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So I just finished listening to live jazz ("Peace On Earth" on John Coltrane's Concert In Japan) for the first time...

...and that absolutely blew my mind (In case you haven't heard it).Something interesting that I knew about but had never really experienced for myself until I listened to the tune, is how heavily jazz influenced my favorite musical group, The Grateful Dead.The example where I see this resemblance most prominent is in this August 1972 performance of "Dark Star". Now, I haven't listened to a lot of jazz like Coltrane before, but I have listened to a lot of Dead, and I'm curious to know what you guys think about this. Thanks for the read :~)

by JoeSteven101

Your favorite mid-tempo but somewhat slower tunes -- not exactly "ballads", but the next thing up from ballads, in terms of tempo and energy.

Two of my all-time favorite jazz tunes (along with a few of my favorite Jimi Hendrix tunes, that really ought to be 'standards' of a sort), are all mid-tempo tunes that are still somewhat slower. Jazz-wise, I can't get enough of:"Beatrice" (Sam Rivers)"Black Narcissus" (Joe Henderson)And as far as Hendrix goes, I pretty much adore the writing in these tunes (as compositions themselves, apart from any particular performance, or solos associated with them):"Little Wing" (Hendrix) -- just a stunning tune"Castles Made of Sand" (Hendrix)"The Wind Cries Mary" (Hendrix)Anyway, apart from my non-jazz digression about the Hendrix tunes (which do have a jazz-like quality to me) -- what are some of your favorite tunes that are just a little faster than what is commonly termed a 'ballad'?

by Rooster_Ties

How is that amazing song called?

I recently heard a song on the radio but I couldn't catch its name, and SoundHound was useless as well. I think the singer is a German pianist, and plays the piano here too. The verse goes something like: "Everyone's busy quoting the papers While I'm counting all the skyscrapers Stay informed with books and TV Everybody knows but me" I'd honestly appreciate if someone told me the name of the song and the musician. Thanks!

by mifashki

What sounds good but actually is simple? (piano)

I'm a beginner, but a big fan of the genre. Could you suggest anything that is simple yet pleasant to listen to, or just generally some piece for a beginner to start exploring playing jazz on piano? Thank you in advance.

by iNickyNick1


by Yury_Ermolenko

Free piano fakebooks?

Anyone have some good fakebooks for piano? My laptop was wiped and I lost all of mine, looking to find some new tunes. Thanks!

by craymond123

What recording changed your expectations of music?

As an amateur listener I find it has taken me time to develop an appreciation for more complex jazz and that appreciation is often moved forward by a great song. For me, that most recent studio recording has been Allan Holdsworth's Hard Hat Area.What single recording changed your expectations of what can be expressed or done in Jazz and why do you think that recording will help advance others as a musician or listener?

by DIYjackass

Turkish Jazz

by renklisen

Looking for a transcription of Charles Mingus's track "Tensions".

It's on the album "Blues and Roots", and I can't seem to find any sheet music, or even lead sheets on it. I can only find bass solo transcriptions. Any help finding full part transcriptions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

by dyslexic_pig

Looking for a recording

I'm trying to find a way to stream the album "Urban Tales" by Jim Snidero. Does anyone have the physical album? I can't find it anywhere besides an unplayable stream on MySpace. I could buy the album on amazon, but I just want one song "Midnight Dreams".

by Pax_Volumi

Is jazz experiencing an underground revival?

I am continually surprised how many people I know who secretly love jazz but don't have much to listen to. I was working in my office and was alone so I turned on some Count Bassie on my phone and started humming away when the next thing I know one of my co-workers is singing along with the track. It was awesome. I introduced her and a couple of others to Postmodern Jukebox and they were ecstatic. Is it just my office or is the popularity of PMJ and a few other jazz groups I have found recently pointing to a bit of an underground revival in jazz popularity - or at least taking the continued popularity of jazz out of the closet? Thoughts?

by saddetective87

I'm a mathcore/prog metal listener that's new to jazz. I would greatly appreciate some recommendations.

