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What are some good solo piano albums that are similar to Bill Evan's style?

The thing I like about Bill Evans are his voicings, his harmony, the way he moves his chords around, and the whole 'rootless' chords with emphasis on inner voicings.Are there any similar pianist who have the same kind of vibe as him? I liked Barry Harris because his soloing style is kind of similar in some sense, and I also liked One Alone by Dave Brubeck even though I found his earlier stuff to be particularly swingy?I have checked out Fred Hersch too but his stuff seems too much influenced by classical music to my ears, I liked Alan Broadbent as well.Thank you!

by FourFlux

Where to start with Japanese jazz?

I have heard that Japan produces some very interesting jazz. My only exposure has been through jazz-hop samples from the likes of producers like Nujabes. Any recommendations of Japanese jazz albums/artists I can check out?

by taboosaknoodle

JLC 148: Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here (2014)

Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here (2014) League – Electric Bass, Moog Keybass Bill Laurance – Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards Justin Stanton – Fender Rhodes, Keyboard, Trumpet Cory Henry – Hammond B3 Organ, Keyboards Shaun Martin – Moog, Keyboards Bob Lanzetti – Electric Guitar Mark Lettieri – Electric Guitar Chris McQueen – Electric Guitar Chris Bullock – Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, Flute Bob Reynolds – Tenor Sax Mike "Maz" Maher – Trumpet, Flugelhorn Jay Jennings – Trumpet, Flugelhorn Nate Werth – Percussion Larnell Lewis – Drums Yannick Hiwat – Violin Tessel Hersbach – Violin Mara Tieles – Viola Susanne Rosmolen – Cello Julio Pimental – Percussion on tracks 4 and 7 Steven Brezet – Percussion on tracks 4 and 7 spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by mr_pc

Looking for recommendations of songs/artists that really drive

I was listening to the version of Caravan from the movie Whiplash (found here) and I was craving more jazz tracks that really had that kind of drive behind it. I don't just mean fast playing (a la bebop), but rather something that has the tempo and swells in places like this track does.I typically listen more to stuff like Horace Silver, Keith Jarrett, and Bill Evans, but I'm 100% open to recommendations!

by _BoxingTheStars_

My father in law is dying from terminal cancer, and I would like to take him to a an epic jazz festival that doesn't involve flying to arrive to from the UK. Can you suggest one?

Hi. I'm sorry for the unconventional post. I have just received news that my FIL has an inoperable brain tumor. He is a big jazz fanatic (as am I) and he loves nothing more than a good live performance. I would like to treat him to a top tier festival of some sort. However, the only problem is that his doctors have completely written off flying for the time being. Could you guys recommend a good jazz-fest taking place somewhere near the UK that we can go to together within the next 2-3 months?

by banker_of_memes

Is this the right place for help finding a song?

The lyrics are about a lady coming home to find clues her man is cheating on her. It culminates with something about the woman in bed with him being a melon and her grabbing a shotgun.

by NittanyState

Drum Vamp No. 4

by Corozco90

"JazzNESs: A NES Classic Jazz Tribute" is now available on Bandcamp!

Hello, Friends!I just finished my new album "JazzNESs: A NES Classic Jazz Tribute" this month. We funded on Kickstarter in November and I finished the transcribing, arranging, performing, recording, mixing, and mastering in December. I couldn't be prouder of this album and I hope that you guys enjoy it as well.I'm a huge fan of the bebop/cool jazz/hardbop era, so most of these arrangements are reminiscent of those styles. There are a few contrafacts (i.e. Song For My Father as Mega Man II, So What as Legend of Zelda II, St. Thomas as Dr Mario, and Unit 7 as Super Mario Bros) as well as rhythm changes, bird blues, etc.I've always felt like it's our civic duty as Jazz performers and composers to try and introduce new listeners to our music. I know that this album is not groundbreaking or an instant classic, but I do hope that a few new ears take a chance on this record and move on to the greats like Miles, Trane, Bird, Armstrong, etc. My goal as an artist is to…

What place in the US can I go to to experience a community of jazz musicians and clubs?

