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Broken Heart

by guitar102

Just learned about the historical sax solo during Ellington's 1956 performance of "Diminuendo in Blue." What are other famous live moments in jazz history?

First of all, I must confess I have a very basic understanding of jazz and I'm just very recently learning about it and enjoying it. I have a very small collection of jazz records, and yesterday I almost randomly picked up a copy of Ellington at Newport, and I was blown away by what turned out to be one of the most famous moments in Jazz history: Paul Gonsalves relentless sax solo, the crowd's wild reaction, the myth of a dancing woman in a black (or white?) dress who lead them all into chaos, Ellington's encouraging screams, the wild and raucous high-trumpet solo that followed, the ebullient audience who afterwards refused to calm down despite the organizers' (and even the Duke's) attempts to end the concert, the newspaper headlines the next day, and the renewal of Duke Ellington's career.This whole record is amazing, but I'm in love with song and with this moment in history. It seems to me it encompasses what I have been missing by not listening to Jazz: …

How would this chord be written?

I'm playing a chord which contains ( from the lowest to the highest ) F#, G, D, A. My guess would be Gmajsus2 since it omits the third. But how do you specify an an suspended chord to include a major 7th? Pointers appreciated. Thanks in advance.

by anticosmicdawn

Jazz Piccolo?

Getting really into the tone and sound of the piccolo. Wondering if there are any notable players or must-listen records involving the piccolo or if it's just a rarity i'm going to have to sparsely enjoy.Thanks!

by wtfisrobin

week 142: Lee Morgan - Search For the New Land (1966)

this week's pick is from /u/pizzamacaroniLee Morgan - Search For the New Land (1966) Morgan - trumpet Wayne Shorter - tenor sax Herbie Hancock - piano Grant Green - guitar Reggie Workman - bass Billy Higgins - drums spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!All actions performed by /u/mr_pc are automated; he is a bot. Did you find a bug? Report one by messaging /u/leafypixiestix or submitting an issue on Github.

by mr_pc

week 143: Sonny Rollins - Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders (1958)

this week's pick is from /u/JazzisgreatSonny Rollins - Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders (1958) Rollins - tenor sax Hampton Hawes - piano Barney Kessel - guitar Leroy Vinnegar - bass Shelly Manne - drums Victor Feldman - vibes on track 4 spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!All actions performed by /u/mr_pc are automated; he is a bot. Did you find a bug? Report one by messaging /u/leafypixiestix or submitting an issue on Github.

by mr_pc

Suggestions for jazz simar to 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy' This is probably my favorite song ever. So cool, groovy, and soulful. I'd love suggestions for any artists/songs in a similar style. I have a bunch of Jimmy Smith LPs, and have dabbled in gospel stuff. But I never find anything quite right. The closest I can think of is those Stan Getz boss's nova albums...different style obviously but the same cathartic quality.

by spicy_jumbolaya

Any Jazz Song in Binary form and with a 3/4 meter?

Im looking for a jazz song that has a triple meter and is in binary form. AB or AABB whatever. It can even be AA'BB' where the A' & B' are improvs over the phrases and chord structures of A and BDoes any one have any suggestion?

by pebatastic

Help me with my jazz test please

Hi Reddit! Im currently studing musicology and on friday the seventh I have my first exam in jazz history!If anybody would care to help me, and explain to me what makes all these artists different from eachother and how I can hear it i would be infinitely grateful!Miles DavisJohn ColtraneCharles ParkerLouis ArmstrongDuke EllingtonCharles MingusArt BlakeyCannonball AdderleyBix BiederbeckeScott JoplinDizzy GillespieHow can I know when Miles Davis plays compared to Louis Armstrong for example?Thanks in advance!

by iv_an


Hey what's the Jazz scene like in Orlando Florida? My gf took a job there and we're gonna be moving in a few months.

by dq9

Recommendations for jazz that uses elements of post-hardcore or post-rock

I really like Bablicon, can anyone recommend me some more 'contemporary' stuff with either an interesting 'out-there' sound or that just has a lot of energy. Doesn't have to be related to the title or even contemporary honestly, I just really need some new stuff to listen to.

by seababies

Suggestions for jazz like King Crimson's Pictures of a City?

I've been looking for a while for heavy-ish bluesy jazz like this to no avail.. Some hard-bop and other rock around the time gets close sometimes, but none of it has that groovy, heavy, bluesy thing going on. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place? Looking for suggestions for rock like this as well, but I'd love to hear more stuff with horns (bigger band arrangements) in this realm. Thanks!

by EtMinneFor

USC Jazz Combo Scene bad?

