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Good trio album recommendations?

Hi,I'm a big fan of trios. Especially ones with either unusual instrumentation or unconventional playing.Some of my favorites include:Ellington, Roach, Mingus - Money JungleAhmad Jamal Trio - The AwakeningWes Montgomery Trio (with the organ against wes' guitar)Max Roach TrioThe Bad PlusOscar Peterson TrioWould appreciate any recommendations. Thanks a lot!

by gold_snakeskin

How does one keep up to date with what's fresh in jazz?

As much as I love listening to the classics and jazz icons of the past, I'd like to keep up with the current trends and new artists. How do the subscribers of r/Jazz do it? Any magazines or websites I should know about? Maybe a consistently curated Jazz Spotify playlist?

by Banjulioe

Spain Forever - Michel Camilo & Tomatito (2016)

Looking for records similar to In Movement (DeJohnette / Coltrane / Garrison)

I had the pleasure of seeing these guys play earlier this year and really loved their sound. I'm just starting to get into jazz and except for some of the obvious classic albums don't really know where to start exploring so I'm hoping someone can point me towards similar sounding artists / groups.Thanks!

by underexposed110

Phil Upchurch - Feeling Blue [1967]

by musicdawn

Something Gold, Something Blue - Tom Harrell (2016)

That Feelin' - Mike LeDonne & The Groover Quartet (2016)

Second Impression - Eric Alexander (2016)

Style of music (thinking jazz, may be wrong) im looking for but don't know what it's called. Please Help

What im looking for is a type of slow, calm jazz style of music that doesn't get all uppity. It just retains its slow coolness. If it has vocals, the vocals don't yell or get loud and also sound nice and calm.If anyone could post some links that I could listen to later and respond with critiques to help me narrow it down, if you didn't find it off the bat, I would be so appreciative.Thank you all

by Knoxvilletn91

Standards for Auditions? Help!

Alright so here's the situation. I'm applying to this school, for a major in Music Education, that for whatever reason no longer accepts classical guitar students anymore. One of their options for auditions is jazz studies and here are the requirements,"Be prepared to perform the following (for saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, piano, electric guitar, double bass): 1. Major scales, two octaves in all keys with fluency 2. Two or three contrasting jazz standards should be prepared. Be able to play the melody and improvise. (Guitar, bass, and pianists should demonstrate accompanying.) 3. Sight reading of a lead sheet (melody, improvisation, and accompaniment) 4. Performance of a transcription is highly recommended"Now my question for all you jazz heads, I need some help finding a couple jazz standard that you think would be good for an audition! I would be playing guitar and I just really need some advice! Thank you all so much in advance!

by aetchum…

Can anyone break this down for me, if possible. It's really catchy and I cant for the life of me count it out. is Chance the Rapper's "Finish Line/Drown". A lot of cool jazz and gospel influences used in this track, although posting this in jazz may be a stretch haha. However, jazz class is where I learned to count out rhythms, and its been a long time. At the time started, Noname does really cool things with the first couple of lines in her verse. I cant seem to place a downbeat or figure out if she's using quintuplets or triplets or if I'm just overthinking it and its that she's stylistically late on the beat. This song is stuck in my head and its nagging me that I cant figure it out! thanks :)

by jgomez315

Albums like Perceptual by Brian Blade.

I am a big fan of this album, but haven't been able to find anything similar. In particular I like the song Crooked Creek. The guitarist on this album is Kurt Rosenwinkel, but his own stuff is quite different. In particular the elements I like are the minimalist but intricate drumming (obviously) and the saxes, both the solos and when they play themes in unison.

by bluesdude

Need help finding a song.

I was listening to NPR Miami last night and they have a jazz segment. A song came on with a guy scat singing and the phrase ended with something like "badabebop." Powerful, gutteral voice. I know this is vague but if anyone knows it's you guys.

by Toodlum

Carl Fontana Trombone Question

Of course, Carl loved the Bach 11C mouthpiece, but does anyone know what 'bone he was using in his album The Hana Fontana Band Live at Concord?

by petrevsm

Looking for lyrics to an unrecorded Jon Hendricks song

His version of the bossa standard "E Preciso Perdoar," "Every Time They Play This Song," has never been recorded in the studio but has long been a staple of his live shows (it's the one where he "plays flute" by holding up a drumstick and whistling, for those who've been fortunate enough to see him). He performed it when I saw him back in the very early 2000s, and I've never forgotten it.What that amounts to, though, is I've been searching over a decade for a full live performance or a set of lyrics. I've only found partial clips, but from years of scouting I've still not been able to come up with all the lyrics. I've got the bridge and the final verse now, but am still missing the first two verses.

by largelyuncertain

Sax/clarinet and guitar duet

Does anyone know of a good jazz duet for guitar and clarinet (or sax)? I'm doing a chamber recital in April on classical guitar and I really want to include a jazz piece. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if there is music available anywhere to purchase (or free of course) that would be great as well.Thanks!I am not opposed to there being some other instrumentation, especially some percussive instrument.

by click-point-click

2/3's Adventure

Could someone tell me which themes are played? I recognize mambo no. 5 at the beginning, but that's about it.

by Jerrygigas

Art Deco - Varese

by smileymn

Joe Monk-Four

by franzlisztian

A good, beautiful/dramatic instrumental piece?