I'm off work, maybe for a few months, I have no plans. I live in PA and I could go to philly and the surrounding area to see random (usually expensive) jazz shows, but I want to go to a place where I can see more up-and-coming jazz acts. Is there a place like that? Back in the day (before I was born) it was NYC or New Orleans, idk where else. Does that place exist still? The scene around me is all jam bands and electronica, which I like.. but I want to go to a city where I could wander into a jazz club and see something cool for a cheap cover charge.

by _juicy_thighs_

Looking for suggestions for the best Clarinet Jazz musicians

I am just a dabbler in jazz, I tend to just pop on whatever spotify playlist I can find when I am around the house. Lately I have been in love with the mournful sound of the Clarinet to the point that I ordered one from Amazon.I would love some recommendations, maybe for less well known clarinet players? I snagged some playlists for the "major" players like Pete Fountain & Artie Shaw, but would like to know what you guys think. Thanks in advance!

by SAisgarbagenowimhere

Big band essentials?

I've liked this type of jazz ever since I first heard it. So for years I've been listening on and off to whatever they're playing on Google music or the big band show on my local jazz station. At this point I want to start my own collection, so I'm looking for the absolute must haves for the genre. Notable contributors, big names, that kind of thing.

by JokersShoes

Jane Bunnett's *Ritmo + Soul* gratis today

If you're into Afro-Cuban jazz, Jane Bunnett's (flute/sax) Ritmo + Soul is a free download today only. Even if you're not into it, hey, free stuff...I don't know if they geoblock outside of Canada, but you could possibly bypass that using a proxy.

by AuralWanderer

Looking for a type of jazz

I love jazz but don't know too much about it, got into jazz through the Whiplash and cowboy bepop soundtracks.But theres a unique type of music that I think is jazz or something close, this is the closest example I could find . If theres a name for this genre please let me know.

by Amadeus_was_taken

week 146: Charles Mingus - Mingus AH Um(1959)

week 146: Charles Mingus - Mingus AH Um(1959) Handy – alto sax (1, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12), clarinet (8), tenor sax (2)Booker Ervin – tenor saxShafi Hadi – tenor sax (2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10), alto sax (1, 5, 6, 9, 12)Willie Dennis – trombone (3, 4, 5, 12)Jimmy Knepper – trombone (1, 7, 8, 9, 10)Horace Parlan – pianoCharles Mingus – bass, piano (with Parlan on track 10)Dannie Richmond – drumsSpotifyAmazonGoogleplayitunes

by Apom52

Bright Mississippi PDF?

Anyone here have a lead sheet for Monk's tune "Bright Mississippi?" I want to bring it to my trio, piano player has never heard it and I won't have time before rehearsal to transcribe it. Any help is appreciated.

by Bass_Instincts

Need help finding a song

So I recently went to a Christmas Party, and the host had a Direct TV music channel called 'Beautiful Instrumentals' or something like that on.It usually just consisted of classical piano, but there was a song that played that had a drumbeat, and bass and a keyboard and everything, it had an amazing jazz guitar solo on it, and I went to write it down so maybe I could listen to it in the future again.Song: Daddy and MacArtist: Frank JosephsCD: FJ 508That was the track listing. Well anyway, I went to search up the song, and well, it seems it doesn't exist. I found the Soundcloud and the Spotify of the artist, but it didn't show up at all.Even a deep Google search found nothing.So if anyone knows of this ghost song, or would like to extensively look it up, I would be thankful.If you think this is spam, please tell me and I will delete my post.Thanks! :-)

by Systemthirtytwo

Best Albums of 2016

This was the hardest blog I've had to write all year. Hope you guys like it. Please read and comment any albums you felt got snubbed below. Let's talk jazz! Best Albums of 2016 – The Jazz Loop

by Ejazz88

More like Booker T's Green Onions?

In general I like the walking bass, subtle swing rhythm, and especially the Hammond organ sound of Green Onions. Any other suggestions? Thanks and happy holidays!

by mini_thins

Suggestions for a Post Xmas Holiday Mood

I have been listening to a lot of Vince Guaraldi and need some fresh suggestions in the same mood and style as Guaraldi, Bill Evans, Paul Desmond etc... Nice relaxed winter evening listening. Thanks

by geoffe

One album for each jazz style

I am trying to get a handle on the various jazz styles, but the genre is so vast it's a little overwhelming, especially with regards to understanding the differences between the various jazz styles and eras. What I think would help is if someone could suggest one album for each main style that exemplifies it. Some additional information on what to listen for in each style would also be particularly helpful. I think this approach would give some structure to my listening, and provide a starting point and launch pad for further exploration. It should be noted that I am a classically trained pianist wanting to venture into jazz piano, so additional piano-orientated suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

by caterix

Four: suggestions for improvisation?