Hello, /r/Jazz! I apologize in advance if this is low-effort or frowned upon in this sub, but I'd like to get some recommendations for what kind of jazz to listen to coming from my background.I'm a huge listener of mathcore (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Psyopus, Car Bomb, etc.) and prog metal (Meshuggah, Cynic, Atheist, Animals As Leaders, etc.). While I've always been aware of jazz elements in my favorite music, lately I've been wanting to get into more pure jazz. This was triggered by the pianist Tigran Hamasyan being considered an influence to certain modern prog metal acts. After to listening to a bit of his music, I find it very interesting.I'd like to hear more jazz that's similar in that it utilizes a significant amount of rhythmic complexity (odd meter, polyrhythms, tempo changes, etc.), unusual structure and "heaviness". And, as you you might expect from my preferred listening, I'm absolutely enamored with abrasive music. So if you could sh…

I think i'm incapable of enjoying jazz...

I've gone quite a bit into the 'How do you get into Jazz?' post and I don't know... I really want to stand jazz but I really can't seem to figure it out. It seems fun to play, but in a way that screeching your hand on cellophane is fun, but not for the listeners.To me it's the audio equivalent of 'I could do that' like so much modern abstract art. Of course I couldn't do it, but it doesn't feel that way. It doesn't feel inventive. I'm never surprised by any of the music and maybe that's not the point of jazz, I don't know.The biggest thing for me is that I listen to music to experience emotion. And for my personal listening experience, this is where jazz most escapes me. Song after song, album after album, and I feel nothing but impatience.Help me, I know you guys aren't making it up when you say you love jazz, and I want to participate.

by LastPageofGatsby

what do you get from listening to jazz

Hi, I've been fascinated by Jazz for many years, and constantly return to it, but something still hasn't clicked for me where i 'get it'. I see how passionate jazz fans are about the music, and talk about certain songs, and I listen to them and for the most part I just think 'hmmm this is nice', but doesn't drive me crazyyy like other stuff does, and I 'get' pretty much everything else except super experimental stuff like Stockhausen.With that said I completely get jazz-funk and fusion and love it, but straight ahead jazz eg Horace Silver - Doodlin', it still hasn't clicked. But something still attracts me back to it for some reason.One of my favourite songs is Paul Young - Wherever I Lay My Hat when I listen this, what I get is a strong emotional response from the lingering sorrowful bassline, the passionate disperate vocal, the melodies, and the song form. The intention is clear - it dictates …

Please tell me how accurate my transcribed chords are from this gospel tune

I tried to transcribe Kirk Whalum's gospel tune It's what I do because I love it so much, but it proved to be quite difficult...This is what I got so far, could you please tell me which chords you think are correct/incorrect?
I did not transcribe all chords, just the chords that fall on the beat.A(alt)(?) D7(#9) Gmin11 B(alt)
Cmin9 F13 Bb6/9 Gmin7
Cmin6 EbM7 Bbadd2 C/E
Cmin/G EbM7 F7 Bb Bb
(3x)F7 F7 BbM7 BbM7
D6 D7#5 GM7 GM7
Cmin7 A7b9 DM7 B9
BbM7 BbM7 Amin9 D(alt)

by Jeux_d_Oh

Muscians, how do you structure your solos?

What are some things you are thinking about during your solo? Small to large? Simple to complex? Gradually extending range? Do you change themes by chorus or measure? Feel free to share!

by Prodigiza

Giant Steps Head


Monday morning tune

by gelizaga123

Help finding genre / Similar songs

Hey allI've recently been really into this song that was made for the ending credits of steven universe. Link here: the mixing of the song (It's a compilation of various 30s end titles) would you call this jazz? and if so what are some similar artists / songs? I've enjoyed listening to Melody Gardot before, and she's about the closest parallel I can draw. But I was wondering if this style had a specific name or way I could find more music in the same vein.Thanks in advance! :)

by melenhead

Live performance - my quartet from portland state university

My quartet, under the direction of Ben Medler at Portland State, recorded our most recent live performance and I was hoping you r/jazz people would check it out, enjoy (hopefully), and critique. I'm proud of the level of connectedness we managed to achieve over the course of the year as four musicians that hadn't played together before. I play piano and keyboards, thanks for listening!

by Chimpsanddip

What's jazz improvisation?

