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New albums to look out for

Hey guys, I'm looking for some new jazz albums to dive into. Preferably from the past 5 or 6 years. Any style vocal, funk, swing, or just straight contemporary. What are some great albums that have come out?

by jill7910

Are there any videos of cole porter playing?

I can only find a video of him presenting the Oscars. Are there any of him playing or singing, or does he appear in any films?Thanks!

by SirDinglesbury

Anybody know anything similar to Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band?

I've been super into BB for a while now, just got to see him live with Chick Corea and Christian McBride. Incredible show. Anyways, I don't recall ever hearing a group that sounded at all similar to the Fellowship Band, so if anyone can point me in a direction towards groups that are similar, or some that I might like based on the fellowship band, that'd be sweet. For reference, here's one of my favorite songs by them. Check em out if you haven't, all the individuals are also incredible:

by smarmyducky

We need more players for our Reddit collab album!

Please join our chat atRedditjazzcollab.slack.comTell us what you play and we will include you! Also looking for people to mix, master, edit

by Stokholmusic101

Hi, I am looking for easy jazz standards to learn, what do you recommend?

Hi have a Gig next week Saturday, and I am working on my repertoire. Unfortunately due to time constraints, I would like to add to my songs list, but can't add songs with a steep learning curve.Do you know of Easy Jazz standards that I can learn? More or less in the same key like "Autumn leaves"?This is my repertoire so far:"Autumn leaves""All of me""Blue Bossa""Summertime""Fly me to the moon""My Funny Valentine"These songs can get me through an hour, but I need a two hour set.I was considering "Girl from Ipanema" and "All the things that you are", and "Misty"...but these songs require analysis as there are things happening harmonically that I need to check out before attempting a solo.Roughly one key tunes please :) But, two keys are fine (ie Blue bossa)

by RenegadeMuso

Bill Evans - Peri's Scope

by Matt11768

Are there any solo drumming albums?

I was watching the movie Birdman a few days ago and was really enjoying the soundtrack that is mostly solo drumming. Are there any albums that were innovative for their use of solo drum kit compositions? I know some of Billy Cobham's Spectrum is made of solo drum pieces, but that's the closest I can think of.

by JazzySpinalFusion

Hello, could someone help me identify a few songs from the movie 'whiplash'?

Recently, I watched the movie 'Whiplash', a film which no doubt many of you have seen. I absolutely loved the jazz pieces played in the film, so I downloaded the soundtrack of the movie. While most of the songs on the soundtrack are played out in full, there is one track that is just a mixture of ~20 second clips of jazz songs, but they aren't ever named. These pieces sound wonderful but I don't have a wide knowledge of jazz, so I don't know what they are called. But there is bound to be someone on here that does. Here is the track in question: in advance

by Lorf_Yimzo

How Does One play Modal Jazz and Free Jazz?

I'm getting fairly comfortable just practicing on all the different modes and such but I just don't know when to apply them. I've read through several chord sheets but they usually indicate for solely the Major/Minors and the slight variations (sus4, b9, etc.) but never the modes.Do I simply play them whenever I choose to, like when it feels right? Or is it dependent to when the band leader chooses when during sessions? Or it it dependent on the tune? Also a bassists am I able to throw them into my Walking bass routine or only during solos, when exactly is the most optimal?Free Jazz....the fuck am I supposed to do?!?! Is it really just go nuts and feel it all or is that after the head? As a bassists once again, Do I walk or just fuck it all?ELI5, cuz I feel like I just fried myself overthinking on this

by VillaDeLaVile

Chick Corea's "Hopscotch"; On An album? albums resembling it?