I'm doing a school project and I'm trying to find a piece to close a video where the main character just found her inner beauty. Basically, someone makes her see that her physical appearance doesn't matter when put into perspective by her inner beauty. The video is set in the year 2046 if that matters. I want to use Jazz because it's my favorite genre, and some of it is very timeless. I was thinking of using something by Yusef Lateef, but I'd love some suggestions. Thanks!

by Rob_V

Movies about Jazz?

I've started listening to Jazz last year after watching Whiplash and Birdman. Do you guys have some suggestions of movies about jazz? It could be documentaries, fiction, docudrama, you name it

by ummendes

Solo Bass Albums?

So i have never seen a album that had only bass, and i was wondering if someone knows some solo bass albums or something similar to it.

by Keblerson

[Request] Albums similar to Dukes "Ellington Indigos" - Good night-time listening

Hey r/jazz, I've been listening to "Ellington Indigos" a lot before I go to bed/when I wake up in the morning. I'm looking for some other similar albums (either Dukes or another artist) that give a similar vibe, interesting and relaxing, good for sleepy time/waking up.What do you all like? Preferably instrumental stuff please, Thanks!

by yeeah_suree

John Kavanagh on Learning New Skills

Hey y'all, here is a link to a blog post I made about preparing for performances and/or recording sessions. I was listening to an interview with a well known martial arts coach (John Kavanagh), and a quote stuck out to me about how much time he feels is necessary to learn a new skill. I realized that the quote dovetailed with how I prepared for important gigs based on how much time I had to prepare.You can read the full post here

by jazzbros

Getting started on jazz education

Hey, so I figure this would be a good place to post this question.I'm a music education major and I would really like to be able to have a jazz program at whatever school I end up teaching at. I think jazz is extremely important to American culture and offers a way of viewing how music works that's vastly different from what concert band, orchestra or choir may teach. I think that offering both jazz and concert ensemble is important to offering a well-rounded music education.The problem is, I'm not all that great at jazz. I might as well have never really even played it. It's difficult for me to get started, though, since my classmates that I would be playing with are so advanced.Do any fellow educators here know of any books or resources that would be a good starting point for learning jazz? I'm not as concerned about being a great jazz musician myself (although that would obviously help), but more so about getting to a point where I can help high school or middle…

Jazz Saxophone?

hello enthusiasts, i started playing the saxophone a couple of months ago (but i've played the clarinet for 7 years +) and was interested in learning about jazz saxophone. I'd say my playing is like grade 5 ish standard right now, so are there any good books to help us out? cheers!

by yungchocolatebar

Bassist reccomendations

I got a pretty long winter break from college and I'm looking into maybe getting some jazz cds to study up on. I'm a bassist so I'm looking for some bass players to study. Anything besides Mingus or jaco or any of the heavy hitters as I'm pretty familiar with their work. Please send me reccomendations! Thanks!

by jill7910

What is the best version of Autumn Leaves?

Currently the best sung version I can find is the one by Frank Sinatra. I'm looking for something a little more emotional, similar to Alfred Reed's arrangement, but with singing

by SupremeCheat

Can I get some help finding a song, please?

I have to apologize in advance. My recollection of this song is quite vague.I heard this song on a Music Choice channel. That's like a channel that plays music all the time. There's different channel for different genres.It was a very catchy tune. I want to say the chorus went something like "You look good in blue" or "Blue looks good on you". It may have been something else. I know he was singing about a woman that looked good in blue.I'm not even sure when this song was recorded. I think it was recent, but I have no idea.If you think you know what song I'm talking, please point me in the right direction.Thank you for your time.

by MintyOscillator

2-5-1 was essential for me getting interested in jazz.

I remember when I first learnt about this progression, I couldn't stop hear it in every song. I was almost obsessed with it and I couldn't stop playing it in every key. I got really excited for each time I heard it in a song. Did you share the same "obsession" as me when you first got into jazz?

by zaretix

Who all played in Sinatra's smaller groups?

TL:DR who are some of the notable people who played with Sinatra in the sextets, etc (obviously I'm not looking for a list of a full big band).So basically I was watching a DVD of Sinatra in 1962 performing with a sextet and specially the guitar player I didn't recognize. I know Al Viola, Tony Mottola, and others all played but I can't seem to find out when anyone in particular played - or who else.So if anyone does know of any line ups, if there were ever any steady members, or more about the revolving door of members, that would be wonderful! (Or of any reading material that could help!)

by dr_jt

"Rel" (rehearsal)

by professionaljaw

Real Books

Pretty simple question, in your opinion what is the best real book and why. Im lookng to buy one but cant figure out which one to get. I am a bass player, if that helps.

by amishwebsite

Am I at the right place?

