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Feet in the Muck

by chopinrocks

Help me make a radio set

Comment songs and albums you like. I'm gonna make them into a playlist and push it out on the radio (FM, no static at all). If you want to go into why you've chosen what you've chosen, I'll try to talk about it on air. Credit will be given.I did this once with you guys and it turned out well. Let's jass the airwaves Reddit!

by MrCheeseo

Really Angry Free Jazz?

So my new schedule has me leaving work right at the start of rush hour which means my afternoons are now occupied by ~2 hours of sitting in traffic. I've found that listening to some good free jazz during this time has a way of really taking the edge off when it comes to the frustration of So Cal traffic. The more chaotic and intense the music, the more it relaxes me and helps me not drive like a complete asshole.With that in mind, I come seeking recommendations. What are some of the most rage filled pieces of free jazz that you would suggest taking a listen to? I would prefer full albums, but if you have single songs that I should check out throw um out there and I'll put together a playlist.

by urmthrshldknw

Does everyone think jazz flute is a sin?

Not a flutist, but have heard a few arrangements in which I thought the flute was really interesting. I understand that jazz flute doesn't really work for 95% of arrangements, but the 5% of tunes that benefit from a flute get a really intriguing mood in my opinion. Whenever I've talked about this with other people it has been kind of laughed at, which I understand and don't take offense to or anything. Just wondering my opinion is as unpopular as I may think.

by Tcmcc4

Scott Walker - Only Myself To Blame

by durhauz

Jazz musicians who did not go to school

I was wondering are there jazz musicians who did not go to music school and counted as successful players. I tried to search online but I couldn't find any articles. Can anybody give an example?

by guyatheband

Does anyone know why Emily Remler's discography is so tough to buy?

Is it simply a lack of demand that's caused some stuff to go out of print or is there a deeper (legal?) reason?I've been getting deeper into jazz (both listening and playing) for the past couple of years and something about her playing just speaks to me deeply.Unfortunately, so much of her stuff seems to be out of print and so tough to get.In this world of digital music it amazes me that anything would ever go out of print.

by sheven

Share your best "I met such and such jazz musician and here's how it went..."

i just told someone the story of how i met russell malone. it was an odd encounter during a strange master class in which he told guitar students that they can't be virgins and play jazz. it ended with a performance with my then guitar teacher who had to be held back from attacking him after some comments were made about how to properly tag a tune. i feel like there are a ton of these folkloric stories out there. what are your's?

by tasker_morris

Looking for a track/song suggestion

I'm looking for a piece of music that I believe is a Miles Davis piece from the late 50s/early 60s. (I believe it was Davis, but I could be wrong...) It's not a busy song at all, in fact more textural than anything. It has a feel of tension throughout and not much resolution, as a song it's more of a feeling than a traditionally arranged piece. I realize I'm not giving much to go on here, but my hope is that someone more familiar with Davis will know the piece I'm referring to. It may not be Davis at all (in which case I apologize for my blatant ignorance of the era) but I'm fairly sure it is. Thanks for any thoughts!

by Stalesmusic

Music for a long trip

My college band is on tour right now and the drives are about 6-8 hours a day. What are some really good obscure albums worth checking out? I'm not talking Kind of Blue here gentlemen.

by GoatLicker26

What do you all think of Spyro Gyra?

I know they are sort of smooth jazz, but I've always had a soft spot for Spyro Gyra. Maybe it's because they are a band instead of a single player, but I always found them just exciting and experimental enough that I could enjoy their work more than most artists of the genre.Here is some their work:Morning Dance (Their most well known song)
Catching the Sun
Conversations (Live)
Shake DownSo what do you think?

by JazzySpinalFusion

Are there any up and coming/ new jazz labels worth checking out?

Just as the title says; I'm looking for some underground contemporary jazz labels that are definitely worth checking out.I was recently browsing through my jazz records and noticed that 99% of the stuff that I own was released pre 2000. While I'm certain that there's great stuff being released these days, I just haven't heard of it.

by Marcel_the_Drunkard

What are some of the best, most groundbreaking, unique 80's Jazz Records?

The 80s seemed to bring the neoconservative movement in jazz. Wynton Marsalis became the know it all and any jazz that was more experimental was deemed self indulgent shit. What are the best forward thinking 80s jazz records?I would sayDavid Murray Octet- MING


I'd love some avant-garde jazz recommendations

I'd like to discover more musicians like Ornette Coleman and such. Not only musically speaking, but also have that kind of mentality and be interesting characters that may not be as well known.

by georgewho__

Recommendations for a bebop beginner?

