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week 142: Lee Morgan - Search For the New Land (1966)

this week's pick is from /u/pizzamacaroniLee Morgan - Search For the New Land (1966) Morgan - trumpet Wayne Shorter - tenor sax Herbie Hancock - piano Grant Green - guitar Reggie Workman - bass Billy Higgins - drums spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!All actions performed by /u/mr_pc are automated; he is a bot. Did you find a bug? Report one by messaging /u/leafypixiestix or submitting an issue on Github.

by mr_pc

week 143: Sonny Rollins - Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders (1958)

this week's pick is from /u/JazzisgreatSonny Rollins - Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders (1958) Rollins - tenor sax Hampton Hawes - piano Barney Kessel - guitar Leroy Vinnegar - bass Shelly Manne - drums Victor Feldman - vibes on track 4 spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!All actions performed by /u/mr_pc are automated; he is a bot. Did you find a bug? Report one by messaging /u/leafypixiestix or submitting an issue on Github.

by mr_pc

r/jazz, I want to know more about the brainfeeder jazz, Jazz influenced electronic, Future/Dofflin thing going on in music rite now. Please school me

I've recently started paying attention to Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus, Thundercat) and noticed they have alot of jazz influences and i love it as a fan of electronic. I've also started listening to Hiatus Kaiyote who reminds of The Internet who i also love. Another scene i've been listening to is the Future Beats/Bass, Dofflin scene which is where i first started noticed this trend. I'm still new to this stuff so any recommendation would be great! I've gotten into Robert Glasper Experiment so if you have any recommendations similiar to that as well that would be great.

by nsilvias

Geo Composing

Who would get hip behind people leaving random compositional fragments across the country left for people to expand on? Waste of time? Thought?

by Landodrums

Countdown - Joey Alexander [2016]

Harlem On My Mind - Catherine Russell [2016]

Day Breaks - Norah Jones [2016]

How to go deeper into jazz?

The more I listen to jazz, the more I'm inspired to gain a deeper understanding of the technical magic happening under the hood. What roadmap would you suggest for a music-theory beginner, with the goal of using that knowledge to analyze jazz? Any links to resources would be greatly appreciated.

by Wolfandwalls

Jazz soloing tips for saxophone?

I didn't really know what subreddit to ask this in. I often hear 2 types of solos in jazz, I know how to to do slow melodic ones, but the other type, which is fast, arpeggiated, and chromatic which sounds really awesome and I would really like to learn how to play like that, especially since I have a solo in an upcoming concert. Any tips to learn how to solo like that? I play bari-sax.

by TheFrightBringer

Miles Davis - Straight, No Chaser

by poop_toilet

Looking for an album: female guitarist, jazz-metal instrumental.

I know this is vague, and if this type of post isn't allowed here, please remove it. My hard drive was wiped a little over a year ago, and I'm trying to find an album I used to have.It's a relatively recent album (as in, I doubt it was released before 2010), and it's sort of jazz/metal? If you've ever heard The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, or Bohren & der Club of Gore, then something like that. Though not as slow, and more melodic. And instrumental.Also, I believe the cover was black and white, with a picture of the guitarist performing. I think there was a two part song on the album (as in a part I and part II), and possibly a song titled Kilimanjaro, or something in that vein.I know this is very vague, so I hope it's ok. Any help would be appreciated.

by NoFapPlatypus

Need help identifying odd Jack Teagarden record.

I recently bought "The Golden Horn of Jack Teagarden" and inside the sleeve came the expected record as well as a second record. I tried looking up the matrix number, XTV-85019, of this mystery record on Discogs but found nothing. The label is very plain and only says "DIXIELAND" with Jack Teagarden's name underneath. The back of the record has no label and no media. Unfortunately I am not able to listen to it now because I do not have my turntable with me. Any vinyl gurus have any ideas on what it is or what its worth?Here's what it looks like:

by Dyermaker216

Hey /r/jazz, looking for some faster, more aggressive jazz albums

Hey, Been listening to a lot of the classics but was looking to expand a bit. There's a section of this song that I've linked, with a faster tempo. I've heard this kind of jazz before, just not well-versed enough to be able to identify it. Reminds me of the Whiplash soundtrack. Looking for similar-sounding music.Thanks!

by carlos_spicy_winner

Anyone have the horn charts for Clifford Brown's Joy Spring?