I've talked to a few students that are currently attending University of Southern California, and the general vibe I get from them is that their small ensemble department is lacking proper faculty. It was my first choice school for a while and now I'm starting to question whether I should even apply. Has anyone heard anything similar?

by peanutbutler22

Jazz on western guitars?!

Does anybody know some recordings, youtube videos or anything where western guitars (e.g. gibson sj200, martin hd28) are used for jazz?? Im just curios how it sounds and if they can be used for that purpose... Thanks!

by minfantulus

What to check out to get into John Zorn?

So I've heard a lot about this guy, he has a massiveeee discography and I'm not sure what to listen to. Can someone guide me through the sea of John Zorn?

by thelonious_

Favorite Big Band Ballads?

Just looking for some new listening material, give me your favorite arrangement/performance/version of a big band ballad (yay alliteration)

by TheClockworkBeast

Modern Jazz Quartet albums

So I play vibes in my high school jazz combo and I quite enjoy Milt Jackson's playing. I was wondering what modern Jazz Quartet records you guys would recommend?

by acdcderek

Best Modern Instrumental Jazz Groups

So I've been hooked on Chick corea's "Trilogy" with Christian McBride and Brian Blade. The musicianship and ensemble is just insanely tight and virtuosic, yet it feels so natural. I'm especially a fan of his classical connections and how he applies that knowledge into the individual songs. Can anyone recommend some similar newish instrumental jazz trios/groups with the same standard of both performing and musicality? Preferably albums/groups which can be found on Spotify (I know ECM isn't available at all on streaming services). The less well known the better!Thanks!

by jaiowners

Jazz featuring accordion?

I'm a fan of the accordion, but am not a fan of the classic "oom-pah" style typically associated with the accordion. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any jazz songs that feature the accordion. Thanks!

by Sirjestro

Do you think musicians appreciate their own beauty?

Just listened to this really great Kurt Rosenwinkel solo, and I was really moved by it. I wonder if he feels the same joy in listening to himself that I do, or if he's as self critical as all musicians can be. Curious to hear your guy's opinions.

by sirmediocre

A subreddit for sharing sheet music?

Hello, /r/jazz!I am aware that one can find many free downloadable pdfs and pictures of sheet music simply by googleing, but not all of it.Often all you can find are previews, or sheets for the wrong instrument, or for an orchestra of a trillion flutes or something redicolus but not the simple (e.g. Saxophone) notes of a few jazz standards.There is a reddit for exchanging everything, so i thaught surley there will be one for sheet music aswell. There is a /r/sheetmusic, but it´s inactive, tells you to just google it and is kinda focused on piano notes of pop songs. So that was kind of a bummer.Is there another place i am not aware of? If not, would anybody be interested in opening a simple sub for sharing pictures or pdfs of (jazz) sheet music to benefit from each other and expand all our collections? Any ideas?Cheers!

by Shulkster

Looking for study advice/suggestions on moving to NYC for short-term jazz study

Hi everyone, I'm moving to NYC for 3 months to do some intensive jazz piano studies. My main goal is to really improve my swing feel and bebop fundamentals, but basically I just want to improve my practical playing as much as possible. I figure I can study a lot of theory on my own back home. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to make the best use of my limited time?I know there are plenty of great private teachers in NYC, so I'm not too worried about that. My bigger questions are -Finding fellow rhythm section players - Since I won't be part of a formal music program, how do I find other instrumentalists to play with (mainly drums & bass, but horn players too)? Any other ways besides jam sessions?Practice rooms - I'd like to practice on a real piano if possible, but renting a piano practice room in NYC runs ~$1000/month, which is quite expensive. Are there cheaper options available?Private music schools - does anyone have any experience with private…

Top Ten Trane Albums

We did Miles yesterday, so its only right we do Coltrane today. Here are mine in chronological order from when I think they were released:My Favorite ThingsOle ColtraneAfrica BrassColtraneBirdlandA Love SupremeColtrane Quartet PlaysSun ShipComplete 1961 Village VanguardOlatunji Concert

by PostmanBop

Beginner Swing Drummer in need of help!

Hello guys, i need your help! Anyone have the Ella Fitzgerald - Solid as a Rock lead sheets? I have recital this upcoming november and i really appreciate any help you guys can get for me!

by dannrandy

Sithu Aye - Spiral

by JohnGwynbleidd

Was any of Charlie Parker's music properly recorded?