I know that improvisation have something to do with changing original way of playing composition, right? But I don't know nothing about how it works? How they change composition? Based on what? How much composition can be changed in improvisation? Can you guys please explain me this?

by dzmisrb43

Siriusmo - Liu

by Blubrass

Trying to remember the title of a chris potter tune

Hi r/jazz. This might be a long shot, but I'm trying to remember the name of a chris potter tune and I thought maybe someone on here would know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately I don't remember the album it's on, what I remember is there's this really heavy bass and rhodes part that plays on the off beat, I think kind of an E funk pedal, and there's a couple points in the melody where the beat stops and upright bass and sax play in unison. I know that's not much to go on, but worth a shot

by haikudeathmatch

Christian Scott - The Eraser

by Stabbytehstabber

I'm looking to get into Jazz...

At the moment I mostly listen to indie and alternative rock, my favourite band being Radiohead.One of my favourite songs by them is Life In A Glasshouse, which features Humphrey Lyttelton on trumpet, and has very jazzy vibes, but beyond that I know next to nothing about the genre.Where should I start if I'm looking to get into the genre, and do you have any suggestions based upon Life In A Glasshouse?Thanks for any help.There is no studio version on YouTube, so here's a live version of Life In A Glasshouse...

by Dionysus66

Funny Milt Jackson / iphone thing happened today

I was going for a bike ride today and listening to Sunflower by Milt Jackson. Great album. But then my wife texted me during one of Milt's solos! The Apple "vibraphone" tone played and it just fit so well I couldn't tell it was the phone!

by LaserRanger

jaco's "crisis"

what would you call it, and where can i find more and what lead to it? big fan of this style, ive also found lonely woman by joshua redman. Thank you

by theothernameplate

Does anyone else feel like they have a more grounded perspective as a result of having pursued jazz?

I grew up playing sax in the school bands, starting with classical and ending with jazz. I would meet and become aware of people through all sorts of avenues - lessons, YouTube videos, etc - who put hours (and I mean HOURS) into their craft... and the pay-off would be getting a gig at a restaurant or something.But that wasn't bad. That was the point. Hey, wow, I get to play and people will hear it! I get to ace that solo! Hey, this is fun! Let's jam together!! Etc.The whole point was that you did it to do it. There was no financial or reputational motivation. The pursuit was the reward, inherently.I've since strayed away from playing instruments and am currently involved in some hip hop stuff (rapping, production, etc). Today, a really good local artist I know posted something on Facebook about how he's bummed that he's a "___ year old aspiring rapper." As if it's shameful that he hasn't made a living off of what he does, or became famous. He has …

anymore 'duets'?

So recently I've been watching a lot of Roy Hargrove and Justin Robinson duets over Strasbourg St Denis. At this point I think I've watched all there is on youtube. Now I sort of watch a few over and over (specifically the ones below) because it's so entertaining. are there any other songs where two musicians would trade fours or duet similarly to these videos? I would prefer the same trumpet + sax duo. thanks

by ToastyTomatoes

CMSG - Wake Up

by Sarbaaz

Afro-Cuban Songs/Standards

I'm looking to study more Latin tunes, specifically 12/8 Afro Cuban, to increase my bass vocabulary. I'm not familiar with very many Latin tunes, but I worked on 12/8 bass lines for a bass intensive and I fell in love. Does anyone have any good recommendations of artists and/or charts to check out?

by dellasfuck

Mexican Jazz

Hello everyone,I have a somewhat obscure question. Could anyone point me in the direction of Mexican jazz recordings made between 1910 and 1930? Or at least the names of some prominent artists?Thank you very much for your help.

by alexodicino

Looking for Songs Similar to Jump for joy by kenny burrell

I've been getting into jazz guitar lately and came across this little tune by Kenny Burrell called Jump For Joy. It's a great solo guitar piece and only about two minutes long. I enjoy little songs like this, and figure this could be a nice song to try to learn. Does anyone out there have any similar type songs worth checking out?Appreciate any feedback.

by Mind__Is__Blown

Getting into older forms of jazz

So like a lot of people (uh, I'm guessing), I'm a huge jazz addict, but I got in through jazz-rock and fusion, mostly moved away from that and have been deep into the free / contemporary jazz for a long while now. Came up on Dolphy, Taylor, Ayler, Sanders, Mingus, all that good stuff.What I'm having trouble with is getting into older forms of jazz---pretty much the earliest date I feel passionately about is Miles' "Birth of the Cool", and I deeply admire Ellington's masterpieces. But I'm having trouble kind of appreciating/getting into stuff like Dixieland, Big Band...even stuff like Bird and Armstrong! (I'm deeply embarassed to be admitting this, btw.)I'd love to be able to appreciate the music that Mingus spent some of his greatest albums (some of my favorites) paying homage to. Any recs for that older part of the tradition?

by Sivavakkiyar

Seeing George Coleman this Thursday in new York, listening recommendations?