I'm just starting to really dive deep into Chick Corea's music, and loving it. I came across an old VHS recording of a session where he was going through the creation of a (at the time) new piece, called "Hopscotch". I'm not sure if this song was made specifically for (or from) this video, or if it actually made it onto an album ever.His discography is breathtakingly large, and I haven't been able to find this specific song anywhere. I know that he spans a lot of genres, but I'm interested in other albums that are similar in feel to this more direct-fusion sound of Hopscotch.

by Kerzizi

Just got Humbled at a Jam session

Hey guys. Last night I went to a jazz jam session and got my ass kicked. I didn't know the tune that was called and on top of that there were at least two other drummers in the house that were far better than I. Anyways, I know that my Jazz repertoire is lacking. No one told me until recently that I should be memorizing standards but I've been working on it since then. I was wondering if you guys knew of some standards that are especially likely to be brought up in a jam session. I hung in there but not knowing the tune really sucked. TLDR: what are some standards that are especially likely to be called out in a jam session?

by AMSmusicWorks

Question about Kind Of Blue

I have what appears to be a 1997 reissue of Kind Of Blue, and on the back of the CD it states the following:Three tunes were in the wrong key [in the original], which means that the original album and all subsequent reissues were recorded at the wrong speed –, making all the pitches slightly sharper than in "real life." Here, for the first time, is Kind Of Blue complete, sounding big and rich and true to life and right on key.Is this reissue regarded as definitive? Or is it considered sacrilege to the original?

by taboosaknoodle

jazz major, never really transcribed...where do I start?

Hi everyone, this is a throwaway account because I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this...I'm going to be starting college as a jazz trumpet major next year, and I've never really done any transcribing. I've tried very often, but every time I just get frustrated.
I think the main problem I have is I can't remember what they're playing to be able to play it back, and if I slow it down to do lick by lick I have trouble remembering the licks. I'm also not sure how learning a song really slowly helps me--what am I supposed to do with the transcribed licks?
I also think it doesn't really help that my main favorite trumpet players are Clifford Brown and Lee Morgan, and their solos aren't the easiest to transcribe...I've done some of Miles Davis off of Kind of Blue, but I don't know where to go from there.
I know I'll have to do this a lot in college, but I'm worried I'm going to be floundering since most of the people I play with now are …

What are some albums like Bitches Brew

I really like how open sounding it is as well as how hypnotic it becomes. I have trouble finding things like it.

by CallMeCasual

How's the scene in LA?

Planning a trip in the area. Is there any club worth checking out? Any jam session I should be aware of? I like the more modern side of the genre if that helps (Kneebody, McCaslin, Mehldau, etc.) but I can certainly enjoy standards played the right way as well. Not so much a fan of funk and it's derivatives. Thanks!

by lejazzvp

Sophisticated lady

Does anyone know of a good version of Sophisticated lady for bari and piano that someone could get their hands on? Wanna try and work on it with a friend this summer. Real big fan of the Harry Carney version you can find on youtube: suggestions would be nice.

by breich9

Getting into Bill evans. where should i start?

So, I've heard a lot about 3 albums in perticular; Portrait in Jazz, Sunday at the Village Vanguard and Everybody Digs Bill Evans but want to start the right way, so if anyone could help me a little...

by SceneFromaMemory_123

*eye Twitches*

by gwoovysmoothy

What is your favorite album to put on to relax to?

I can already tell that when I get out of work tonight, I want to sit in my yard with a glass of bourbon, a cigar and a nice jazz record to listen to. What do you guys recommend?

by bostonbruins922

[META] Automod has been reconfigured.

Greetings, all.About 6 months or so ago reddit had a huge surge of spam, resulting in lots of pornspam in /r/jazz (and many other high-traffic subreddits). Reddit has done a really good job combating the problem, and we've had very few problems with it in the past few months. Most of what Automod has been scooping up has been posts from legitimate users who simply had low comment or link karma.I've gone ahead and reconfigured automod so that this wont be an issue. Please do us a favor and keep an eye out for anything that may make it through in the meantime, and when you see something that looks off go ahead and report it to the mod team.Thanks!

