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What's your favourite solo for transcribing language?

As I'm getting older I've moved more away from the technique/virtuoso stuff and really digging the older players so looking for recommendations of some great solos to really get some grounding.As a tenor player my offering is Dexter Gordon on Lady Bird: this is in the right sub-reddit, I'm fairly new here!)

by WateryNomad

The sequel that never was: James Blood Ulmer-Are You Glad To Be In America? & Joe Morris-Racket Club

My favorite Blood Ulmer record has always been 1980's Are You Glad To Be In America? - one of the prime examples of the electric-Ornette inspired free funk movement of the late-'70's/early-'80's. Unfortunately Ulmer never really followed up on that particular mix of loping funk, harmolodic horns and raw guitar.Joe Morris did, though. His underappreciated 1993 Racket Club was so similar in conception that it seems like a tribute - although I've never heard it referred to as such (reviewers missed the mark slightly and mentioned Ornette's Prime Time). And then he never made another record that sounds like Racket Club. The 2 records in question (picosong for the video-free tracks):James Blood Ulmer: Layout / Time Out / PressureJoe Morris: Vapor / Rumble Strip / Slipshod

by Jon-A

Any discord channel?

wondering if this topic have discord channel, that would be great!

by Daffxter

How would I go about arranging this rock song into jazz?

I wanted to arrange this song for a jazz combo (piano, bass, drums, guitar, trombone, keyboard) with a solo singer. It's already swung, but I'm wondering what instrumentation changes are necessary (especially to replace the heavy rock guitar parts), and if any chord changes are necessary. If possible, I would like the song to keep as many elements of the original as possible, but just meet the requirements to be a jazz or jazz-rock song.Here are the chords (the song is in F major/D minor):Verse chords: F Dm A7 Bb F Eb Bb BbChorus Chords: Dm Dm A7 A7 Bb Bb F F

by emiliaheehn

Where to start with writing for Big Bands?

Any books or articles about tips on writing for a big band? I have a good amount of jazz theory under my belt but I've never touched big bands before.

by deadpan2297

Our third release with the trio.

Hi guys, we're a modern jazz piano trio from Timisoara, Romania, and we just released our third recording.This one features a five part suite I composed for the guys: it's all based on this one Emaj7#11 line and me practicing parallel sixths as a compositional idea - as it goes through <the furnace> of arrangement, interpretation, group play, and more.Hope you enjoy!

by cdbaksu

Me Playing Body & Soul

by benjamin_muir