Yo dudes and dudettes. Just wondering if anyone has or could direct me to a place where I could get the charts for Joy Spring by Clifford? I wanted to put together an arrangement with my trio (keys, bass, drums) and I wanted to use the harmonies from the original recording and play them with my b3 organ. Any info would help y'all. Have an awesome Sunday.

by cuntbitchdick

Confusion with Little B's Poem sheets

So I was looking for sheet music for Little B's Poem by Bobby Hutcherson, and I kept finding different versions, so I decided to go with the one in the real book. The issue with the one in the real book is that the melody is moved down a minor third to what every recording of this song I could find is. They all start on C, but the version in the real book starts on A. So this had me questioning the chords. So I played the chords in the real book to the original recording, and while it didn't sound terrible, I'm pretty sure they are wrong. So I moved every chord up a minor third and tried. That definitely didn't work. I then found a completely different set of chords that were on a website with no writing or anything on it except the chords. It also let you transpose them to different keys. By default it was on F, and those sounded like what I heard in the recording. All that I really want to ask is does anybody know the legitimate chords for this song? I came across ma…

(Shukriya Pakistan)

by ShukriyaPakistan

"St Thomas" improv

by professionaljaw

New to jazz, some essential albums?

I had gotten real interested in the genre after exposure to artists like Ryo Fukui and Charles Mingus. I'm primarily a hip hop guy and I have been looking into switching to different genres to no avail, with school I'm quite busy so having a few essentials to start with and exchange from would be great. Thanks.

by hanshuynh

Sun Ra- Lanquidity

by kidhumbeats

How's the jazz collection at your local library.

I'm a little curious about this. When I first became interested in jazz as a very young clarinet and sax player there wasn't a lot of access. However, I discovered whoever bought LPs for the local library knew what he or she was doing. The first I heard of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins came from randomly picking out albums that looked interesting. I think I went through most of the collection five at a time through junior high and high school.I hadn't been in that library in a while, as it's become mostly children's books and best sellers. I stopped in there a few days ago, though, and thought I'd look through the music section. For one, I found it has been relocated to the basement, and the CDs are now in slide out drawers rather than on shelves. The jazz selection was depressing. There was a lot of Kenny G and Diana Krall, but no Charlie Parker, Herbie Hancock nor Sonny Rollins. There was one Miles Davis album. Doo-Bop. Of all the …

Lydian #1?

A common substitution on a major chord is to play the major pentatonic scale of the V chord, which makes for a major 9 sound for example, while the bass is playing C, to play GABDE. One thing that helps make this interesting is that there isn't a C in the substituting scale. If you fill in the G to be major, it gives the C a lydian quality, but my question is, what do you call it if you fill in with G lydian? So you would be playing GABC#DEF#, over C. I think of this as "C lydian sharp 1" which is also just the natural extension of substituting another sharp into the key signature, but maybe that doesn't make sense. Is there a better way to describe this substitution?

by patrickpollard666

Favourite songs with less intrusive saxophone?

I'm just getting into jazz a bit, but I'm looking for music where the sax is a little less in-your-face, something more along the lines of 'in a sentimental mood' where it's all background, rather than high notes that seem to overpower the rest.Anything come to mind?

by AppropriateUzername

Billie Holiday's swoop up.

It's so Billie, and I want to use it. I'm a college educated professional musician. What are your thoughts on if the "Billie swoop" is okay to use, and if so, where in the lyric?

by SnerdMcGill

I need help finding a song

I'm trying to find a song about the history of black jazz from 1930-70 or so. It has an upright bass part that changes between the same 2 chords throughout the piece, with what sounds like Dorian sax improv in the background. The singer reads the lyrics like poetry in a style that sounds like he is proclaiming something. I can't seem to find it by searching, does anyone happen to know the song name or artist? Thanks (some of my descriptions may be slightly off, I don't have the best ear, but thought I'd try to be as descriptive as possible)

by TruFlare

Any one know any good secret jazz albums?

What is a secret jazz album? Here is an example. Pete La Roca's Basra: consider this album my secret Joe Henderson album. A secret album is an album by a musician that features another musician so prominently that you consider that album the second musician's album not the session leader's album. I hope my explanation wasn't too convoluted. So does anyone have some good secret albums to share?

by Marchin_on

Can you recommend some great jazz musicians who are still active today?

I started getting into jazz about a year ago, and I am familiar with a lot of legendary musicians who are not alive anymore, but I am really unfamiliar with the modern jazz scene, so I would really like to know who is the Miles Davis or Duke Ellington of our time? If there is such a person at all...

by themaniac94

What jazz artists/songs brings back memories/emotion for you?

