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How to learn the harmony of tunes - I am super confused

Hey allI've tried a lot of different approaches to learning the harmony of standards, and I end up not really being any better at improvising over it. I feel like I'm not engaging with the harmony, and that I'm just skimming over the surface.So here are my approaches:1.) Getting a foundation in the tune by change running, or using a digital pattern (like 12357). ...then, improvise using only chord tones ...then, apply the continuous scale exercise ...then, apply licks and language that I've learnt2.) The 'writing lines' approach This involves isolating 4 or so bars of a tune at a particular time, and writing out lots of lines that use bebop language.3.) The 'concept application' method Take a concept (eg bebop scale) and apply it over a tune, and develop lines using only that concept.I just want to be able to improvise in a creative way, using the language I have practised, and to be able change the language I aready know in creative ways. I would great…

Appreciation for Bernie Sanders (you guys know which one)

He's just dropped albums on top of albums on Youtube. His videos have been some of the coolest most content jammed videos out there. I'm partial to the evolution of players videos. Just wanted to thank the man.

by theYerrowFerrow


i hav a new subreddit for u. pls subscribe if you have your own dank jazz memes you would like the dank cats of the world to see, thenk.

by krusty__memes

I Remember You

by professionaljaw

Anyone have Caravan or Whiplash from whiplash?

I'm a drummer and I am looking for the score/tab/sheet music for Caravan, or Whiplash from the movie whiplash itself. If anyone has it please let me know, thanks!

by holographicmemes

Anything like the album "Money Jungle"?

I recently discovered this weird but fabulous album when Duke Ellington played post bop with a Monk-like style.I want to reach out other albums like this when someone played unexpected genres different from what he was famous for.Any suggestion?

by 7todie

Music enthusiast - looking for new music

Hello fellow jazz lovers! I am a new and starting dj mostly playing shit you've heard on popular stations(Pop/RnB/HipHop). I live in the Bay Area and recently been to Amoeba Records for the first time a few weeks ago. I was astonished at all the artists I've never seen or heard of. I'd like to start dabbling into other genres and I decided to start with some jazz music. Any recommendations maybe your favorites? Or very popular artists? Anything would do willing to learn the different styles. Thanks for your cooperation!Also: I'm young (21y/o) I know a lot of people start listening to other musics at earlier ages. I just never got exposed to different music, so please no hate..TLDR: I want to explore more music, so I would like some recommendations from you Jazz lovers

by jaythizzle

A few questions as someone new to the genre...

I've recently become interested in Jazz in my late 30s and have been working my way through the Wiki essentials list. I do have a few questions...I have a highschool level understanding of music theory, but only from a vocal perspective. I've been listening for a few months now, and I don't feel like I have a good handle on what is "technically" good, only what I respond to artistically. At this point in my life as a listener, is there any point in going beyond "listening to what you enjoy?"I have a hard time enjoying most recordings and artists from say 1965 and later, especially the 70s. Is this typical?So far, my favorites are Charlie Mingus and Eric Dolphy, hands down. Are there similar artists I may have overlooked that fit in between the two?

by PE_Norris

recommendations for my cat?

so i was relistening to "mingus ah um" and playing it loudly on my phone. i was making some lunch when my cat jumps onto the counter and begins to purr, so i pick him up and place him on the couch. when i sit down to eat, ironically the song "Pussy Cat Dues" comes on and he is loveing it.he sits on my lap stretches out and proceeds to purr loudly. he's usually not into music mostly ignoring whatever i put on, so i decided to see if its the music or just him.when the album finished i waited before i put on anything else, he gave me a funny look and then ran off to another's the great part, when i put on "oh yeah" by mingus he ran right back sat right back on my lap and nuzzeled me and purred some more.conclusion? my cat loves mingus! his favorite song on "oh yeah" is "oh lord don't let them drop that atomic bomb on me" maybe he loves the groove maybe the energy maybe the fact that sometimes those horns sound like c…

Any Recommendations?

I listen to a ton of jazz, but I'm trying to stay fresh...Who are your favorite up-and-coming or "unknown" jazz artists that people need to hear about?

by ScrumScrum2

Help with moontrane

i'm trying to transcribe dexter gordon's moontrane and in stuc right at the beginning, i cant figure out the tempo, it's no 120 or 60 as the rest of the song and i can't seem to find it anywhere. help?

by Promri22

Having trouble committing to an instrument--any advice?

