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Looking for sad Jazz standards?

Hi I'm a new jazzer and recently I've absolutely fallen in love with Chet Baker singing "The Thrill Is Gone". Can anyone recommend standards with a similar sad feeling? Thank you!!!

by z-f-


Thoughts on Nicholas Payton's idea of replacing the term jazz with BAM (black American music)

by Pebster101

Trying to find jazz songs that have shown empathy in society

Writing a paper and im trying to find any songs and the history behind it that shows emotion and also how it impacted society. I was hoping this thread could help show me songs and give me more knowledge about Jazz! Thanks

by Dr_DiGiorno

Any trumpeters like Arve Henriksen?

I know he's into vocals and dirts his sound with electronic stuff - not like I don't love his albums - but I kind of love the raw sound of his trumpet and I'm more interested in that specific aspect of his music now. Most of the time trumpets can sound... pompous? Opulent? I don't really know how to explain, I guess his trumpet has a very clear sound, like a crystal. Sorry I use these weird terms but it's kind of hard to explain. Can anybody suggest me good trumpeters that have published albums that somehow have a similar sound?Warning: no Ambrose Akinmusire or Kenny Wheeler. I like them as well but I know them already. And no classics as well, like seriously, Davis and all the stuff from the 60s to the 80s. Try harder, I want contemporary stuff.

by Gaaellorn

Blues In the Dark - Kansas City OST

by Nekrofagus

Jazz Noob

I'm a blues guitar player interested in getting stuck into some jazz, any suggestions on what albums to listen to in order to get a feel for the chord progressions and harmony?The albums i've listen to so far are as follows: Miles Davis- Kind Of Blue Joe Pass- Virtuoso Joe Pass- For DjangoAny suggestions would be much apreciated!

by OHags838

After listening to Kalthoum by Ibrahim Maalouf, Clarence Penn might be one of my favorite jazz drummers of the moment.

I posted this over in /r/drums earlier today but I figured I'd repost over here just because I want to talk about it more. Thanks to a fellow jazz head here I got put onto this album and I love it. Penn's drumming is so versatile and tasteful. He knows when to come in hard and when to come in soft. And like I said in my previous post, I knew drums had an incredibly important role in the song but it wasn't until listening to this album I realized how much they can just change the entire nature of it. By the final track of this album it seems like Penn is basically guiding the entire band.

by nowlan101

NPR Music is holding our third Tiny Desk Contest to discover a great unknown artist to come play a Tiny Desk concert & tour! Is it you?

NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert series has hosted over 600 concerts in our office. We've had acts like Anderson .Paak, Wilco, John Legend, Hozier, Big Thief, Chick Corea & Gary Burton, The National and Iron & Wine. We’ve hosted the Tiny Desk Contest once a year since 2015 to find an undiscovered artist to perform in the series. Our first winner, Fantastic Negrito, has since been nominated for a Grammy and played on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and at venues like Madison Square Garden. Last year’s winner, Gaelynn Lea, has since embarked on international tours and played venues like Christ Church and the Kennedy Center.Each year, we’re overwhelmed with all the amazing undiscovered talent in this country — so we’re at it again. Do you want to play a Tiny Desk?I thought I'd see if anyone here was interested in entering. We saw a lot of great jazz last year, and we'd love to see even more jazz entries this year, too. The contest is open to all genres, and we want to hear musici…

Trying to find gospel-ish (?) jazz

I don't listen to a ton of jazz but I do like it, particularly the later big band stuff like Mel Lewis/Thad Jones etc. I stumbled upon "The Chicken" ( and I really love the sound of the beginning. The funky stuff after the intro is cool as well but I'm most into the sound in the intro itself with the gospel-y (I don't know if that's the right description haha) soulful jazz. Is there any other stuff like this out there? Thanks!

by redditman6

Jazz YouTube Channels?

I am a fan of lots of science/math YouTube channels (Vsauce, Minutephysics, Numberphile, etc.) that explain science experiments, concepts, phenomena, things like that. I was wondering if anyone knew similar channels that offered videos explaining things like jazz theory, history, concepts, etc. because I would love to see that!

by youeggface

Seawind Enchanted Dance

by outrider567

The Lower Ends Ensamble


A List of Moody & Sad Jazz Songs - My present to /r/jazz

Hi Everyone,About 6 months ago I made my first post on /r/jazz asking for recommendations of melancholy and slow jazz music, and I received tons of replies showing me musicians I had never heard of before. Since then I have been discovering and downloading jazz like crazy so I started an iTunes playlist of especially sad and moody tracks that I wanted to share with everyone here as a kind of thanks.It's organised alphabetically and also by how well-known the players are. Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to make more recommendations / discussWell-Known:Chet Baker - Almost Blue Autumn In New York Broken Wing Everything Happens To Me (imo best version of this tune) If I Should Lose You Moonlight in Vermont (with Gerry Mulligan)…

More jazz like this one (Things to Come, by Marsalis)

Hello, i would like to hear more jazz like this : Things to come Tucson jazz instituteor Things to come Marsalis / Faddiswhich are my two favourite renditions of things to come. By "more jazz like this I meant big band jazz pieces with fast tempos, where the soloists can show their virtuosity, could you links me some similar pieces ?thank you and sorry for eventual english mistakes :)

by lawlaw65

Recommendations, please!