HiI really like this musician but I've never been able to find a recording session of his that sound good enough to really allow me to get lost in it.Is there anything out there that might have some HQ audio?

by asdknvgg

What are your top ten Miles Davis records?

Kind of BlueNefertitiMiles Smiles'Round About MidnightMilestonesSomeday My Prince Will ComeE.S.P.SorcererSeven Steps to HeavenMiles in the Sky

by The_Lone_Dweller

Wayne Shorter - Juju

by sammyguit

More albums like Karma by Pharaoh Sanders? Spiritual Jazz?

I'm not necessarily a novice in avant-garde jazz, but there's a lot of the world I don't think I've explored yet.Are there more albums like there like Karma? real "spiritual"? Karma really digs in and has this uplifting and majestic feel with its liquid sax, multitudes of cymbals, and etc. What other albums out there can compare to this sound?

by MusicTeen

Why are there no tabs for jazz standards?

Before I learned how to read bass clef, I remember spending like 2 hours trying to learn It Don't Mean a Thing on bass... That's an easy song too! I know there's one for Donna Lee, but that's only because Jaco played it... But it just seems like people would want to tab out some of the harder songs. Why do none of these exist? Hal Leonard could make a shitload of money if they printed a version of the Real Book that was all tabbed out. Of course, now I have an upright, so tabs do me no good.

by AXxi0S

Nels Cline - Why Was I Born?

by durhauz

Looking for gospel-tinged jazz

One of my absolute favourite compositions is Hymn To Freedom and I also love the start of Gospel John.I know none of those two are pure jazz,but do you know any other pieces that have that gospel quality to them?I know a great deal of jazz has gospel in it,but my non sophisticated ear can only pick it up when it's kind of obvious,like in the cases above.

by LittleMrsMonkey

Your favorite version of autumn leaves?

There used to be an old post about this but it's archived. I really like Keith jarrett live in Tokyo '96. What's your favorite version/arrangement of autumn leaves?

by Jccband2012

I want to experience Miles Davis music

I recently saw the movie about Mile Davis, "Miles Ahead" and it has intrigued me to listen to some of his music.What would be a good sampling of his discography, like maybe 2 or so albums or maybe even 4 or 5 songs I can use to decide if I would be into his music or not?My personal tastes lean more towards smooth jazz but I just haven't experienced much of Mile's music I must sadly say.

by pclark90210

Bobby McFerrin & Esperanza Spalding

by durhauz

What style is this part of the song and where can I find more of it?'s the medley from Sakamichi no Apollon which is pretty regularly posted on this subreddit. I really dig the "My Favorite Things" and "Someday My Prince Will Come" portions of the song. Does anybody know what style of jazz this is and where can I find more like it?

by themissinglynx

Favorite jazz renditions of old musical show tunes?

I just discovered Christian McBride's (and subsequently Sinatra's) version of "I Have Dreamed" from the musical "The King and I" and I absolutely adore how they interpreted the melody. Do you guys have any other recommendations?

by MurderousPaper

Any suggestions for atonal/12 tone style jazz?

"One down, one up" by Coltrane has recently become my favorite jazz piece. I wasn't sure why at first, but I just listened to some Josef Matthias Hauer today and I think the defining feature of "One down, one up" is that it similarly lacks a tonal center.I'm not very good with music theory, so I could be completely off about that. If someone knows what's actually going on with that song please let me know. Still interested in jazz that lacks a tonal center, regardless.

by xpersonx

Help me out, bassists?

I'm in university jazz band. I have a lot of theory knowledge, know a lot of scales, and I'm getting better at playing what's in my ear, too. However I'm feeling like my lines are uninspired lately. I apologize this is so vague, but do you have any advice for how I can get a little more innovative? I'm thinking that listening and transcribing the greats would probably be inspirational. Is there some fresh new thing or perspective I can try?

by qhs3711

Favorite Modern jazz trio/saxophonists/trumpet players?

Hey, all! I'm a bass player studying music right now looking for some new jazz to dig on. What's your favorite modern jazz trio right now? Favorite modern tenor/alto saxophonist or trumpeter right now? Looking to transcribe some fun stuff and any recommendations would be awesome. Thanks!

by ACtrubeats

[x-post /r/musictheory] Secondary Rag in "I Wanna Be Like You"

Hey all! Over in /r/musictheory we are reading an article about representations and interpretations of "funky rhythms." As a prelude to our full discussion next week, today we will be reading a very short portion of the article: an analysis of "I Wanna Be Like You" from The Jungle Book.You can join our discussion hereHope some of you will join us!

by nmitchell076