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Getting mixed signals on how to start learning jazz piano.

Hi /r/JazzI already made a post on /r/piano and got some very useful tips, but I thought I'd post here as well. Might as well try to gather as much input as possible.I've been playing piano for about 12-13 years, and I've been mostly focusing my energy on classical music. I've had no formal training of any kind. I'm at a point now, where I want to learn jazz. I started listening to it a little over a year ago, and I just love the genre - especially a fan of Bill Evans and his style. However, I'm getting mixed messages from different people on how to get started.Some people recommend reading a lot and just going nuts with the theoretical aspect. For this purpose I bought Tim Richards' Improvising Blues Piano and Exploring Jazz Piano as well as Mark Levine's Jazz Piano Book. However I recently got in contact with a pretty well renowned jazz pianist in Denmark (where I'm from), and he told me the best way to get started is to simply start listening to …

Walking lines

I'm a bassist and have been playing jazz for about 6 years with only having lessons for the past two years. When walking lines I often feel like I have certain ideas that I tend to always gravitate towards and it rarely changes. The lines in my opinion sound the same every time I play them. Does anyone else seem to have this problem as well? If so what are some ways I can fix it? Sorry if this sounded a little confusing.

by jill7910

week 140: Lewis/Church Quintet - Expeditions (2004)

Lewis/Church Quintet - Expeditions (2004) Lewis - saxophone Clare Church - saxophone Chip Stephens - piano Kenny Walker - bass Todd Reid - drums amazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

Chemistry - Houston Person & Ron Carter (2016)

week 141: Stan Getz/João Gilberto - Getz/Gilberto (1964)

this week's pick is from /u/leafypixiestixStan Getz/João Gilberto - Getz/Gilberto (1964) Getz - tenor saxophone João Gilberto - guitar, vocals Antônio Carlos Jobim - piano Sebastião Neto - bass Milton Banana - drums Astrud Gilberto - vocals spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!All actions performed by /u/mr_pc are automated; he is a bot. Did you find a bug? Report one by messaging /u/leafypixiestix or submitting an issue on Github.

by mr_pc

Does Anyone knows Whose is this version of Basin street blues?

Hi, this is my first post on reddit and also I'm not a native english speaker so sorry if there is something that is not correctly written.So I found this audio in my father's PC and I don't know who played it. I've searched in youtube and spotify and I cant find this version. The one that I found that more sounds like my audio is one of Pete Fountain. Does anyone knows any information about my audio?Links:My AudioPete Fountain

by soderg


by theherbpuffer

How can I look like I can improv before September?

I know it's basically impossible and soloing requires practice and listening. A recent surgery has left me out of commission for the summer and once the school year starts I'll be a lead tenor sax player for my high school. In terms of what I already know, I can follow chord sheets and throw together a shitty sounding solo. What I need to know is how to make it sound believable.Again, I know this sounds impossible. I just need to figure this out because everyone solos in our jazz band and I don't want to embarrass myself as soon as I start. Obviously as my body heals better I'll learn how to actually solo, but for now I need to fake it till I make it.

by Zashiony

Booker Ervin's "In the Between"

Sup r/jazz. I'd like to say that after listening to "In The Between" by Booker Ervin I've found myself totally captivated by the thought of the entire style Ervin used in this album.The whole album is worth listening to, but here are my two most favorite songs by him:Mour.In The Between.I remember one reviewer calling this "harder bop" that comes from the mind just as much as the heart lol. I also love the edgy, and dark tones throughout this gem. I'm guessing it sounds the way it does because, as the name of the album implies, it's aiming to be in between avant-garde and hard bop.If you guys know of any dark, and edgy sounding hard/post-bop by other composers then please let me know. Otherwise enjoy!

by Darkgrey_USA

Beethoven's 5th (Techno Remix)

by 1980Bk

Hey musicians! We need an alto player for the Reddit Jazz collab album!