Hello,I hope I haven't posted this in the wrong place! Anyway, heard a little jazz over the years, and have always meant to start actually listening - but I've never known where to start, and kept putting it off.I watched 'La La Land' yesterday, and it has just reinforced my desire to start listening to jazz.Any suggestions on where to start? I'm particularly interested in piano/double bass jazz (is that the correct term?). I would love to listen to more soothing jazz (plus anything like 'La La Land'), although I still would like to listen to other kinds of jazz.Thank-you all in advance for your recommendations!

by skywalkergal

Storytellers - "Pathways"


Why aren't there contemporary Coltranes?

I'm new to Jazz. Certainly not a connoisseur of the genre, but I did listen to the classics and enjoy them tremendously. However, something is striking (at least from my viewpoint): almost all of what is recommended and listened to (including the tracks which appear in /r/Jazz) is old stuff.Why is there no contemporary Coltrane, Monk, or Davis? I don't see such a lack of contemporaneity in say Rock music. Maybe it's just an impression due to my ignorance, in which case I'm looking forward to listening to your suggested artists.

by xT2M

College musician in need of a good listening list

Hi, I'm a college trumpet player just trying to get a good list of stuff to listen to for that up tempo swing feel.I listen to mostly Chet Baker and Davis with the occasional Sonny Rollins binge. Those sort of recordings aren't really in the wheelhouse I'm looking for. I just need some great big band playing.So far in my search, I've looked through a few Woody Herman recordings, Buddy Rich's band had some great charts.TL;DR - Name some of your favorite big band recordings and groups!

by Nealium420

Looking for new jazz releases.

I listened to jazz religiously for a number of years but stopped actively looking for new stuff a few years ago. I recently started getting back into the genre and am looking for new music. Any recommendations (Preferably modern stuff as I already know the classics) ?

by ghiklnos

Jazz trio? (trumpet + Trombone + Double Bass

Hey guys, I'm new here but I'm just wondering about whether this trio would be possible or maybe if we would need another instrument, maybe piano/drums? And if anyone has any music recommendations that would be great!

by HalfEatenBarnana

"Donna Lee" (C.Parker ) - Osesp Bassoons

by limopimp

Oscar Peterson on synth

by mighelo

Anyone else mildly irritated by the recent film, "La La Land?"

While I appreciate a piece of pop culture trying to comment on the lack of popular enthusiasm or understanding of jazz, I found it to be a bit irritating because Ryan Gosling's character was so stuck in a specific era of jazz. Although the essentials are important to anyone who appreciates this genre, it almost made it seem like jazz "ended" and he was trying to bring back the original musicans' sounds. Did I miss his nod to the innovators of modern jazz like Brad Mehaldau, Aaron Parks, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Eric Harland?...Maybe it's just the fact that all my relatives are telling me to watch this movie because "you like jazz, right?"

by pass_that_versace


For our high school jazz band one assignment is to find a jazz tune we like and bring it in to listen with everyone, both to expose us to jazz and hear professionals play. I'm searching for some music and was wondering if you guys had recommendations.I'd prefer it to feature a bari sax (my instrument) somehow, and if it helps narrow down suggestions my favorite jazz songs are fast big band-y songs.My two favorite songs that we've played attempted are Bugle Call Rag (Buddy Rich) and TANK! (Cowboy Beepop theme, apparently an anime? My friend found the theme randomly), if you want examples of what I like.

by Skywalker200037

What I've learned from transcribing

Everything I press myself to do ( Play phrases with weird extensions, move up and down the neck a lot etc.) Are things that I dont notice often in some of my heroes ( Although at others I do). What I notice is that their phrases feel comfortable within a limited array of tools that they use. Is it possible that common convention in jazz education is distracting some times?

by MycroftTnetennba

julian lage-nocturne

by vacigok

Suggestions for jazz songs with interesting structures?

I would love to hear some jazz music that takes non-traditional approaches to song structure. I listen to a lot of music that isn't jazz, and one of my biggest qualms with jazz is the traditional structure. I would love to hear jazz music that has odd bar numbers, multiple different bridges, rapidly changing tonal sections, or multiple returns to a main melody from musical tangents (preferrably not solo-melody-solo-melody)As I don't know much about jazz, I can only reference music outside of jazz to elaborate on what I'm referring to but here are some cites and explinations:Streetlight Manifesto [accoustic] - We will fall together Gives a great example of regressing to a main melody from musical tangents. In this case its a chorus, but the idea is that where the chorus goes and where it comes from is rarely the same.The NPR Tiny Desk performance by the Blue Man Group is a great example of non-traditional structure because the parts of the song evolve, rather than changing …

Not Sure If The Right Spot But...

Big fan of Madeleine Peyroux - J'ai Duex Amours, even though I do not speak a word of French it is just sublime. Would like to get some suggestions for songs/artists like it.Also if you know some spots in NYC where I could catch some live shows in this genre let me know.Thanks guys and apologies if I'm in the wrong spot/breaking protocol, just taking a shot here.

by Capital_Knockers

Other Instrument's equivalents to Mark Levine's books?