I play alto sax in an amateur quartet, I am usually ok improvising over standards, ballads and blues, I just do it "by ear" without thinking about theory, but with this particular tune I find myself running out of ideas, so I thought I'd ask for suggestions/inspiration. I'm currently listening to Stan Getz playing the tune, I like this version.

by Bernie29UK

Jingle Bells - Song Arrangement Tutorial

by simplysimonpiano

are there any jazz albums/songs from the past years that have more of a "pop" feel?

I'm a big fan of jazz. Ragtime, dixieland, swing, bop, cool, etc. But the past years maybe 10-20 years I haven't heard much jazz music that isnt either trying to be too experimental or too overly technical, or just trying to copy some past style. Those famous styles had a representation of the feel during the era. It had influences of popular music. Also it was generally nice to listen to. I get some people like these overly technical styles thats okay but I'm looking for something that "sounds nice". Smooth jazz to me is terrible and Imo ruined the natural progression of what jazz would be in its pop form. Thanks for any help

by esquid2

Jazz Holiday Fire

by Globalchalet

Name your favorite living piano players and tell me why!

Keith Jarrett: I love his meditative ballads like on Jasmine & Last Dance with bassist Charlie Haden; with drummer Jack DeJohnette and bassist Gary Peacock; and solo on The Melody at Night, With You

by GeorgeHowland

Anyone here seen La La Land?

Fucking. Incredible movie. I loved whiplash and I'm sure a lot of you cats did too, I was stunned that the original director was able to top it. This movie blends cinematography, musical theater, jazz, and love into a legitimate masterpiece.Just within the context of jazz, this movie offers a lot to talk about. What do you guys think?

by GalacticShonen

Drum Vamp No. 3

by Corozco90

Looking for some Charlie Parker recordings with long solos

Every Charlie Parker recording I listen to is like 3 minutes long. I'm trying to find some recordings where I can find charlie parker soloing for like 3 minutes +, let me know if you know any : ).

by thelonious_

Sun Ra - Nuclear War

by HamburgerDude

Book Suggestions

Hello Reddit!With the onslaught of after Christmas sales quickly approaching, I am requesting suggestions on music books that I should buy.Specifically, I would be interested in advanced music theory/composition (jazz or otherwise), modern harmony, piano, and guitar books all preferably at an advanced level.Any suggestions?

by -Sloan

So(me) REAL jasz

by assssssssssssssssses

JLC 147: Rahsaan Roland Kirk - The Return of the 5000 Lb. Man (1976)

this week's jazz listening club pick is from /u/SALT1NESRahsaan Roland Kirk - The Return of the 5000 Lb. Man (1976) Kirk: tenor saxophone, manzello, stritch, clarinet, flute, harmonica, euphonium Howard Johnson: tuba (tracks 1, 6 and 7) Romeo Penque: baritone saxophone, oboe (tracks 1, 6 and 7) Hilton Ruiz: piano, celesta (tracks 1 and 4-7) Buster Williams: bass (tracks 1, 6 and 7) Charlie Persip: drums (tracks 1, 6 and 7) Joe Habao Texidor: percussion, vocals (tracks 1 and 4-7) Betty Neals: recitation (track 1) Maeretha Stewart: vocals (track 1) Hank Jones: piano (track 2) Milt Hinton: bass (track 2) Fred Moore: washboard (track 2) Wilton Eaton: whistling (track 2) Trudy Pitts: organ (track 3) William Butler: guitar (tracks 3-5) Bill Carney: drums (tracks 3-5) Arthur Jenkins: keyboards (tracks 4 and 5) Matathias Pearson: bass (tracks 4 and 5) Jerry Griffin: drums (tracks 4 and 5) Warren Smith: percussion (tracks 4 and 5) Unknown chorus (tracks 6 and 7)