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Any other jazz/basketball fans?

Haven't met many of us who like both, but I am a superfan of both. I think a lot of things about both like the team Dynamics and decision making skills are similar. I happen to really love basketball videos where people do their own commentary on games, or tell cool stories about the history. If there were a similar thing for jazz, would any of you be interested?Just wondering

by sirmediocre

Stuff similar to Esbjörn Svensson Trio?

I know jazz purist don't think to highly of them but I really like them. Can you guys recommend anything similar to E.S.T.? I already know Bad Plus

by versus1386

Just bought my Wooten Trio tickets!

I've always wanted to see Victor live. And as a drummer, DENNIS MF CHaMBERS?!?So damn excited. Gonna be at the Dakota in Minneapolis too, so really up close and personal venue for sure.STOKED !!Anyone else catch them on their tour?

by I_Am_ZapBranniganAMA

Recommend me some quintets like Wes Montgomery's on his Full House live album.

My ideal jazz quintet would have these 5 instruments:SaxophonePianoGuitarBassDrumsNo offense to any trumpet or other horn players, that's just what I like the most. It's hard to search for bands just by instruments used, so any recommendations are very much appreciated.Full House by Wes Montgomery (1962) is a great live jazz album by the way.

by Eddo_Kenedo


Do you guys think "without a song" is a well known standard?

by Pebster101

Mingus Suggestions

If I love Ah Um, Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, and Let My Children Hear Music, where should I go next? By the way, I personally rank themLet My Children Hear MusicBlack Saint and the Sinner LadyAh UmBut they're all great.

by sunmachinecomingdown

John Coltrane - Giant Steps

by _notorious_big_

Miles Davis is the artist of the week on Pioneers of Jazz Fusion: 60s, 70s, and Beyond Radio

Pioneers of Jazz Fusion: 60s, 70s, and Beyond artist of the week: Miles DavisThe artist will receive heavier-than-normal rotation during the week of 26-Feb-17 to 04-Mar-17. Come and check it out!The station is located at: stream link (WinAmp, VLC Player, mobile streaming apps):

by progulus

Best Soft Piano Tunes

Hi all, what are your personal favourite jazz piano tunes? Looking for soft slow pensive tunes heavily featuring piano ala, Alone and I - Herbie Hancock or classic Bill Evans stuff. Thanks!

by squags

Is it fair to criticize jazz films the way we do?

Recently, the film La La Land has caught a lot of criticism from jazz enthusiasts, a lot of the same type of criticism that was applied to Miles Ahead, Whiplash, Born to Be Blue, etc. for "missing the point" or "getting it wrong," and I personally don't think these are fair points to make. All of these films have their own flaws and shortcomings and present some problematic viewpoints on jazz, but I don't think these detract from the quality and value of these films. Firstly I think we should be happy that filmmakers care enough about our music to include it in movies that are seen by huge audiences. I also don't think each movie needs to get across a perfect message. Jazz isn't something you can really get wrong if you come at it with respect and dedication, and I think these recent movies have been very respectful even though don't agree with all their messages and viewpoints. For example, you probably love the music of Miles Davis but if you …

JLC 154: Mal Waldron Quintet - The Seagulls of Kristiansund (1986)

this week's jazz listening club pick is from /u/Marchin_onMal Waldron Quintet - The Seagulls of Kristiansund (1986) Waldron — piano Woody Shaw — trumpet Charlie Rouse — tenor saxophone, flute Reggie Workman — bass Ed Blackwell — drums spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by mr_pc

Made my first jazz song, a Jobim inspired bossa. let me know what you think! (noteflight) is my first foray into writing jazz, trying to get the chords and melody to line up and also writing for other instruments. Let me know what I did good and what I should improve for my next tune!One thing to note, noteflight, the web software I used to make this chart, doesn't have a lot of the jazz drum sounds you would come across in a tune like this (cross stick, brushes), so I did my best with the percussion.Thanks!

by eviljoker123

What do you play over triads?

Poor question, I know, but most search results are how to use triads while improvising instead of what scales you could play over triads. Should they be seen as a spot to add your own seventh or whatever chord you want or just play the major scale of the triads (E minor if the triad is Em)

by deadpan2297

Mingus, Coltrane or Davis?