Hello,I am a percussionist studying music at a conservatory in Ohio. Jazz drum set is my primary and this is my first year as a music major at the school and my second year overall. The university is a classically centered school. We even have an institution dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach. In my time here I've learned quite a bit of Jazz studies related things, however, I am almost done with all my Jazz course work, which is only 4 classes added on my curriculum. I am unsatisfied with being here because of I'm not getting what I think should a true education in Jazz. Am I a fool for thinking I could get what i need in Jazz at a school that doesn't focus on Jazz?On a side note, if any of you graduates have any recommendations to schools that aren't, big schools like, FSU or IU please comment below. I'm not the best but I've worked with the best and I've been told I have potential. I just feel I need to get with the right program. Any help would be apprec…

John Coltrane - Naima

by Bokonon78

I'm planning to a Research Paper for my Master's Degree about Jazz and I need advice, as I am having doubts.

to have*If anyone is interested, please send me a PM.A very brief abstract: Jazz defining itself as a quintessential of American culture during an austere period, that is the Great Depression.I'll explain more in details if you're interested, I'll be indebted for any advice or feedback. Thanks folks!

by revanches

Need help finding artists

Hey all, I've been trying to get into jazz recently and I have had some luck with finding Herbie Hancock & Miles Davis. The thing is I want to expand my horizons and find more artists. I listen to 90's hip hop and reggae heavily but i also like funk, soul, some pop. I really want to find jazz artists that produce "trippy"/ cool sounding music but I dont mind other suggestions.

by Tony908

Hey all, can you help me find Annotations on Jazz Improvising from a famous jazz player?

So months ago I found an interesting pdf of an old notebook annotation and reminders on playing over changes and improvisation tips. I can't remember who was the player, but it was one of the famous guys (mingus, joe henderson, guys of that caliebr). Can someone remember where to find this gem again?Thanks a lot!

by Myniggass

Recording Session

I'm very excited to record with my jazz big band & combo at The Palms Studio In december! Wish me luck :)

by MmmJaZzz

Eleanor Rigby - Jazzy Piano Solo

Hi guys, I really want to share with you my arrangement of this song that I love

by alexserranomusic

Andy Sheppard -- Dear Prudence

by durhauz

Jazz cliches

I keep on hearing this one phrase used by many different artists. Ive heard it from bird, pat methany, and joe pass. Where did this particular cliche originate from, and what are some other common cliches you've heard?

by Chill_Plant

Ryo Fukui: is he good?

I saw some love for Fukui in this sub in the past, so I gave his stuff a listen. I think some of his tunes are fun, but I find his playing sort of... bad. To me it sounds like he has a very limited improvisational vocabulary (mostly typical blues licks), and while he definitely has some energy, his solos often sound rambling and repetitive. Am I totally wrong about this guy? What am I missing?

by jyonsin


by Zviadi555

Bob Mincer

by MyNoodleLard

Help with college audition

I'm auditioning for CJC(California Jazz Conservatory) this spring and I'm not sure what songs to choose as this is my first college audition. I need to play a medium blues tune, up swing tune, Latin tune and a ballad. What do you guys think would be good? I'd prefer songs from the Real Book but other than that I'm open to anything.

by TheGourmetGaylord


by tony697adamo

Cyber Swing

by emily-young

Best Visual Jazz Book

I am trying to find a gift for my dad for Christmas and I want to get him a book with lots of color and pictures, as he is not that good at english. Possibly the history of jazz, any suggestions?

by glazmann

Help with my jazzy essay

I'm writing a 25 page essay for my music class and I'd like to introduct it with an anekdote from a jazz musician. I'm looking for an interesting character from which I can quote a bit of his/her biography to capture what jazz is all about.Alternatively, instead of a short story, I'd also appreciate just a good quote to introduct my essay with.I know it seems a bit child-ish, but thanks for the help, reddit!

by Quouvir

Difficulty getting into jazz, more music suggestions?

I have recently been trying to get into jazz music but am having trouble enjoying it. I am someone who listens to a lot of different kinds of music, primarily rock/metal (which is what I play on guitar), as well as pop, rap, electronic and classical. I am always trying to expand my musical horizons and appreciate new genres. I have done that successfully with a lot of genres at this point, but Jazz is lost one me.I listened to the entire 'new to jazz" list of albums, and I couldn't find much I truly enjoyed. I can appreciate the technical skills and impressive improv of someone like Miles, but the music simply doesn't hit me on any emotional level and I quickly got bored of most albums I listened to.The stuff I did enjoy were mainly guitar based things. I already listen to some fusion guitarists like Guthrie Govan, and have recently gotten into John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu orchestra, and also discovered Kurt Rosenwinkel, who I am just about to find an album to have …

Whats a good starting point?

I've been wanting to get into jazz recently but i didn't know what to go off of. Could you guys tell me about a few albums or artists to start off with?

by thisisaguestaccount