Recently, i've been playing Chet Baker in the morning when i wake up. I like it better when its a track he sings on, cause his voice is pretty sad and painful, well at least the way he sings. Reminds me of high school, when I thought life sucked, pretty easy to connect to a singer who has a decent amount of what i'd call my "sad jazz" collection lol.The other song is John Coltranes version of Stardust. I heard this one a while ago, but loved it as soon as i heard it. One time that stands out is i remember solving my rubiks cube once or twice before the song ended back in 11th grade.Jazz stands out more so than the songs i played at senior week, which were mostly rap, because you can kinda feel a good player playing the instrument and hitting the notes

by StoicStone_

Best Christmas Album

Which is the best christmas album ? My favourite is Ella Fitzgeralds Christmas Album Its Beautiful and oldSounds perfect

by Bovasjohn

I need some suggestions

So I just watched that jazz drum movie Whiplash and was absolutely blown away by it. I always knew that jazz was a complex form of music but I had never been so inspired before by Jazz music and am now very curious to learn more about it. What are some big Jazz bands/composers that I start getting into and dive into this new world?

by TheAmazingTyTy

Rare 1973 Miles

by PostmanBop

Jazz Radio

My teacher listens to this station online for jazz and it's the name of a renown jazz artist and I think he might play piano. Anyone know?

by Smalley4

Contextualizing cool jazz?

I have a college radio show where I step through jazz history in broad strokes. I'm especially interested in putting musicians and subgenres of jazz in their context, showing influences/cause-and-effect where possible. For instance, it was really cool to show the connection between King Oliver and Louis Armstrong, tying 20s jazz to the swing of the 30s.Could you all help me figure out where cool jazz falls? I've already done an episode on bebop, and I'm looking forward to spending some time with hard bop.Again, I'm going through this in really broad strokes because I only have 1 hour every week (generally hitting each subgenre in one episode), but having specific interesting examples makes it much more fun. Thanks!!

by paulsimonbypaulsimon

Pepper Adams Signature Licks?

Hello /r/Jazz!I was hoping that a couple of fans of Pepper Adams may be able to provide me with some insight into some of his go-to Licks.I've been playing saxophone for about 3 years (few hours a day of practice and such) and while I do not posses even a fraction of his technical ability, I have started to connect the dots and have found at least one idea he utilizes often and would be very thankful for an explanation of what exactly he is doing theory-wise and in addition, any other Licks the community at large has noticed are staples of his jazz vocabulary.I'll attach a couple of YouTube recordings of his where I've discovered at least one lick he uses often, again any insight into his mind and playing is wonderful and would be very appreciated! (Notice the lick at the 4:06 mark, I can only describe it as a downward spiral the seems to be the same idea but just down a half or whole step) (Notice that the same melodi…

Why is blue so popular in jazz?

Just a few examples: Kind of Blue, Almost Blue, Blue Train etc. Is it just about the blue note or the colour? Also, could you explain me what is a blue note please?:) Thank you!:D

by Atakamosz

Unknown type of jazz music

There is this type of Jazz music that sounds quite Latin American sort of. Usually containing trumpets playing high notes with trombones. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question.

by Yesow747

Eldar Djangirov

Any Eldar fans out there? I've listened him for a while, and damn.This man is incredible, seriously. I can't link it properly because mobile, but listen to his Sweet Georgia Brown, the first song on his first album. The guy is 29 now, was 18 when he released that piece, and started with an enormous bang and never seemed to let down.Even his non-jazz stuff is lovely, his Bach, Brahms, Prokofiev album is one of my favorites of his, he has such versatility along with talent, skill, and passion.

by Free_Rick_Sanchez55

Harmonizing Every Thread (Long)

Five jazz musicians walk into the living room of our house, the music room. They’re getting ready for a gig the following night at an area college. A concert.They each bring their own vibration to the rehearsal, their individual tone. Some cats are lighter and some are darker than others. Some project calm and some project slightly refracted energy. Not centered. But these five, by the end of the afternoon, will have met in the nexus, and for a moment they will be monks, they will be enlightened, a kind of perfect. When the music ends, it’s back to factory default, all the ego jive we convince ourselves is real. This afternoon, right now, music is every vibration of the universe expressed harmonically. They will find it. Together.The idea is not to eliminate disharmony. Disharmony will always be there in the background. The idea is to find the infinite harmonies inside and between inevitable disharmonious assertions. At opportune times, the music these five will purposefully touch dis…

Best drum tracks app? (Android)

Sometimes there 's just not a drummer available. Or a drum kit. Or, usually, both. What's my least lifeless and most flexible option for replacing a drummer with my phone?

by x755x

Best Miles Davis Quintet Album?