The important question. If you had to pick one, which would it be?

by cptjones32

Your favorite version of Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars? What other songs have tons of renditions like this one?

I'm not too deep into jazz (I like some Coltrane, Monk, Mingus, some other big names) but there's one song I keep finding, and that's Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars. I mean I was just listening to the Four Tops who are Motown and heard this song (and liked it). I've also heard Getz/Gilberto's, Blossom Deary's, Cannonball Adderly's (I think he did one, but I might be mistaken), Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, etc, I'm sure there's more. I've heard couple of tracks played by 2 different artists, but not this many.

by Mt_cuddles

Trumpet and piano albums

Any good albums that are heavy on piano and trumpet combos?

by hookcrosshook

Looking to improv(e)

Hello /r/jazz! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I wasn't sure haha. I'm a trombone player in my sophomore year (tenth grade) and love listening to jazz. I'm a relatively new improviser (~2 years) compared to a lot of you and would love any feedback or suggestions you have to offer me. Here's a video of me playing over Yardbird Suite by Charlie Parker. Thanks so much for the time! Note: Sorry about the poor video quality, listening with headphones on helps my tone sound more pleasant!

by kitachi3


by predrag22

recommend me some music, please

Hello I'm the newbie here. Can you please recommend me some good music that could create a mood in my house in the evenings. Some piano and bass, easy ambient music. I love Jan Gunnar Hoff's, "Fly North" especially, also Gogo Penguin for example.I know this post will seem funny for most of you probably, but I have some trouble finding it for myself.Thanks a lot.

by jotka

ATM jazz

by kellsn

JLC 155: Stan Getz - West Coast Jazz (1955)

Stan Getz - West Coast Jazz (1955) Getz - tenor saxophone Conte Candoli - trumpet Lou Levy - piano Leroy Vinnegar - double bass Shelly Manne - drums spotifyamazongoogleplayitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by leafypixiestix

Coltrane's "Body And Soul" - Why so good??

I had a quick question that I would love to hear some thoughts on, why is it that Coltrane's take on "Body And Soul" so different than all the rest? And different in a way where I almost can't stand to listen to everyone else's slow and dramatic versions. Coltrane's is so expressive but at the same time as sophisticated and dignified as possible. It has this mysterious element to it, like I'm reading a strange detective novel or something.Can anyone explain why this is? And are there any other takes on this tune that are more similar to Coltrane?

by iamhollywood

Jazz Guitar Book

I bought myself this guitar book and I really like the style of songs and the simple style of them. Does anyone have a recommendation of a book that is a similar style, just not Christmas? I feel a bit silly playing silent night when it's nearly March!

by daveh6475

Just discovered Beegie Adair, I NEED to learn to play like her!

Heard her CD playing in a restaurant, took me 2 weeks to find her name. I absolutely adore her playing and every piece she plays immediately becomes my favorite rendition of the piece!Does anyone know any other artists who plays in her style? I can't quite pin-point her style, or is there even a name for it. If I were a musician, I would imagine myself striving to play like this. I NEED to learn more about her style.One of my favourite (frankly, all of them are):

by Pianol

Jazz & Surf

Hi all! I'm a bassist currently living in Nice and with my gf we are searching for a place to move to in order to live a more peaceful and sane life.Our main criterias are: close to the sea (mainly for surfing) and a dynamic music environment (mainly jazz). Bonus: a music school with jazz program nearby :)I'm currently looking into Costa Rica. Australia seems nice too, but I haven't heard much about jazz musicians over there yet...So if you guys have any places to recommend, I'm all ears!

by Adlq

Moon hooch

Hey Reddit. I just found out about the band moon hooch. But I don't know which album to get. Would would you guys suggest for a first moon hooch album?

by thomastts

Norman Granz

I am a bass player and am currently the bass guy (upright) in a big band that plays the typical jazz charts, sometimes with vocalists, male (Sinatra) and female (Ella, etc). I have recently been reading the biography of Norman Granz and there is a story about Stan Getz when he was a featured musician that Norman included in the JATP concert series. A tour that Getz was on had a stop in Seattle and just before the show, he went across the street from the hotel they were staying in and robbed (pretending he had a weapon in his pocket) a drugstore to get some cash to buy drugs. He was caught and ended up spending time in prison for his addiction. Norman took care of his wife and kid the whole time he was in prison. Norman never held it against Stan, he just showed understanding and compassion. Cool, sad story.

by epictetus16

I saw live jazz for the first time last night.

There's a cafe/bar in the city I live called 'The Jazz cafe' and I've walked past it a few times, though it always seemed dead in there, my girlfriend and I would often wonder about how it still stays open, and how it could possibly need more staff as advertised in the window.Anyway I'd seen on the website that every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month they host a free night of music to which anyone is welcome, so we decided to go there for a coffee in the evening and see what it would be like. We arrived at 7:30 and ordered drinks, I had an americano and she had a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, which turned out to be colossal upon arrival.At the back of the cafe a trio was setting up, there was a drummer, a double bassist and a guitar player fiddling around with their instruments, buying in drinks, nipping out for a last minute cigarette. At this point in time the cafe was the busiest I'd ever seen it, including me and my girlfriend there must have be…

Starting to really get into jazz. Based on my favorite jazz records so far, where should I venture to?

I've been listening to all the canons in the past couple weeks, and have developed some clear favorites, though I'm not seeing a clear pattern in them to help that would point me to a specific subgenre or figure within jazz, so I'd love some help from the cool people here.So far, my clear favorite, and it's not even really close, is BSaSL. Holyshit what an album. I didn't know music like that existed. Every time I listen to it, there's parts of it that put me in complete awe, and I can't do anything but sit still and put my entire attention to each and every single note (even when I'm at work :) ). I've listened to some other Mingus stuff as well, and liked it quite a bit, but none of it matches the intensity and sheer power of BSaSL.Outside of that, I adore both Monk's Dream and My Favorite Things. Both are so incredibly delicious melodically speaking, and both have these piano solos that are hauntingly beautiful, and purely awesome at other ti…


by outrider567

Good jazz guitars for big hands?

I have big hands, and lately my telecaster has been annoying because I would miss strings and I would hesitant with chords. Can anyone recommend any good jazz guitars with a large nut width?An archtop guitar I would prefer because I love the tone and look of them, but playability and tone is definitely first. I also have a budget of around $900-1000, so keep that in mind.Thanks!

by eviljoker123

Goodbye Yesterday - Buddy Rich question

Does anyone happen to have the chart for this tune? It's one of my all time favorites and I'm looking to find it to give to my jazz band director so we can play it. Thanks y'all!

by _Goon_squad_

When soloing, do you think of the notes as scale degrees in terms of the current chord or the overall key?

When you solo, do you think of the notes you're playing in terms of the current chord or the overall key? For instance, if you play an E on the II chord (D minor) in a II-V-I in the key of C major, do you think of that note as the M2 of D or the M3 of C?I always thought that I should try to think of the notes in terms of the current chord, until recently I've started to transcribing some Charlie Parker and it seems some of the things he plays makes more sense in terms of the overall key. For instance, in Billie's Bounce he plays the M7 note (A) on the 4 chord of the blues (Bb7), which to me to make more sense as the M3 of the overall key (F). It just seems odd to me to think of playing the M7 on a dominant chord, and it doesn't seem to just be a passing note either.Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

by bluehexagonsun

Tunes for beginner alto sax?

Hey all, I don't know if this is the right place but I've just picked up the alto sax and am desperate to pick up part of a song I love- but most of my favourite songs are way too complicated for me to play. I've only had it for a couple of days and I don't have another lesson for a couple of weeks so want to pick something up and bang it out until then. So far I can only play careless whisper (poorly) and the Monsters Inc. theme. Is there anything that you'd recommend for a beginner that sounds decent or do I just need to become much more experienced until I move onto jazz? I'll put up my favourite Spotify playlist if it's deemed relevant so you can get a feel of what I'm after, just ask.Thanks!

by WhyDidntYouDoMyJob

Fleet Foxes Free Jazz

by fleetfanboi

Women: The Best Jazz Vocals

by creacioneslaura09

"O Baião"

by professionaljaw