Mark Levine's books are astounding, and a great learning source for jazz. I recently got an electric guitar and I was wondering if theres anything akin to 'Jim Bob Jone's Jazz Guitar Book', or any other books dedicated to teaching jazz on an instrument (Bazz, Sax, etc)Swing loose

by deadpan2297

Omer Avital - Hafla

by Oxcell404

Where is a good place to start learning how to add a more jazzy feel to my sound?

I write and record my own music and love the sound of artists like King Krule, Mild High Club, Mac Demarco, and Homeshake, who take a lot of inspiration from jazz. I play drums, bass, and piano, but my main instrument is guitar. I was wondering if there are any good books, youtube lessons, or anything of the sort that would help me get started with learning jazz. Any help is greatly appreciated!

by Mellomike520

Two Seconds to Death

Our big band is playing Two Seconds to Midnight in the spring. I've got first trumpet for this one but these high notes are slaughtering me. Anyone got tips on trumpet screaming?

by musicalBenefice

Bill Evans, liner notes on Kind of Blue :

There is a Japanese visual art in which the artist is forced to be spontaneous. He must paint on a thin stretched parchment with a special brush and black water paint in such a way that an unnatural or interrupted stroke will destroy the line or break through the parchment. Erasures or changes are impossible. These artists must practice a particular discipline, that of allowing the idea to express itself in communication with their hands in such a direct way that deliberation cannot interfere.The resulting pictures lack the complex composition and textures of ordinary painting, but it is said that those who see well find something captured that escapes explanation.This conviction that direct deed is the most meaningful reflections, I believe, has prompted the evolution of the extremely severe and unique disciplines of the jazz or improvising musician.Group improvisation is a further challenge. Aside from the weighty technical problem of collective coherent thinking, there is the very …

How do you find and where do you listen to most of your jazz music?

I find I listen to jazz mostly in my car on the radio. We have 91.1 jazz FM here in Toronto so it's guaranteed all day. Also lots of jazz on the University of Toronto station 89.5.I just find they know so much more about jazz than I ever will, and play a lot of great stuff.I have a very nice home theatre setup that I can put in stereo mode, and I'll SoundHound artists I like as I listen to the radio and get some higher quality stuff that way.But I don't do it much, often just stick to my car.So tell me, how do you source and listen to your jazz?Oh also I'll sometimes search for like "best jazz albums 1975" or whatever :)

by parasocks

Starting a group

Hi, aspiring jazz musician here (I play Tenor Sax and a little Keyboard) and I was wondering if anybody had some advice on how to find other people to do gigs with, or to just hang out and jam. Any advice would be. Any advice would be appriciated

by bmayo11011011

I'm 26 and just picked up my Alto Sax again, where do I start...again?

I've been playing by ear from age 10-20 and then didn't really play/practice at all for the past 5 years. I know some pretty basic music theory, so when I transcribe I understand how it functions in a chord. My chops are fucking shit though, I've been woodshedding for 2-3 hours every other day for the past month and I never want to stop again. Got any suggestions for how I should progress from here? I'm trying to play at my cities jazz bar by the end of the year.

by serialcompression

Who are some famous jazz musicians you should like, but don't?

I have my list, usually due to having a bad reaction to seeing them live, reading a bad interview and/or not liking their sound or approach.For me it's Eddie Gomez, Christian McBride, Ari Hoenig, Eric Alexander, and Charnette Moffett (ruined a McCoy Tyner show for me). I'm sure I have more, but off the top of my head...

by smileymn

High Quality Live Miles Davis Sets From 1971

These are some of Miles' live sets from 1971 and they're great (feel free to post some other high quality ones I've missed): Leon Chancler, Don Alias and Mtume play on these whereas DeJohnette and Airto play on the Cellar Door Sessions recorded nearly a year earlier.I'll definitely be exploring more of Chancler's work.

by PostmanBop

Bossa Tunes To Learn On Guitar?

So I just learned Agua De Beber on guitar and I'd like to learn some other tunes! Any Bossa Nova songs you'd suggest to learn for someone who's just starting to play Bossa Nova?

by treygutz

Maekuhi - Portal Diving

by orihh


by chrisandersonmusic

Good pop songs that can be arranged to jazz?

Hey guys!I'm starting to arrange music for a summer gigs with a jazz trio. We have this great idea of turning pop songs into jazz style pieces of music.Do you guys have any suggestions?Doesn't have to be pop- any style!Thanks!

by dylstarocker

What are the best Duke Ellington albums?

Hey!I've recently started listening to some of the swing musicians from the 50s like Roy Eldridge, Coleman Hawkins, etc. And I really want to get a little bit more into the duke. Problem is, all I cant find from him are compilation albums that barely specify which time period the songs come from, let alone what orquestra plays in them.I was wondering what are your favorite duke albums or compilations and maybe you can share some notes on what musicians take part in them. Thanks

by asdknvgg

Badbadnotgood live @ NPR tiny desk

by jetpackjeff