by SuperTonicV7

The Seatbelts - Road to the West, looking for similar songs

First off, if you've never seen or heard of the anime "Cowboy Bebop" I highly recommend giving it a try. Watching it again has rekindled my interest in Jazz music, and now I'm looking for a specific sound that I can only seem to find in this show.I've been trying to figure out what subgenre it is that this song (from the show), The Seatbelts - Road To the West, belongs to as I'm looking for more songs like it. I'm really looking for that ambient feel(I'm not really sure how to describe it) like with the constant subtle synthesizer in the background, and how there are no drums. Here's another one like what I'm looking for: The Seatbelts - Space Lion.For any of you who haven't seen the show, songs like these were used a lot during really intense, action-filled chase scenes which created a unique contrast that really highlighted the overall tone of the show.I look forward to your replies.p.s. first time posting in this subreddit, hope I didn&…

Mother-Son Dance songs for a wedding?

Hello!I'm getting married later this year, we'll be having a band at our wedding that specializes in hot jazz, swing, and early R&B.They're playing our first dance song (Here to Stay). After flipping through some fake books, I still have no idea what to do for a mother-son dance song, so I'm hoping to get some recommendations of standards that would be appropriate for a mother-son dance. I'd prefer not to use a pre-recorded song just to have a song (we're hiring a band after all!).Any and all help is appreciated!Thanks!


Barney Kessel - Wave

by StaleMilkNothingTher

Marsalis Symphony

Anyone know where one could find and purchase a recording of Marsalis' swing symphony?

by emirro

Synthesizer bebop

I remember hearing a version of "Countdown" with a synth playing the lead. It was a straightforward bop trio, and I've been interested in hearing more synth-driven traditional jazz. Anyone have any album recs? Thanks

by thommmmm

Al Jarreau - Mornin'

by XephyrOfficial

Jazz singers

Does anyone have any recommendations on jazz singers? I hear them occasionally and would like to listen to more.

by goosygreg

Need help Identifying a song in this tV show

There is a jazz song in the first episode of the show comedians in cars getting coffee, but the clips with no dialogue are too short for the music recognition apps to detect and too quiet when they are talking over it.Here is the link to the episode the song in question appears at 1:24-2:20 and 5:25-5:50If someone also happens to know the song from 3:37-4:58 it would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much to anyone who is able to help!

by Ganan

Jazz Harp

There haven't been a lot of jazz harpists but the few that I know of are fantastic and really worth listening to.1) Dorothy Ashby: She tends to do a more funky, soulful or traditional jazz take on the harp. Recommended album: The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby. Technically, not a harp, but similar effect and my favorite of hers. Great album overall.2) Alice Coltrane: Wife of John. Spiritually charged with Indian influences. She often switches between piano and harp on her albums. Great atmosphere and feeling in her music. Recommended album: Journey In Satchidananda3) Brandee Younger: Modern player. Draws a lot from her predecessors but leans into the funky side a bit harder. Recommended album: The Brandee Younger 4tet Live @ The Breeding GroundIf you know of any other jazz harpists, please let us know!

by Animorph_LUVer_XOXO

Craziest Lead Sheets You've Ever Seen?

I thought it would be cool if we all posted the craziest lead sheets we've ever found so we could all get new materials to challenge ourselves with later. When I say crazy, this could be because of the melody, changes, or both. Here's a wild avant-jazz lead sheet from a song a colleague of mine composed with 3 distinct choruses (though only 2 are in the sheet for some reason) and it's just wild (EDIT: New link, as the previous did not work):

by aroliver

The Epic - Kamasi Washington thoughts.

It has been out and available for a long enough time now. What does everyone think of the project? I'm new to jazz but it seemed well received. Could it go down as a classic? Personally I really enjoy it and it will always be one of the albums that got me into jazz.

by Aungman

Artists and albums like Getz/gilberto?