For me with genres and sub genres of music I know I can eventually get myself to like them, but it takes a bit of time and practice. For example Spiritual Coltrane stuff like Ascension. First time I tried that I instantly turned it off and put it off for another time. After slowly making my way through Pharoah Sanders, and earlier Coltrane (Ole, Africa/Brass), I sat down and tried again and it was amazing. I just had to know where to start (it turned out Coltrane's and Sanders's versions of Ole were the answer).So I'm taking this approach with bebop because Of a few reasons. First is I kind of like it but feel a bit lost when trying to find what to listen to, similar to when I started jazz. Second is because as a High School jazz musician it's been coming up more and more and at some point I'm going to have to stop ignoring it and grow to love it. I know if I like listening to it, I'll get the motivation to learn to play it, but right now I have no motivation f…

Whiplash soundtrack

okay so Ik I'm going to get shit on for bringing up this movie, but does anyone have a transcription of the drum set part for the movie's arrangement of "Caravan" ???

by PlantationMemer

Real book

I'm getting a friend of mine a real book. Which one do I get for piano?

by thomastts

What's your favourite solo for transcribing language?

As I'm getting older I've moved more away from the technique/virtuoso stuff and really digging the older players so looking for recommendations of some great solos to really get some grounding.As a tenor player my offering is Dexter Gordon on Lady Bird: this is in the right sub-reddit, I'm fairly new here!)

by WateryNomad

The sequel that never was: James Blood Ulmer-Are You Glad To Be In America? & Joe Morris-Racket Club

My favorite Blood Ulmer record has always been 1980's Are You Glad To Be In America? - one of the prime examples of the electric-Ornette inspired free funk movement of the late-'70's/early-'80's. Unfortunately Ulmer never really followed up on that particular mix of loping funk, harmolodic horns and raw guitar.Joe Morris did, though. His underappreciated 1993 Racket Club was so similar in conception that it seems like a tribute - although I've never heard it referred to as such (reviewers missed the mark slightly and mentioned Ornette's Prime Time). And then he never made another record that sounds like Racket Club. The 2 records in question (picosong for the video-free tracks):James Blood Ulmer: Layout / Time Out / PressureJoe Morris: Vapor / Rumble Strip / Slipshod

by Jon-A

Any discord channel?

wondering if this topic have discord channel, that would be great!

by Daffxter

How would I go about arranging this rock song into jazz?

I wanted to arrange this song for a jazz combo (piano, bass, drums, guitar, trombone, keyboard) with a solo singer. It's already swung, but I'm wondering what instrumentation changes are necessary (especially to replace the heavy rock guitar parts), and if any chord changes are necessary. If possible, I would like the song to keep as many elements of the original as possible, but just meet the requirements to be a jazz or jazz-rock song.Here are the chords (the song is in F major/D minor):Verse chords: F Dm A7 Bb F Eb Bb BbChorus Chords: Dm Dm A7 A7 Bb Bb F F

by emiliaheehn

Where to start with writing for Big Bands?

Any books or articles about tips on writing for a big band? I have a good amount of jazz theory under my belt but I've never touched big bands before.

by deadpan2297

Our third release with the trio.

Hi guys, we're a modern jazz piano trio from Timisoara, Romania, and we just released our third recording.This one features a five part suite I composed for the guys: it's all based on this one Emaj7#11 line and me practicing parallel sixths as a compositional idea - as it goes through <the furnace> of arrangement, interpretation, group play, and more.Hope you enjoy!

by cdbaksu

Elegy - Theo Bleckmann (2017)

Me Playing Body & Soul

by benjamin_muir

I'm looking for a different version of Brubeck's Unsquare Dance. It's got some more electric sounds in it, but can't find it anywhere online! Do you know what I'm talking about?

I've got this vinyl of the Dave Brubeck Star Collection. I'm sure there are hundreds of those, but this one got a cool version of Unsquare Dance on it with electric sounds. I just can't find it online. Does anyone know what version I'm talking about? It has to exist in some form online right?Thanks!

by bobbyfle

Solo improvisational albums in "beatnik" jazz

I often associate pre-hippie culture with beatniks and jazz and poetry. I from time to time hear recordings of a solo instrument , probably sax or maybe a trumpet riffing and improvising. Sometimes it can be a rendition of a standard or a broadway song and sometimes sounds more free style. Are there any outstanding solo recordings you are familiar with intimately?I know most LPs are at least 30 minutes. That is a long time for one solo instrument. But I imagine there are some good recordings of this format in jazz. I think Joe Pass has an LP with just one guitar, and he has some concerts on youtube like that. But he can play chords and melodies - but on a horn you need more creativity ?

by j3434

Looking for jazz artists not from the US

I've already listened to Quasimode from Japan and The Five Corners Quintet from Helsinki. Any other bands I should look for?

by Spamakin

Jazz Lessons in Denver?