TL;DR: Having trouble deciding between Trumpet, Sax, Piano, Guitar, Bass (or maybe something else, preferably very quiet and portable). What do you love about your instrument and why?Hi folks,Not sure if this is the right place to post this (sorry if it isn't), but I'm having a lot of trouble deciding on an instrument to commit to (sax, trumpet, guitar, piano, or bass), and I'd like your advice.I'm classically-trained in piano and clarinet, and I really fell in love with trumpet when I first started jazz, but after college, my super busy job and apartment life is getting in the way of practice (I can practice maybe 4 days a week, 1 hour tops).Since then, I've been kind of drifting between instruments, and I have no idea what to do (have even considered quitting instruments). There's really no perfect instrument obviously, but I'd like to commit to an instrument, preferably one that's silent. Given that I've tried all this stuff, maybe it's just …

Beginning with Jazz

Hey folks, I would love to give Jazz a chance and see if I can find what I like in the genre. I know very little about it. I have always loved music with a jazz influence or vibe, especially electronic music but I have never really gotten into jazz as a genre. If you were to recommend a song or record to include on a must listen to playlist, what would you choose? Thanks!

by beautifullychilled

Politics in Jazz

Does anyone know of any good books that go into jazz and its ties to politics. How musicians were influenced by the political world around them or how they tried to affect change with their music. Even if its just a chapter in a biography I would love to read it. Also documentaries.

by Downiedoug

Earl Okin - Insensatez

by publichobbyaccount

Earl Okin - My Room

by publichobbyaccount


by 1980hockey

I loved Roy Hargrove's Earfood. What other albums/artists do you know with that style?

The whole album feels like every note was written out instead of improvised but also trying to make it sound as if it COULD have been improvised.I'm not sure and starmaker blew me away for those reasons. I also really liked the pianist, playing very groovy solos with low notes.What other albums can you recommend that have that sort of style?

by asdknvgg

How do I create atonal jazz?

Atonal may not be the word I am looking for. Here are a few examples of what I mean:Miles Davis-Freedom Jazz DanceThe Branford Marsalis Quartet-WhiplashSF Jazz Collective-When Will the Blues LeaveIn listening to these, I like how free and outside everything gets. I would love to play stuff like that, but how do I explain what is going on to the other musicians in my group?How do you walk a bass line with no changes? What does the pianist do?Those are the two main questions I have, and hopefully this will open up a good discussion on how you put together a group to play in this fashion.Thanks Everybody

by WillieMorrisMusic

Another new Christian Scott album, Diaspora, announced for June 23!

Check it out.It appears to be the second in a trilogy. Here is the description from his bandcamp page for Ruler Rebel:Ruler Rebel is the first in a three-album series collectively titled The Centennial Trilogy.The series is, at its core, a sobering re-evaluation of the social political realities of the world through sound. It speaks to a litany of issues that continue to plague our collective experiences. Slavery in America via the Prison Industrial Complex, Food Insecurity, Xenophobia, Immigration, Climate Change, Sexual Orientation, Gender Equality, Fascism and the return of the Demagogue.The first release in the trilogy, Ruler Rebel, vividly depicts Adjuah's new vision and sound - revealing Adjuah to the listener in a way never heard before via a completely new production methodology that Stretches Trap Music with West African and New Orleanian Afro-Native American styles.

by MrFoxLovesBoobafina

What sub-genre of jazz are these songs?

For my performance assessment for Jazz Piano I need to list the type of Jazz these songs are (e.g Traditional Jazz, Be-Bop):Autumn Leaves - Joseph KosmaSo What - Miles DavisFreddie the Freeloader - Miles DavisThanks! :)

by scraulle_the_twisted

What is this lick thing from charlie parker that i heard?

I was at a jam session not to long ago and at the end of oone of the songs, the alto sax guy ended it with a lick. I know its charlie parker but I cant out a finger on where its from. Some of the guys started laughing when he played it so I think its kinda common. I forgot how it goeas but its played straight even on a swing song and maybe sounded kinda liike classical music maybe. Thanks in advance!

by Chill_Plant

A Taste of Jazz 2

by theherbpuffer

Recommendations for a somewhat newbie

Title says it all, always been a casual listener but recently it has been dominating my listening habits. I'm just looking for some random recommendations. Not looking for fusion recommendations at this time. Some current favorites below:Charles MingusJohn ColtraneCharlie ParkerArt Blakey & the Jazz MessengersDave BrubeckOrnette ColemanBill EvansMiles DavisKamasi WashingtonDuke EllingtonThelonious MonkHerbie HancockEric DolphyCannonball Adderley

by theBigGloom

A few questions about raking, in regard to walking bass (notation included) [x-post /r/bass]

No one over at /r/bass is responding so...I've been walking a while and I've always thrown in the occasional descending/ascending triplets whenever I want a line to feel more energetic. I've just learned today that this is commonly referred to as a "drop" in walking bass. As I was researching drops, I came across Ray Brown's bass method book and found a section on rhythmic patterns with drops. This is where I also discovered the term "raking". This discovery lead to these two questions1) It seems to me that a "rake" is simply a triplet that goes across multiple strings, no? Do rakes always have a triplet feel? Is a rake always one beat long? What exactly constitutes a rake?2) Here's an excerpt from that book I mentioned. Now here I understand that a triplet rake on beat 1 across the strings, starting on the G string, will naturally land on the E string on beat 2. Here's my question though. For the two notes that are not notated (D/…

McCoy Tyner - Ebony Queen

by guitar102

Can someone identify this tune (from the chords)?

It's completely slipped my mind, anyway, the chords are:-| Ebmaj7 Fm7 | Gm7 Fm7 | Ebmaj7 Fm7 | Gm7 C7 | Fm7 Fm7/Eb | Db7 C7 | Fm7 Bb7 | Ebmaj7 Bb7#5 |That's as far as I can remember. Thanks!

by jjamieholman

More News For Lulu - John Zorn, George Lewis, Bill Frisell (1992)

Belonging - Jan Garbarek, Keith Jarrett, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen (1974)

Season Of Changes - Brian Blade (2008)

Return To Forever - Chick Corea (1972)

Song For - Joseph Jarman (1991)

Out Of The Long Dark & Old Heartland - Ian Carr & Nucleus (1979 - 1988)

Music For Large & Small Ensembles - Kenny Wheeler (1990)

Jazz Covers of Folk Songs?

John Coltrane and Dave Brubeck both have their in versions of the folk song "My Favorite Things", Bill Evans does a version of the Irish folk tune "Danny Boy." I was wondering if you guys know of any other good jazz covers of folk songs or anything like that that are worth looking into

by ODogZahradsauce

Fellow readers? Jazz books

I'm looking for any jazz books to read. Could be straight biographical or focused on a specific musician/group, or more focused on the evolution of jazz and genre, even fictional. Any books centered around jazz music and culture that really moved you? Maybe not so much a jazz history type of book, as ive already got a few of those and am looking for something a bit different.

by RaptorMan333

Maekuhi - Nunki

by orihh

JLC 159: Kenny G - Duotones (1986)

this week's jazz listening club pick is from /u/spezKenny G - Duotones (1986) - Kenneth Bruce Gorelick fooledThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by mr_pc

I'm looking to learn a melodic instrument, and I need some help deciding what to go for.

I already play guitar, and I'm looking for a new instrument to pick up, for writing and playing melodies. Probably a woodwind. I was chiefly considering clarinet and alto sax, but my mind is open to all possibilities.So what do you guys reckon? The main factors in the decision for me:-ease of transition between notes (opportunities for quick and complex soloing) -pleasant tone-versatility-I don't want something that is too quiet or usually needs accompaniment (like a flute)-portability (small factor)

by mmmveryhandsome

New great male Jazz pop singer of current generation?

Got a question for you guys.So what is the new good male singer with great voices now for Vocal-Jazz/ Jazz-pop genre?Harry Connick Jr ('90s) --> Michael Buble (early '00s) --> Jamie Cullum (late '00s)What about now? And if this is wrong subreddit to ask this, please redirect me to appropriate one, thank you all!

by hadoopken

Sun Ra album recommendations

I just recently saw Sun Ra's film Space Is The Place and watched the Red Bull Music Academy Lecture with Marshall Allen and Danny Thompson so I'm looking to get more into Sun Ra's music. But when I look him up on Spotify and Apple Music I get overwhelmed by the vast amount of material he has. Where should I start?

by kylehuddleston

Songs where the vocalist acts more like a horn?

I'm not sure how to phrase it, but I was listening to Every Summer Night by the Pat Metheny Group and I really liked how the vocalist pretty much acted like a horn instrument and not as a soloist or anything. I've heard songs like this too live and I think it sounds really cool.

by Madonsuko

Jazz Clarinetists

I could really go for some jazz clarinetist recommendations. I like Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw, but I much prefer the combo setting of Rollins, Gordon and Getz

by k00l_m00se

Hi! I'm a complete noob when it comes to jazz and I need help.

I found this at bandcamp the track is called diaspora and I fell in love with this track, is this a specific type of jazz or is there anything similar to this type of trumpet played over a nice instrumental. Here is a similar expample of trumpet usage I need in my life: mind you i don't fancy the rest of the second video just the trumpet.

by czombolero

looking for some kick ass jazz

hey reddit,jazz is new to me so im looking for some nice jazz to start with. i really liked frank zappa - willie the pimp, so this is what im kinda look for.cheeeeers

by baton1337

Artists/albums similar to Snarky Puppy – Family Dinner Volume 1/2?

Hey everyone,First time posting here, sorry if it breaks any guidelines, but I recently discovered Snarky Puppy and fell in love with their Family Dinner album.Quick search shows me that they are playing fusion jazz, but it seems like it's a bit of a broad term for such music. Are there any bands or albums that sound similar?Thanks!

by apolotary

Looking for a systematic learning plan for jazz improv

Hi there all,I'm a sax player mostly working on classical music, but lately have been wanting to play jazz.I picked up the first Abersold book but so far I'm not getting a lot of progress out of it, just feeling like he gives you a back track and scales and tells you "And now play jazz!"Similarly I picked up Comprehensive Jazz Studies & Exercises for All Instruments, and all I'm getting out of it is learning new scales.I feel like I don't have a clear path figured out from where I am now to being able to play jazz, and I'm hoping for some help from the experienced players here.Thanks!

by ranfea

Other Japanese Jazz Fusion Artists/Groups Like T-Square?

I just heard T-Square's cover of "Hello Goodbye" by The Beatles not too long ago and thought they sounded great. However, I was unable to create a pandora station based off of them and pandora is what I use to discover a lot of new music. So I was wondering if the good folks of r/jazz knew of some other jazz fusion groups, probably japanese, that share stylistic tendencies with T-Square?

by JustAStick

Can we please get Kenny G off the listening club?

It was a funny April fool's joke but April fools day was almost 2 months ago. I don't know who to give my suggestions to (I've already tried messaging the mods) so here they are:Hiromi Uehara - AliveMiles Davis - AuraArt Farmer - Brass Shout/Aztec SuiteJim Hall - ConciertoLess McCann & Eddie Harris - Swiss MovementOscar Peterson - The Sound Of The TrioTom Harrell - TripBlue Mitchell - The Thing To DoChick Corea - corea.concertoChick Corea - TrilogyRoland Hanna - ImpressionsChick Corea - The Mozart SessionsI hope this helps

by spurious_sigpoll

Why Charlie Parker?

Hi all,Musical layman here. Can someone explain why Charlie Parker holds such a high ranking in the jazz world? Also, where in his discography should I begin?Thanks!

by Slothrop79

Moscow Art Trio - Russian in China

by durhauz

JLC 160: McCoy Tyner - Today and Tommorow (1964)

McCoy Tyner - Today and Tommorow (1964) Tyner - piano Jimmy Garrison - bass (4-9) Albert Heath - drums (4-9) John Gilmore - tenor saxophone (1-3) Thad Jones - trumpet (1-3) Frank Strozier - alto saxophone (1-3) Butch Warren - bass (1-3) Elvin Jones - drums (1-3) spotifyamazongoogle playitunesThis is an open discussion for anyone to discuss anything about this album/artist.If you contribute to discussion you could be the one to pick next week's album. Enjoy!

by mr_pc

Jon Sass & Clemens Hofer "Meltdown"

by durhauz

Jazz bands with logos?

I'm a graphic designer & relative jazz noob, wondering if there are any jazz musicians/groups that have great logos?Other genres have some nice examples (like Chicago,The Beatles,The Strokes, etc).The only real graphic design related jazz stuff I know of is Herb Lubalin's typographical experiment "Come Home to Jazz!" as well as S. Neil Fujita, who created the artwork for lots of jazz albums, most famously Mingus Ah Um and Time Out.

by Ducks_own

Jazz chord voicing dictionary - ideas??

Hey there guys. I'm a college jazz studies major and I'm thinking about making a website that's basically like chord voicing central, while also including stuff about the styles of certain notable jazz figures. This is to help me learn while also making something for others that I wish I'd had when I was starting out, sort of like a comprehensive, straight-forward guide.As listeners, players, and lovers of jazz, what kinds of things would you want to see in a "dictionary" like this? I want to open it up to as many people as possible so I can make the best resource that I can. Any ideas and feedback would be greatly appreciated

by _listereen_

Jazz Playlist Cover

Hey everybody, I just made a jazz playlist and I was wondering what cover I should use. I was searching for like a black and white photography of a black artist playing an instrument. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank You!

by afonsocarmo

Tim Ferriss recommended a jazz album ages ago

Hi allStruggling to find a jazz album that Tim Ferriss recommended back in November 2016 on his 5 bullet Friday. Unfortunately I've lost the email that recommended it and I'm absolutely distraught as I have no idea what it was just that it was perfect listening.If anyone knows of it or just wants to recommend some good jazz please do!Thanks!

by maybejazzmaybenot

Good bands?

I'm looking to get into jazz and blues and want to know are there any bands you recommend I listen to to get started in the genre? Any that have intricate composition and songwriting?

by coolguytyty2989

Give me some trumpet

This may sound dumb, but I was listening to Beibers "Love Yourself" and the trumpet after the bridge got me in the mood for Coltrane. But besides Blue Trane, Miles Davis, and MingusMingusMingus I'm still new to jazz.Any selections featuring a solo trumpet recommendations?

by dirtymandanny