Hi all, Lately I've been listening a lot to modern jazz and ecm records, but for the past couple of days I am really into the 60s albums. Think blakey, Miles'2nd quintet.What are your recommendations for albums in this vein that I need to own? I recently bought lee morgans sidewinder already.Looking forward to your suggestions!

by sjerrie038

Episode 17 of the 10 Minute Jazz Lesson Podcast: Triad Pairs

Hey everyone, wanted to see if this could benefit anyone here. This week's lesson is all about triad pairs and we will use this episode to introduce this concept and we will get into the different combinations of triads on future episodes. This week will cover major triads a whole step apart and some of the ways to get them under your fingers, in your ears, and start using them in some kind of elementary way. You can grab the free PDF exercises by entering your email on the show page. Hope you all enjoy!

by 10minutejazzlesson

Contemporary Jazz fusion bands

HelloI've been listening to Weather report recently and I really like Joe Zawinul's compositions for Weather Report, especially the ones that feature synthesizers.Overall I like the feel and sound of late 70s early 80s jazz fusion (good examples are Herbie Hancock's Textures or Weather Report's Young and fine)Do you know of any modern bands that try to emulate this era's sound and feel?Thank you very much

by FairyUnicorn

Aka Moon plays Nasa Na - Bruit (Pierre Van Dormael)

Just some Belgian Fusion goodness. Saw them a few days ago with Hervé Samb playing their 25 years old album as a tribute to Pierre Van Dormael that passed away in 2008. They're just plain incredible. Cassol - SaxStéphane Galland - DrumsMichel Hatzigeorgiou - Bass

by LaGwossePapasse

Looking for Swish Knocker Recordings

Hey r/Jazz! I've been a huge fan of any and all Thad Jones/Mel Lewis big band recordings my whole life and I was wondering if anyone here knows/could find some recordings of the band where you can really hear Mel's swish knocker cymbal (the one that sizzles.) Let me know what you think jazzit!

by Kickbuttireland

Need song recommendations

Tomorrow is my last class with a particular teacher and I was thinking making him a CD of various jazz songs, considering he is a large fan of jazz. I'm fine with receiving classics but I also hope to get suggestions that aren't as well known to surprise him with something new.

by Iamwillingtolearn


by 1950sbebop

Tough decision

Hi all, I have a chance to go to a jazz festival on one of two days and I am forced to choose between trombone shorty or Kamasi Washington.I would like to see shorty because I know his music and Washington because I've heard great things but don't k ow his music. It's a nine hour dive for me so unfortunately I must pick one. Please weigh in!

by ThusSayethShe

Graphic Design student in need of some guidance!

Hi /r/jazz,
I am graphic design student, and a recent jazz enthusiast. As a final assignment I have been given the option to design album covers representative of different genres, as long as I tie them to the respective cities and cultures.Now, I know some jazz, the basics at least. Some Bossa, some Fusion, which is my favourite, a little Swing, bit of cuban jazz.However I don't know near as much as I should.
At the moment, I have Bossa Nova, Swing, Dixieland and Fusion as the "albums" I'll design, seeing as Bossa is a very recognizeable genre, Swing is representative of an era, Dixieland was one of the most important from the early Louisiana jazz scene and fusion simply because it's my favourite, but I'll probably end up changing it for something bigger within Jazz.Anything from concert posters, iconic pictures, original cover art from important jazz albums to just the most representative artists within a subgenre to listen to will be a huge help. If this p…

Trio Subtonic - So Far

by veni_vidi_vale

Lost Buddy Rich Album

So i bought a vinyl of a buddy rich album which i cant find anywhere online. The album is called Pacific Jazz.

by amishwebsite

r&b fakebook?

Does anyone have a link to or know of any r&b/funk fakebooks that are free to download online?

by Rilissimo

Happy 90th MILES!

by Jon-A

Harold Johnson - Right-On [1969]

by musicdawn

London Jazzer(s) wanted for paid afternoon function on June 4th

This is a long shot, I know.Casual afternoon party on Saturday June 4th for my mother's 70th birthday. 35-40 guests.Either solo or duo. £150(solo)/£200(duo) for two 45 minute sets. Playlist should be fairly accessible. Food and alcohol is complimentary.This is a really low pressure gig. Nice easy earner for the right people. Pay is cash in hand.

by CroMoGo

Anything like Performance Today?

I listen to a lot of public radio (I suspect a lot of you do too). Is there anything out there, podcast or radio stream, that is like the show Performance Today but for Jazz?For those who don't know, Performance Today broadcasts current performances of classical music. Not studio recordings either - live performances.The thing they really do well is showcase a wide range of "classical" styles. So it's not 2 hours of Bach every day. Nor is it 2 hours of Charles Ives or something. The mix is really broad.So I'm hoping there's something just like it for Jazz and I'm just unaware.

by ATownHoldItDown

Jazz music theory

What music theory should I study that will help me produce better sounding solos? I'm a music education major, and have been playing trumpet for 8-9 years.I have a firm grasp of music theory it's self, so what parts of theory are the ones that apply to Jazz the most?

by ParlieCharker

Jazz with middle eastern influences

I've been really into Ibrahim Maalouf's tribute album to Oum Kalthoum (titled Kalthoum). Does anyone have any similar recommendations?

by dbyrne83

Here's one I found after googling the next one that somebody sent me

There's Good Stuff Here - Enjoy!What Happened To JazzReceived via Email - EnjoyWhat's happened to jazz? Where's all the brass? What happened to jazz? What happened to class? There was Dizzy and Miles, Flip Phillips and Bird. Stan Getz played phrasing like we'd never heard. Count Basie and Duke and all Woody's Herds, Hell! Ella could sing without any words.Then Rock and Roll showed up one day - Just rhythm and Blues played a flashier way. Wild costumes and lasers and fireworks and all, Smash up your axes. Then trash the hall. "It won't last," we said, "It'll soon go away." But it kept hanging in there, day after day.Punk Rock, Acid Rock, Heavy Metal and Rap, They said it was music. We said it was crap. Now it's two guys, a computer, and six amps on the stand, With ten thousand watts and a million RAMS at hand. Synthesizers, amplifiers, electronics and such, They still call it music, but it don't move me much.There's still lots…

Looking for recommendations

I've been listening to Sammy Nestico's A Portrait of Sammy a lot lately and I just love the song Katy (Sorry I actually can't find a YouTube link for this version, it's on Spotify). Does anyone know of any other songs that have the same kind of unified motion and sappy piano lines?

by AfraidOfAtttention

Question about arranging: Form and Structure

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong subreddit for this, but I have some confusion and I'm not sure where else to go.I'm writing an arrangement of "My Blue Heaven" for some people I play with. It's an open jam group, so there are usually two regular melody players and rhythm section, but other people can show up.I have already written the first and last chorus including intro, outro and harmonies/counterpoint for the two lead instruments.However I'm confused about what to do in the middle of the song for solos. I'd like to: - Include an optional chorus for vocals - Provide a riff for use behind the solos - Decide the number of solos on the fly depending on the number of players presentBut I don't know how to notate this on the chart. Do I just include a middle chorus with chords/riffs, and write some text above the staff? Or is there a more common way to do what I'm trying?Also, is it acceptable to give the rhythm players a single part with just chords?…