Specifically, which do you think is the strongest of the following: Workin', Cookin', Steamin', Relaxin', and Walkin'?

by textbookleader08

Looking for Experimental Piano Jazz Music

So about a year ago, I was searching for experimental piano jazz on YouTube. The video I found was the most viewed video listed. It was performed by British performers. I heard the track and it sounded amazing. Recently, I searched for it again, but the video is no longer there.I'm hoping if you guys know the track and artist I'm looking for. I know that they were British. The track starts with piano keys played quickly and crescendoing up and down repeatedly. Then when light percussion joins, the pianist starts jamming solid keys repeatedly. I'm hoping you guys know what I'm talking about. Thank you.

by CrypticMood

Jazz recording stories

Hi!In the jazz world, there are lots of interesting stories. I am particularly interested in stories that you can actually hear in the music. Jazz musicians tended to record in short studio sessions, and often not much preparation preceded the sessions.For instance, im Grant Green's Idle Moments you can hear several subtle things you might not notice, until you read the liner notes: firstly, there was sort of a misunderstanding of how long exactly one chorus was. As a result, you can hear Bobby Hutcherson 'taking over' a lick Green is playing on guitar, in order to smoothly segue into his solo chorus, but then... Green just plays on for another round! This led to all musician's taking more choruses which resulted in the song being 15 minutes long. They tried it again, but this version was so liked that they decided to use that longer take. Also, you can hear Joe Henderson playing the chorus at the end as if they were going to repeat it all one more time, where they wer…

Why do sax players seem to have a better command of scales? Is there something about the instrument itself? (Theory/mechanics orientated question)

Maybe I'm imagining this... I mean piano players seem to be all over scales ... But sax players in jazz seem to be super fast and fantastic with key/scale changes.Is there any thing about the saxophone itself that makes scales or key changes physically easier? There are certainly a lot of buttons on the sax.Or is there a correlation between being a sax player and practicing a lot?

by derpinItTOdaSTreets

A few questions from a newbie.

Hello!I'm starting to get interested in Jazz, but as a newbie I have a few questions.What are the most iconic Jazz Songs, that everyone should know?What kind of this genre is the most danceable one?Is this: even "real jazz", if not what genre would you call it?Is there a more psychedelic side of jazz, like there is in the rock music scene?I would LOVE to get a few answers, have a nice day! :)

by WhiteRabbitgnr

Can you play ii V I licks over a static major chord?

I don't have my horn with me to check, but I was curious if some of my standard ii V I licks would sound right over a long I chord. What about a I7, like in a blues?

by Partsofspeech87

Nighttime jazz?

Howdy folks. I was wondering if anyone had some jazz album recommendations that are well suited for nighttime listening? Something soft and/or relaxing that I can listen to before bed and unwind? Thanks!

by rastapastaroony

'Free' Jazz for newbies?

Hi guys, Lately I really got into Jazz, but while listening to the "essenstials" and the "classics" I figured out I am more into the 'daring' side of Jazz. I am looking for albums that are like "The Shape of Jazz to Come", "Out To Lunch", "Point of Depature", "Sound" etc, not sure if these are even Free Jazz. (this is a lil' off topic but if any of yall know about albums that are similliar to "The Aura Will Prevail" that will be awesome.

by noisey123123

Drawing inspiration from other jazz musicians while still maintaining your own voice?

I always feel like my solos sound insanely generic and any song I write just sounds like a rehash of Weather Report... I remember Jaco Pastorius said something once about being fed up with people trying to immitate him rather than finding their own voice... His music really inspires me and I do draw a lot of inspiration from it (as well as assloads of other musicians) but I also don't want to sound like a copycat... It just gets so frustrating when I play a work in progress to a friend and they say something like "Huh... Sounds like a Tower of Power tune" or "Wow that sounds like this one song by Herbie Hancock"... Am I just being overcritical of myself?

by AXxi0S

Drawing inspiration from other jazz musicians while still maintaining your own voice?

I always feel like my solos sound insanely generic and any song I write just sounds like a rehash of Weather Report... I remember Jaco Pastorius said something once about being fed up with people trying to immitate him rather than finding their own voice... His music really inspires me and I do draw a lot of inspiration from it (as well as assloads of other musicians) but I also don't want to sound like a copycat... It just gets so frustrating when I play a work in progress to a friend and they say something like "Huh... Sounds like a Tower of Power tune" or "Wow that sounds like this one song by Herbie Hancock"... Am I just being overcritical of myself?

by AXxi0S

Anyone else dislike jazz singers?

I love jazz, but I cringe whenever I hear jazz singers. It all sounds like a crazy, crazy lounge act to me. Especially new stuff like Diana Krall and Norah Jones. I'm of the opinion that they aren't so much jazz as they are loungey and cheezy as fuck. Nothing against people that dig that scene, I just don't dig it. Anyone else of a similar mind?

by ploughhorse

Can you identify this song?

Already posted it at TOMT, but no luck. You can hear the progression clearly at the two spots that are linked. If this type of post is not welcome here, I will nuke it.

by teachMe