Hope it is okay to post looking for lessons on this page. Let me know if not. Looking for lessons in Denver, specifically for jazz guitar, composition, and arranging. I'd also be interested in apprenticing if that is an option! If anyone knows where I could find someone in those areas, please let me know. Would love to hear from personal experience rather than just searching craigslist.

by The_Prez_

What is a good example of a Blues-Jazz or Jazz Blues album?

I have heard tracks and passages from most decades ... 40's, 50's, 60's and on that seem to be a blend of blues and jazz. In fact it seems like a genre ...."Blues Jazz" or "Jazz Blues". Are there any artists who are blues jazz artist most of the time? OR is there a good example of an album that is jazz blues from the 50's or 60's? I know that determining if it has a jazz feel can be in part a personal feeling - so what do you think?

by j3434

Teo Macero Discussion

Hey guys I've been researching Teo for a paper for a Jazz History course. He was initially going to be a side note but now he's the focus of my paper.I want to argue that his production was a significant factor to the success of Bitches Brew, and explore his relationship with miles especially during 1968-1975 where they were very adventurous in the editing.All the posts ive seen are against Teo's editing and are looking for the original sessions, but do we have any pro Teo people here? Especially on his composition and work with Charles Mingus.Also there's a documentary on him coming out in a couple months that I'm really excited about.Do share your thoughts on Teo.

by petertree

I want to listen to some bad jazz. What do you recommend?

How are you? I've been reading the Gioia's "how to listen to jazz" guide book and one of the things he says is that in order to realize how big the legends really are is by listening to bad or average jazz bands/players and then compare them. So, here I am, is there anything you might recommend me? Thanks!

by mbtzzi

Help me expand my ear

I've been really into the chris potter underground stuff. What are some artists/albums like it? Example

by CallMeCasual

New Youtube Channel for Jazz Lovers

Hi, Everyone I'm Lewis Stennis, aka Smooth Sounds of Jazz, and I created a channel on youtube for people like myself, people who enjoy smooth jazz saxophone, jazz instrumental music, and Everything jazz and Blues! I'm originally from New Orleans, LA so I have a natural connection to the sweet sounds of Jazz and Blues music.People often ask me what it is about the saxophone that is so awesome? I believe it's because The Saxophone Loves You: It has a warm, embracing sound that wraps you in it's arms, romances your heart, soothes your soul, and lifts you up!My aim is to post a video every Friday; everything from luscious smooth jazz to romantic instrumental songs to smooth background music to the best dinner music and study music.My YouTube Channel: and leave me a comment - I'd love to hear from you!~Smooth Sound of Jazz

by lewisstennis

JLC 159: Kenny G - Duotones (1986)

this week's jazz listening club pick is from /u/spezKenny G - Duotones (1986) - Kenneth Bruce Gorelick fooledThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by mr_pc

Jazz Humour?

by patman_007

Adele - Remedy [Live Cover] Maizura

by FiveDragonsMusic

Record Store 2017 Suggestions

I was eyeing up the Bill Evans, Dexter Gordon, and Theolonious Monk releases on the Record Store Day 2017 list and was curious what opinions you guys had on these or anything else on the list... also, I get that lots of people hate RSD and the /r/vinyl subreddit shits all over it. Personally, I'm not as pessimistic and generally am an optimistic person and enjoy seeing my local record stores flooded with people and while I acknowledge some of the reasons for the negativity are valid, I think it's a net positive... long story short, spare me negativity and would love to get any feedback on these releases!

by ikswosil

Releasing new album; what are the online places I should be looking to for review considerations?

Hi guys, releasing new modern jazz album shortly and I was thinking of going about the online review route as well.I know about AllAboutJazz and TheJazzLine, but even those are either sluggish to review, or only review AAA artists.That's why I thought I'd turn to this community for guidance:What are the online places I should be looking to for review considerations, given that we're not AAA artists?Thanks for your tips in advance. Cheers!

by cdbaksu

Jamey Aebersold summer workshops

Anyone have any experience with these? I've been looking into doing it for a little bit but I would like to hear from some people that actually did it

by TorqueMaster

I need an album to listen to I haven't heard before

I feel like listening to something now. Any suggestions that are preferably from the 60s (I'm feeling like 60s jazz right now)? As long as it's not a huge famous album it's valid, like no Black Saint & Sinner Lady but Kulu Se Mama would be fine.

by Lemwell

Erroll Garner - Bernie's Tune

by WBizarre

Good trombonists?

I'm in a mood for some really good jazz trombone. I don't want anything too cool or ballad-like, though.

by ProfMaagic