I'm seeing George Coleman live at The Jazz Standard on Thursday in New York. I've done some searching on the subreddit already that has helped, but I'm looking for some further listening recommendations of George Coleman (preferably available on Apple Music). So far I've got Maiden Voyage and "Four" & More (Live). Could somebody direct my listening to some of his better albums as a sideman in the 60s?Apple Music only gives me search results for albums where he was the main artist and it's frustrating...

by ultimatebadger

Are there any online jazz guitar lessons for beginners?

I played for quite a few years but I always afraid of getting into playing jazz. I can solo quite a bit on the pentatonic but that's about it. I don't have a lot of theoretical knowledge because I haven't taken a class in almost 10 years.Are there any guides for me to get started on soloing a bit and getting the grip on simple chord progressions? Maybe start to jam to some backing tracks.Thanks!

by Samygabriel

Duke Ellington best albums

What are some great Ellington albums? Especially the years with Jimmy blanton on bass?

by jill7910

Columbia University's WKCR 24 Hour birthday broadcast marathons

I thought I would share something with my fellow Jazz lovers. Not sure if anyone else here listens to Columbia University's WKCR but for those that aren't aware, they do amazing 24 hours birthday broadcast marathons for some of the greats that have passed.If you live in NYC, you can pick them up at 89.9 FM. You can also stream from their website. There are no commercials and their programming in general is quite good.For those interested, here is a schedule.January 10: Max Roach (b. January 10, 1924; d. August 16, 2007)January 30: Roy Eldridge (b. January 30, 1911; d. February 26, 1989)March 9: Ornette Coleman (b. March 9, 1930; d. June 11, 2015)March 10: Bix Beiderbecke (b. March 10, 1903; d. August 7, 1931)April 7: Billie Holiday (b. April 7, 1915; d. July 17, 1959)April 22: Charles Mingus (b. April 22, 1922; d. January 5, 1979)April 29: Duke Ellington (April 29,1899; d. May 24, 1974)July 4: Louis Armstrong (b. August 4, 1901; d. July 6, 1971) --- he believed his birthdate t…

Don't understand jazz

I want to get into jazz but I always see only recommendations.Its awesome to have recommendations, but I have other problem.I don't understand jazz.I see lot people saying "this solo is perfect, beautiful" etc. And I don't get it.Can someone tell me where to learn about jazz and how to know what is good jazz music? Because I can't tell apart amateur bands from best bands.If you have some advice it woud be awesome because I feel I'm missing out great stuff.

by dzmisrb43

To the musicians on this sub- How to be a better lead player?

As background, I play professionally jazz violinist- mostly hot swing and gypsy jazz these days. I'm 26 with 16 years of violin under my belt, but only 8 of those have really involved jazz in a serious way.  My main question is: What do you strive to see in yourself as a lead instrumentalist or band leader and what issues do you most encounter with lead players in general that you are supporting/working with?  One of my biggest issues has really struck me recently, and it's my tendency to pay so much mind to my fellow musicians that I occasionally end up rolling with what they're doing in a way that overshadows my own ideas. I mostly work as a side man, but when I lead tunes or the occasional gig I seem to subconsciously want to slide back from a position where I'm the focus of the audience and try to "even out" the dynamic. It's an odd contrast with my position in the rest of my creative and everyday life as I'm quite opinionated and not particularly…

What album do you consider a "classic" that you think the fewest people have heard?

Looking to expand my discography with some lesser known gems.I'll start.Kind of Blue by Miles Davis (just kidding)Umm I'll say "Love Part 1" by Build an Ark should be heard by more people though it's more on the soul jazz side of things. Still an excellent album.Also, probably heard more so than "Love Part 1", but I think Bill Evans' "Tokyo Concert" is a fantastic album that I don't see brought up enough.

by sheven

Ray Charles and bebop??

A friend told me that Ray Charles released a bebop album. Anyone know what it is?

by catbamhel

week 140: Lewis/Church Quintet - Expeditions (2004)

Lewis/Church Quintet - Expeditions (2004) Lewis - saxophone Clare Church - saxophone Chip Stephens - piano Kenny Walker - bass Todd Reid - drums amazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix