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New to jazz... artists like ryo fukui?

Hello everyoneA month or two ago I started listening to jazz because my cousin started getting into jazz fusion, and i decided to check out the real deal. So far I've listened to "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis and "Scenery" and "Letter from Slowboat" by Ryo Fukui. I am absolutely obsessed with Ryo fukui now, it's some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard.So, what sub-genre of jazz is Ryo Fukui? And what kind of artists would you recommend for something similar?

by Fleamon

Would love the help of r/jazz to make a sex playlist

Yup.I recently started dating this girl who used to be in our college's music school, majoring in jazz studies. Though she's not in the college anymore, she still listens to jazz 24/7.Tonight I have a really special date night planned out for us, and it would be the cherry on top if i could develop a jazz-heavy playlist to end the night. I feel pretty out of my element, however, and would really appreciate any recommendations you guys have.Big bonus if songs you recommend are saxophone heavy, as that was her primary instrument she played.

by theonewhoknocks517

Tunes like Strasbourg St. Denis?

Hi all, I am a music director on a cruise ship and I write a lot of arrangements for my group (3 horns, 4 rhythm). One that we play is the Hargrove tune mentioned above. I am looking to pop out a few more that are similar and pretty hip. What sort of suggestions would you guys have? Thanks in advance!

by Jazzerbone

The odd man out

A few months ago, I bought an album without a sleeve, purely because I thought it sounded great. After checking out the label, it turned out to be the first disc of Cannonball Adderley's Black Messiah (will be searching out the full album like a fiend now).Now we get to the reason I'm posting: this album sounded unlike everything I've heard from Cannonball: the opening track is hypnotic, quite experimental and at odds with everything I knew from Cannonball. Here it is: Black MessiahI had a similar experience with Oscar Peterson's Night Child, where Peterson tries his hand successfully at the electric piano.
Night ChildMy question: which album of the greats stand out on their own (in a positive way, mind you), either because they sound completely dissimilar from what you're used to hearing of a certain artist.Grant Green's Live at the Lighthouse, Ellington's Money Jungle, Joe Pass' Guitar Interludes and even Frank Zappa's Hot Rats would be more exampl…

/r/Jazz MemeGate 2017

Greetings all,Thank you all so much for the feedback in our most recent meta post regarding memes in /r/Jazz.The poll is now closed, and the results are in. I was actually surprised by how close it was, but it appears that the nays do in fact have it. For the time being, our rules will remain unchanged, and memes will remain safely in /r/JazzCircleJerk.We appreciate the discussion that took place, and thank you for letting us know your feelings on the matter. /r/Jazz is a great sub, and we're glad that we're able to figure this sort of stuff out in a civil matter.Thanks again!-The Mod Team

by SuperTonicV7

Improv tips?

I'm just starting out in the jazz band at my college, and I'm really struggling with improv. I'm a classical performer, so I feel very out of my element. I play flute, but all of the jazz flute I have listened to is way above where I need to be. If you guys have any advice for me or songs/musicians I should check out, I would greatly appreciate it!

by meepmop10

Jazz Hands: 4

Working on some outside tones.

by VeraPrimera

Thoughts on transcription and its usefulness?

In the jazz program I'm attending, everybody, students and faculty included, is constantly touting the "essential" practice of transcribing solos. It is, they say, absolutely crucial to one's ear training to write down solos exactly as played. This practice is very time consuming and in my opinion could be better spent on other areas of study. I would rather practice playing what's in my head, and singing what I play for a more expressive, less academic ear training exercise. And if I really want to know what exactly each soloist is doing on a record, there are plenty of ready-made transcriptions on the internet I can analyze. I think transcription is something someone should be able to do, to hear something in one's own head and be able to reproduce it verbatim, but I think the skill can be arrived at more efficiently and naturally simply by listening and observing. I'd like to hear some outside opinions on this because my colleagues are very adamant tha…

need some recommendations

I'm in a singing class at my community college and the next genre we are singing is jazz. Most jazz i listen to doesn't have vocals. I was thinking of singing Billie Holiday but it seems a bit hard. I'm an alto if that helps. Pls help

by friedsalamander

Suggestions for guitar solos to transcribe + perform for exam?

Hi there, I'm looking to find a nice guitar solo to copy and play for a university exam. Preferably something that is fairly challenging to play but achievable by an intermediate level player. I'm thinking maybe something by Wes Montgomery or Charlie Christian but I'm open to more modern stuff as well.Let me know what you think and thank you in advance!

by 54MProductions

Please Help Identify Style of Jazz

My late grandfather played the piano, developing his style as a traveling musician in the early 1970s. His style was a distinct improvisational form of jazz, but I've had difficulty finding a specific artist that I can point to that plays in the exact style in which he played.Today, I came across a video on YouTube of a guy demoing an app, in which one of the demo songs played very much reminded me of my grandfather's style. The song starts in the following video just before the two minute mark.I was hoping that maybe a jazz expert here in this sub Reddit could steer me in the direction of either a style of jazz or perhaps an artist or artists to look into to hear more of the style. Thank you.Link to video with song (Note: jazz song starts just prior to the 2:00 mark): I grew up listening to my grandfather play jazz on the piano, but never figured out what style exactly he was playing in before he died. Please help identify the st…

What's the best 64 bar solo to transcribe?

so for my final exam in my music college im supposed to transcribe a solo that is atleast 64 bars. I am a beginner in Jazz so I would love to have something that is not too hard to transcribe. The song has to have some changes, II V's etc so it can't be something like "so what" by miles davis.

by kevinafterlife

Kyoki - Alfa Mist

by steppedintoyesterday

It is International Piano Day! What will you be listening to?

Yes it is a thing!As Nils Frahm puts it “Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But mostly, because it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most important, the listener.”So which pianists will you be listening to celebrate it?Also there is tons of events going around the Piano Day both online and live, make sure you visit to see if there is anything that picks your interest.

by Arcanome

Cool 'outside' technique I discovered

It's a major triadic pattern which using scale degrees can be described as follows: 2 4 6 5 3 1. The 'outside' part involves transposing this through various cycles independent of a form's harmony, I recommend using the augmented matrix (cycle of major thirds). Example on a blues: on C7 play G Bb D C A F then transpose this down a major third, Eb Gb Bb Ab F Db and finally, you might want to resolve from the last Db chord outline to an ascending C major triad, C E G. Happy playing.

by TomParker0408

Need break up recovery music

Ive always loved the way that jazzed hits my ears when I'm sad and now more then ever i can use a lil tunes.I got my reefer I got my ear budsI just need some of the hardest and most stimulating jazz you got

by snufafuckagus

Major Triads Etude

by professionaljaw

Jazz - how to start?

Hey, I always liked jazz but never got into listening it really. Just by occasion in radio or something like that. Never on purpose.Yesterday something hit me. I realized that I'm kind of bored with music that I'm usually listening to (black metal, death metal, neofolk).I wanted something new, fresh. Something that I can explore.Jazz came to my mind. I did a little research and currently I'm listening to Miles Davis. I like him a lot.Can anyone suggest me more bands or artists?Thanks!

by shavot

Learning how to solo

Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I'm currently a junior trying to get better at playing jazz saxophone. Right now I'm second tenor in jazz ensemble and expected to move up to first next year. The only problem is that I have no experience with jazz before this year, and being first tenor means that I'll have to do lots of solos.What should I do during this summer to prepare? Are there any books I can get?

by BlakersGirl

Does anyone have the article on Joe Pass's opinion on Jimi Hendrix/John McLaughlin

I read somewhere that Joe Pass was really harsh on Hendrix in a Downbeat blindfold test but then read somewhere else that it was a bad recording and Joe voiced a likeness for Hendrix saying that it was indeed a bad recording of him. I also heard of one where he praised John McLaughlin but I haven't that one anywhere either. I would love to read Joe's opinion on these guys.

by hollowskull100

Going to Tokyo and want to go to a jazz club

I will be in Tokyo Wednesday, March 29 and Thursday, March 30. I will be staying in Shinjuku and really want to see some live jazz while I'm there. Can anyone recommend me some venues that are preferably nearby and would have live music on those nights? It's a bonus if no reservation is necessary. I've done a bit of research online and it seems like Jazzclub Someday and Piano Hall Sometime might be promising. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

by neren

What is in your opinion the most depressing jazz album?

I'm kinda new to jazz and I really like depressing music so I figured why not listen to some depressing jazz. I read through the posting guidelines and I think this post is fine but if it violates a rule then let me know. Cheers dudes

by ifeelnothing69

Chillest Harmonic Adventures?

Hello, I'm looking for music which is:Generally calm, slow, and at a consistent dynamic levelAdventurous harmonically, or possibly even atonal.Bill Evans comes to mind, but ideally I'd rather the material not be "standards"Basically, I want to stretch my ears, but have to keep the volume/intensity low both for the benefit of my housemates and my own preferences.Thanks!

by gntsketches

Jazz Sub-Genre List

You may have seen my my list of jazz sub-genres I often post (I'll post it in the thread), which features one album as an example of each sub-genre.I've decided to add Vocal Jazz to the list, so can anyone recommend the album I should use as an example of the genre (I'll give you credit when I post)? I go for the obvious, easy picks (Modal- Kind of Blue, Post bop- A love supreme, Fusion- bitches brew, etc.), so what would the Vocal jazz equivalent be?Also should I swap Birth of the Cool for Time Out? Which is the more quintessential Cool Jazz album?Are there any other amendments I should make (I'll give credit); other genres, different examples, etc?

by PostmanBop

Jazz Reccomendations

I'm just getting into the genre and enjoy Dave Brubeck and primarily Sarah Vaughn, Helen Merrill, Mogana King, June Christy and Nancy Wilson. Is there a specific genre that these artists apply too or anything similar that I must listen to? Apologies if this is a bad place to post this, I'm new to this community, thanks a million!

by charlescrumb

Any recommended piano solo/trio blues-jazz albums?

So I recently heard Kenny Drew's wonderful "Everything I Love", and I loved every second of it (even the weird "Fingering"), though I was mostly fond of the tracks that encorperated blues elements.I was wondering what are some blues-jazz albums (either for piano trios or piano solo) or just albums that have some blues elements in them you guys like :) Thanks a lot!

by ShayneIsAlive

What's "riffing" in Jazz?

My understanding is that it's a constant use of melodic scales and solos, but I'm not sure. Apparently, it's used a lot in Kansas City Jazz. I kinda understand it, but I'm not sure how to describe it in exact terms.

by Quouvir

[Discussion] What makes jazz authentic?

What makes jazz, jazz? Improvisation, standards, live performance, instrumentation?Such a fine line that is usually decided on a case by case basis but I'm interested in the core elements, rules and ethics of jazz. Some of these have changed over the years and some stay the same.Through reading and searching, usually the argument is about "All music was recorded live, on the floor. There were no overdubs." and comparisons between two already established genres, like bop vs big band.Does jazz need a full band or can it be done solo? Do it need to swing? How much can it borrow from other cultures and genres? If Dave Holland and Chris Dave released a album with old school hip hop drums and back beats, would it still be jazz?

by MONGEN_beats

What's so special about the way in wich jazz at the pawnshop was recorded?

That album sounds so good that it makes you cry for every other jazz recording ever made since they weren't able to capture the music properly for posterity.My question is, on a technical level, what did those guys do to get such a neat sound in a record that other musicians don't usually do. And why isn't that method of recording standard practice for every single album ever made?

by asdknvgg

Connecting with the horn

Hi everyone, I've been thinking a lot about improvising recently and how to go about it. I know some guys do it the way of learning licks in all keys and playing licks all over the changes, and I know some guys go by their ears. But I was listening to some records recently and noticed that sometimes the players (at least the ones not on horns) have a way of singing their improv and playing it at the same time. How does one go about connecting with a horn this way, in a way that one could translate the improv in their head to their horn? Thanks everyone.

by wartslurp

Slow, ambient and dark jazz?

Hi, I've listened to jazz for a while now, I particularly like the style that is (as you can guess from the title) slow, ambient and sometimes a little dark and moody. Kind of noir soundtrack style stuff like:Miles Davis - Blue in Green Davis - Generique Silver - Lonely Woman Terry - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me question is this, is there a particular name for this specific subsection of Jazz? Also, could anyone point me to more music in a similar style?

by ItsReallyOliver

What was the song that introduced you to jazz?

Perhaps you had already listened to some jazz but without paying much attention or feeling the itch to further explore that genre of music. I wanna know what was the first jazz tune that clicked in your head.Mine was "the windup", in a live performance by the Brandord Marsalis quartet. Only recently did I discover that it was actually a keith jarrett composition, an artist who I feel I'm only starting to grasp right now

by asdknvgg

Kurt Elling is our time's Chet Baker and Frank Sinatra combined

I don't understand why jazz has become an underground music preference, it used to be so popular back in the day where everyone wanted to go see live jazz and dance and drink and dress up but now our version of that is go out wearing basically nothing and listen to prerecorded music with maybe a DJ. We still have amazing artists like Kurt who are keeping jazz alive why can't we bring back the class!

by cherry_blossom69

Would anyone be interested in a Discord channel?

I've been lurking here for a while and would love for another place to discuss jazz with others live- so I hastily whipped up a Discord server upon realising that none dedicated to the genre currently exist. If you're be interested in moderating, just go ahead and say in the comments with reasons why, Discord experience and modding experience (though seeing as I too have little of either so restrictions are likely to be lax, especially given our small community).

by WhyDidntYouDoMyJob

Non-american jazz standards?

All I have for now is :the brazilian bossa nova equivalents (no more blues, off key...)The Autumn Leaves, from the french Les Feuilles Mortes.Any others? German? Polish? Russian? English? ...?

by Kikesald

Maekuhi - Ya Amar

by orihh

Song with similar chord changes to Lee Morgan's "Totem Pole"

i was listening to Lee Morgan's album "The Sidewinder" for the first time ever and I swear the song Totem Pole sounds very familiar to another song. I used to play upright bass in my schools jazz band and I vividly remember playing something similar to that chord progression, like i - II - IIb - i. I'm pretty sure it is also a Latin-esque song.

by Dweezill

Bitten by a Vampyre.

by chopinrocks

Hey Jazz Piano Players! I have two questions.

Planning my life one step at a time, I realize some time for piano playing once every while. I know how to read music, but I just want to learn specifically jazz piano. So where should I start? Right now I have the Mark Levine's The Jazz Piano Book, but it's a little overwhelming for me. I don't know the circle of fifths and I can't even tell you what a d major is. The book seems to be fantastic, but it's also assuming you know the basics of music theory.So my question is, what's a good book to teach music theory through playing piano? I'm hoping to learn music theory with the book routinely asking me to do simple chords to get my hands moving across the piano again. I hope that makes sense.Lastly, what are some albums/youtube videos I should listen/watch to for jazz piano playing? Right now I've really enjoyed listening to this guy a lotThank you.

by IgnoreMyMom

Getting into jazz music: please recommend me some must have cool jazz albums for starters

I'm still trying to find out what's the type of jazz that I like most and I think Cool Jazz might be one of them.If I'm not wrong Time Out (Dave Brubeck) & Django (Modern Jazz Quarter) are labelled as Cool Jazz. I got those LP's and I really like them, so I'd like to get some recommendations of similar albums LP that I could buy (I would listen to them on Spotify before buying the LP vinyl)PS: I also like Kind of Blue, but as far as I know that's not Cool Jazz.

by titooo7

Sheet music for piano and sax

Here's the story... I'm a fairly experienced sax player, and my wife is an excellent classical pianist. We'd like to start playing some standards and classics, but she hasn't quite got the hang of fake books and lead sheets and all that. Does anyone have links to good sheet music that's fully notated? I'm thinking piano + voice is the best way to go but I'm having trouble finding the right stuff. Thanks!


What's your favorite version of Autumn Leaves?

Could be anything, random Youtube recording, professional artist, antique vinyl, whatever. I just love the song, and it's such a classic I was wondering what everyone's favorite iteration of it is.

by mrSFWdotcom

JLC 157: Sam Rivers - Fuchsia Swing Song (1965)

this week's jazz listening club pick is from /u/jazzbass92Sam Rivers - Fuchsia Swing Song (1965) Rivers - tenor saxophone Jaki Byard - piano Ron Carter - bass Tony Williams - drums spotifyamazongoogle playitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by mr_pc

Seeking an expert on Duke Ellington recordings

I picked up some reel tapes today from a friend, most of which appear to be Duke Ellington live recordings. I've surfaced some previously unknown recordings of other artists in the past, but none with a history and catalog as expansive as Ellington's. I'd like to find out which (if any) are not circulating, then digitize them and make them available. Here's a list:1945 xx xx Cafe Zanzibar, New York City, NY (unsure of date, listed as "One Night Stand")1946 11 10 Civic Opera House, Chicago, IL (only half of the performance)1963 xx xx Rehearsal with Alice Babs ("Rehearsals of tunes included in the German Reprise album "Serenade to Sweden" RS 5024.")1965 02 02 Konserthaus, Stockholm, Sweden1967 08 03 Rainbow Grill, New York City, NY1968 04 19 Convention Center, Anaheim, CA1968 08 03 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA1968 08 24 Rainbow Grill, New York City, NY ("CBS "warmup" prior to the actual broadcast")1968 08 30 Rainbow Gril…