Our alto player just stopped communications three weeks ago and we have been holding out as long as we can, but it's holding up the project. If you have a recording setup and would like to play alto sax on our album, please comment below or pm me! Thanks!

by Stokholmusic101

I'd like to ask for your favorite Rhythm changes bass lines

First off, my apologies if this is the wrong sub for this kind of request.I've been going to a lot of jam sessions since moving back to NYC, one thing i've noticed is that my playing on rhythm changes is a bit stale. I was hoping to request the communities favorite rhythm changes bass lines so I can do some transcribing in order to improve my playing.Again, my bad if there is a better place for this kind of thing, I don't mean to clog the sub with unwanted posts (:Thanks for your time, i appreciate it greatly!

by mrpastorious

Are you into jazz on vinyl? check out r/jazzvinyl!

Hey all, I've been working on a sub called r/jazzvinyl that's focused on everything related to Jazz on record. If you want to sell or trade records, or even just show off your newest score we encourage to check out the sub. We will be doing our best to track vinyl releases and post deals and such. But the sub is just getting it's feet and we need help and subscribers to build content. Please come check it out and submit!I want to thank the mods here at r/jazz for graciously allowing me to post here! This is a great sub and a great community. Cheers!

by the-bends

Any songs that could match in a playlist with Did I Remember ?

Hi,I'll be travelling by plane from NYC to Paris in a few days and I would like to make a playlist I can listen to to relax during the flight. I'll be travelling by night so I would prefer to have quite smooth songs (not sure how to describe this). Any suggestions for coherent songs to go with this one ?

by _LFC_

Live footage of Lee Morgan

Hey everyone!Lee Morgan is without a doubt my #1 jazz artist, he is the one that got me hooked on jazz in the first place and I just can't get enough of listening to him.But the one thing that saddens me is the fact that there is almost no live footage of him available (video as well as audio). Most of the available stuff I have found so far dates from his periods with Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers. I would love to hear some live recordings of albums such as Charisma, Search For The New Land or any of his other later albums.So I decided to make this post to collect all of the available footage in one place for future reference. Feel free to link video or audio files in the comment section so I can add them to the list. (especially video is greatly appreciated)Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersLive at Paris Olympia in '58Tracklist:Just By MyselfI Remember CliffordAre You RealMoanin'JusticeBlues MarchWhisper NotLive at Club St. Germain in Paris '58Live in Belgiu…

Meaning of Jazz Language

Learning tons of licks, transcribing jazz pieces, gluing together phrases and making them sound good in the harmonic context led me nowwhere in understanding the jazz language.It's like being in France, hearing "Bonjour, une baguette s'il vous plaît!" being repeated by clients in bakery. And me repeating it in the same bakery context, not understanding what baguette is. You won't learn French by blindly repeating common phrases that fit into the context. I can use properly phrases that work at home, in the bus, in the shop but I'm cluess regarding their meaning.What is the meaning of jazz language then, since it is not directly pointing to the tangible objects/feelings/situations/behaviours (like spoken languages do). Or does it? The only feedback might be the reaction of other musicians, but the output is another phrase (therefore piece of jazz language).What information and meaning is conveyed by the melodic contour of the music, their rythimic contour? Aft…

"This Love of Mine" (as played by Kenny Dorham) lead sheet?

Hey r/jazz,I've been looking for the lead sheet for this Tommy Dorsey tune for a while now and can't seem to find it. Specifically I'm wanting to find the version played by Kenny Dorham (see link below). I haven't been able to find a transcription of this chart but if someone has it that would be great too! you!

by jrdenger

Completely ignorant to jazz but I'm interested- Help me out in discovering this genre?

Jazz is actually something I've really wanted to explore- especially classical jazz- after hearing a few Sinatra songs. I also really like You Go To My Head by Billie Holiday. but apart from that i'm really blind to this genre. Basically what I'd like is a few recommended classical songs of that nature? Not too well known because I tend to get bored of things I've heard a few times before already. Thanks in advance.

by mothernaturer

Request for Audition music walkthrough.