Anything come close to being like this or this good? Just really starting getting into this album. Let me know what I would enjoy just as much as this. Thanks!

by GP_3

RIP to the Funk Legend Bernie Worrell

Funkadelic / Parliament / Talking Heads / Material / Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains / Baby Elephant / co-writer of "Flashlight / creator of the G-Funk keyboard soundA classically trained pianist, he infused a Baroque jazz sound into his funk solos. He recorded an improvised album called Improvisczario, an album of jazz covers called Standards, and an album of solo acoustic piano (including jazz covers) called Elevation: Upper Air.Notable songs:Funkadelic - I Got a Thing... (live 1971) -- link goes to soloFunkadelic - Atmosphere (1975)Parliament - Dr. Funkenstein (live 1977) -- link goes to soloVolunteered Slavery/Bern's Blues/Outer Spaceways (cover of Rashaan Roland Kirk & Sun Ra)Revelation in Black LightGoodbye Pork Pie HatCheck out the documentary about him, Stranger: Bernie Worrell On Earth.

by xooxanthellae

Looking for similar stuff to 'Friday Night in San Francisco'

Hi, made my way through most of the albums on the 'Click here if you're new list', to the point where I'd say I am not new anymore. I have been into jazz for a few years now and going through some hard times at the moment, not been feeling too great, but I find albums like Friday Night In San Fran to be incredibly deep and wonderful to listen to. I was wondering if anyone could share with me similar stuff mood wise, inspired and 'fun' jazz records, not necessarily classical guitar but I am digging that kind of sound at the moment.

by harrywilde

Could anyone point me toward other acts similar to this??

Animal Mother - Plus OnesA couple years ago, I got to know one of their members for a show and have fallen head-over-heels for this sound. I've given the Bad Plus a listen and vaguely feel that sort of sound, but not quite. Are there any groups you have listened to before in a similar vein? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!!!

by safetyinnone

Pure Chris Potter

Anyone know where I can find a copy of Chris Potter's cd "Pure"? Seems to be out of print. Thanks so in advance.

by solobassface

How do you turn a knowledge of scales into a good solo?

I feel like I can play scales just fine but when it comes time for a solo I feel like I just don't create the kind of solos with melodies and fast runs that I want. I listen to a lot of jazz, so I know what I want to sound like, but the licks in my head just don't come out when I'm soloing. Any advice?

by SteakandEggsandSteak

Amanda Taylor - Blue

by illuminatalie83

Standards collection for dummies?

Hello! I am a classical musician who learns how to love and listen to jazz for the first time. I know some Django's tunes and I've listened to Keith Jarrett and Chess Baker on a friend's recommendation. I like this music, but I'd like to go through a collection of standards to educate myself. It would be great if the collection contained a sort of introduction to different jazz genres (I still don't quite understand the division). Do you have any recommendations? Albums, youtube playlists, websites, books-everything is welcome!Thank you!

by PetSto

recommendations for Jazz without Saxophones?

I'm really trying my hardest to get into Jazz, but saxophones are such a jarring instrument to me and do not resonate well with my ears. I absolutely love the drums, bass and piano combo of tracks such as Bill Evans - Autumn Leaves. Any suggestions for more songs like this? Thanks!

by ih8ericsdog

some jazzy vibes

by jamez_England

what's the best way to learn a chord change?

Usually I just learn the scale for the chord, for example F# dorian or minor, but when improvising over the chord I don't feel comfortable actually jumping around the chord. What are some good patterns for the scale to learn the change fully?Thanks

by packageoffat


Hello. Can anyone reccomend a peppy or funky version of "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess? Would prefer a female vocalist.Tried to Google it, but there are approximately one bah-jillion results.Thank you.

by Altwolf

looking for the original song of this is anyone knows?

Track A4 - Fushiawase To Lu Na NekoClick track A4 in the link.I couldn't find the full version on youtube so apologies for making you jump through a few hoops to get there . I am in love with this track but would like to know if there was an English version of it, or any sheet music??Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask..

by nicobadass

Jazz Music Theory Resources

What resources (method books mainly) would you recommend to me as a Trumpet player and huge Jazz enthusiast to become a better Jazz Musician? I do gigs here and there, but I have never been formally trained in Jazz Theory or Improvisation (yet).Currently, I am going into my second year as a Music Education major, so I know the basics of general music theory and aural skills. I just need to know what to focus on to be able to hang better in my cities jazz scene.

by ParlieCharker