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I loved Roy Hargrove's Earfood. What other albums/artists do you know with that style?

The whole album feels like every note was written out instead of improvised but also trying to make it sound as if it COULD have been improvised.I'm not sure and starmaker blew me away for those reasons. I also really liked the pianist, playing very groovy solos with low notes.What other albums can you recommend that have that sort of style?

by asdknvgg

How do I create atonal jazz?

Atonal may not be the word I am looking for. Here are a few examples of what I mean:Miles Davis-Freedom Jazz DanceThe Branford Marsalis Quartet-WhiplashSF Jazz Collective-When Will the Blues LeaveIn listening to these, I like how free and outside everything gets. I would love to play stuff like that, but how do I explain what is going on to the other musicians in my group?How do you walk a bass line with no changes? What does the pianist do?Those are the two main questions I have, and hopefully this will open up a good discussion on how you put together a group to play in this fashion.Thanks Everybody

by WillieMorrisMusic

Another new Christian Scott album, Diaspora, announced for June 23!

Check it out.It appears to be the second in a trilogy. Here is the description from his bandcamp page for Ruler Rebel:Ruler Rebel is the first in a three-album series collectively titled The Centennial Trilogy.The series is, at its core, a sobering re-evaluation of the social political realities of the world through sound. It speaks to a litany of issues that continue to plague our collective experiences. Slavery in America via the Prison Industrial Complex, Food Insecurity, Xenophobia, Immigration, Climate Change, Sexual Orientation, Gender Equality, Fascism and the return of the Demagogue.The first release in the trilogy, Ruler Rebel, vividly depicts Adjuah's new vision and sound - revealing Adjuah to the listener in a way never heard before via a completely new production methodology that Stretches Trap Music with West African and New Orleanian Afro-Native American styles.

by MrFoxLovesBoobafina

What sub-genre of jazz are these songs?

For my performance assessment for Jazz Piano I need to list the type of Jazz these songs are (e.g Traditional Jazz, Be-Bop):Autumn Leaves - Joseph KosmaSo What - Miles DavisFreddie the Freeloader - Miles DavisThanks! :)

by scraulle_the_twisted

What is this lick thing from charlie parker that i heard?

I was at a jam session not to long ago and at the end of oone of the songs, the alto sax guy ended it with a lick. I know its charlie parker but I cant out a finger on where its from. Some of the guys started laughing when he played it so I think its kinda common. I forgot how it goeas but its played straight even on a swing song and maybe sounded kinda liike classical music maybe. Thanks in advance!

by Chill_Plant