Hi! The TJEA region auditions are coming soon (September) and I am alone in my journey to get to the All-State level.Unfortunatetly there are no resources online for the Tenor Trombone, the audition material was released as early as May and now I am done waiting. There is the link, I do not expect a playthrough, thank you for reading.

by DannyBoony

Miles Davis, Bitches Brew Album. Hard time Listening the entire Album

I was following this list for 30 Jazz albums every Man should hear but I got stuck on Bitches Brew from Miles Davis. I listened the entire list, however, I found a terrible time listing that entire album, I don't know what was it, but, I just felt stressed out after a few songs. I was not able to enjoy it, I just found it too much for me. Was it to soon to listen the album? Would I appreciate it at any point of my life? Do I need more jazz albums experience to enjoy this one? Any one else with a similar feeling or an oposite experience?

by jdmotta

Advice on concert to attend?

Hello /r/Jazz. So tickets are out for my city's annual jazz festival, to be held come October. I got tickets to see Robert Glasper Experiment and I couldn't be more excited.But here's the thing. I can afford to go to only another concert and I'm torn on who I should go see. A lot of good acts are coming to town. I've narrowed it down to three. It's either The Bad Plus, Terence Blanchard and the E-collective or Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah.Now, of course it all boils down to "go see whomever you like best" or "you can't really miss whichever you choose". I'd like to know what /r/Jazz has to say about any of these artists live. I really don't have a preference. I'm just looking for some feedback on past experiences. For instance, I remember reading a comment a few weeks ago that Christian Scott is an absolute beast live, for example. Maybe someone who has seen both him and Terence Blanchard, for example, can weigh in and enlig…

Mystery Trumpet Value

Hello!I recently found a trumpet called a Besson Brevete. I know almost nothing about trumpets. It's in very nice condition and has the serial numbers: 140055. Could anyone tell me the approximate value of this horn?

by gramination1290

Recommendations for upbeat Piano jazz/blues/funk covers, Solos, and improvisations?

I'm trying to learn to play jazz piano, so I'd appreciate if you gave me recommendations. I'm very interested in the upbeat bebop and bossa nova style jazz, not so much on the laid-back style. I also like blues and funk.Any jazz piano covers, solos, and improvs that are easily accessible on youtube/soundcloud would be nice. Hi-fi recordings are much easier to analyze and study, so I'd prefer them of course.

by dakingkunta

Hey People. Looking for a fact about louis armstrong.

I remember on two separate occasions reading about Louis Armstrong, hearing that when he made his first recordings performing with King Oliver, he had to be the furthest band member from the horn to prevent the recording needle from skipping. My sources are only on paper. I've been racking my brain trying to find an internet source for this. Any help would be appreciated. Im passionate about this era hence the username.

by Beiderbecke

Kind of Blue

by whos_fish_food

Eric Dolphy - Serene (1960)

by HickenBreastArms

Should I double track guitars for pop jazz songs?

I'm new to recording music and I've seen and heard a lot of rock artists double track guitars and hard pan left and right.Dose this make sense to do for jazz tracks? Or is it something that only gives a better effect to to rock and metal music?

by opendoors1

Race and Jazz

I'm a white guy just getting into jazz. I might be showing my ignorance on the history of jazz here. But, I find myself reluctant to try out some of the white jazz artists. Even though I know some of them are considered to be among the greats. In my mind, I liken it to how I've never cared for modern, white guy blues guitarists and I'm skeptical of white rappers. Whether I'm right or wrong, it just feels inauthentic, generic and contrived. I suppose I'm looking for someone to change my view. Also, was there animosity between white and black musicians in the early days of jazz?

by ilikeyoohoo

A Love Supreme

by dcardo10

Groups with two chordal instruments?

I'm a pianist, and a pianist friend of mine and I are exploring ways to play together in a group setting (at least three players, not just duo) without just taking turns comping.Yesterday, for instance, we were playing with a bassist and a sax player. During the sax solo, we tried playing with me doing simple figures in the lower register (on e. piano) while he did more free comping higher up. It sort of worked if we both played sparely enough.We're looking for good examples of chordal instruments playing together in a group instead of just switching off. I guess there's Bitches Brew, but we're looking for something a little more straight. I'm trying to think of albums with both a pianist and a guitarist - Deep Song by Kurt Rosenwinkel comes to mind, but a quick revisit tells me it's hard to find moments of Mehldau and Rosenwinkel playing simultaneously.Preferably not duos, but if that's all you know, I'll take the suggestion. Piano + piano, piano + e. …

New to Jazz/music in general and got a question about the Real Book

Hey everyone!This may be a really stupid question, but regarding the Real Book in "C"... does this mean that all songs included are transcribed to C major? And if so, does it list the keys they were originally written in?I'm sorry, and thanks in advance!

by Imaybeanidiotokay

My Chill Jazz Instrumentals playlist based on input from this reddit

Hey again guys!After getting lots of great tips from my earlier post (, I have put together the following playlist of purely chill Jazz instrumentals. you like it, enjoy :)If you feel there are songs missing please don't hesitate to tip me! This is a work in progress :)

by Sterigo

Just got into Dave Holland, why every album is so good?

Recently I enjoyed some of ECM records albums so I decided to search for more artists in there. Then I found him. What a discovery! A month ago I bought all his albums as a leader, I couldn't help it... they will feed me for a while. What's your favorite Dave Holland album?

by jahyuck

How did you find people to regularly play with?

Is it possible to find people to regularly jam with, lets say every week or 2 weeks? It seems a lot of people just want to gig, not just play for fun. I personally want to do both. Anyways, how did you find your regular people to jam with?

by thelonious_

Uhm, I like experimental and free jazz but can't find something that i like

Hopefully some of you can recommend me some albums. I am looking for entire albums rather than certain tracks or artists as I want to purchase entire albums and listen to them in a sitting.Ornette Coleman has to be one of my favorites, if not my favorite jazz musician. TSOJTC remains one of my favorite albums since I've heard it in its entirety, and I adore his songs that were used on Naked Lunch (this one in particular, this one is fantastic as well).Another example would be Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids - Epiphany, I found out about the album only a couple days a go and had to buy it right away, and I did. This was the track that did it for me. So mysterious and odd. I am currently listening to Bitches Brew and it sounds right up my;dr: I am looking for more albums in my style, I like it free and boppy, with a certain melody, adventurous but listenable. Examples from above:*Bitches Brew*Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz to Come*Ornette Coleman - Naked Lunch in par…

Looking for Music suggestions

Really enjoy The Reign of Kindo, Hiromi, the fox capture plan, and Kamasi Washington (occationally). I also listen to a lot of jazz fusion and progressive metal. Any cool music you guys may have for me?

by andrewr__

want to get into jazz but only know the more popular artists

I really have been enjoying jazz lately, but I don't really know how to expand my jazz vocab. So far the people I've heard are:Nat King ColeThelonious MonkErrol GarnerCannonball AdderlyMiles DavisLouis ArmstrongJohn ColtraneI enjoy nearly all variations of Autumn Leaves so thats how I came across most of these artists, but I mostly enjoy smoothy jazz, the kind they play at bars. What would be maybe the next step forward for me.

by BboySoba

when did jazz speak to you? or "click" in other words

I had listened to jazz on and, off for around a year. But I never felt it communicated to me. I couldn't feel what the artists where saying through there instruments. It was beautiful. But still just noise. No matter how heard I tried to listen it never translated.One day though I threw on Kind of Blue. As my interests in jazz where returning. And it just clicked. I just understood it.From then on Jazz stopped being "saxophone and piano". And instead became "Emotion, Language, and Story telling" Most of all emotion. Once I heard the emotion being conveyed through the color of the music. Once I heard the "blue" in Blue in Green. I heard the emotion. And once I heard the emotion. I began to hear the voice. The very unique distinct voice of a jazzman telling his feelings and story through his instrument.Now when I listen to jazz. I dont hear noise. I hear someone speaking to me. Albeit in a different language. But it still communicates.

by Rust__ http://…

i need some music for my animation

Hey r/Jazz does anyone of you have drumming music it doesn't matter if there are other instruments involved as long it's instrumental

by ericluster

I need help with the bridge to "Say it (over and over again)"

On this john coltrane version its hard to here any changes it sounds like its droning in C major with a superimposed G in the bass. The real book was no help and I cant discern any common harmonic movement through the rhythm section. The verse is easy its all I - vi - ii - V with subs but the bridge is troublesome.

by karzyarmycat